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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:16 am

Human East Alchemist Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Dilina McNerian
Speak to Dilina McNerian, the Guildmaster. Go downstairs to Merchant Yulia and pick up the Burnt Uniform. Report back to Dilina.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Dilina McNerian
Speak to Dilina. Go to Spiritmaster Alshan, who is just outside the building at the bottom of the ramp. She will bind you and send you to Coachman Ronks who will sign you into his ledger. Return to Dilina

Level 3
Starting NPC: Dilina McNerian
Dilina sends you to Gilderman Vanks. He sends you off to collect a spider leg tip and beetle carapace fragment. Head out the northgate (blacksmith) to find beetles and spiders. Farm until you have what you need and return the supplies to Gilderman Vanks.
6900xp & Hardening Agent scroll

Level 4
Starting NPC: Gilderman Vanks
These items are required to make your new rapier:
*Purchase tailored gloves from Merchant Yulia, who is at the merchant's tent near the bottom of the ramp;
*Ant Leg Segment; head north outside of FP and farm ants until you have what you need.
Return to Gilderman Vanks
17000xp & the Burnt Gloves

Level 5
Starting NPC: Gilderman Vanks
Gilderman sends you back to see Dilina McNerian; Highwaymen have hijacked caravans into Freeport. Dilina wants you to hunt down and kill the highwaymen and return the stolen goods to her. Go out the exit by the Blacksmith (north), follow the road for a few minutes, then head off to the right and look for a grassy hill with a druid stone on top. You will find the Highwaymen here, kill them, loot their goods, and return to Vanks.
36500xp & the Crude Refinement scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Dilinia McNerian
Talk to Dilinia, and she will explain that the guild is running low on a needed component. Collect a firespew gland from the firespew ant.
Note: Follow the coast north to Temby. Travel to Temby and from Squire Janxt, go up the hill to get to the ant (CONs yel@7). Kill the ant, loot the firespew gland, and return to Dilinia.
157474xp & Crude Sublimation spell & the Burnt Alchemist's Boogs

Level 10
Starting NPC: Dilina McNerian
Dilina needs another complenent for her potion. She sends you to slay water rats along the river north of Freeport until one drops a poison gland. Return it to Dilina, who then sends you to purchase a bottle of blessed water from Alana in the Temple of Marr, just north of Freeport at the mouth of the river. (The Church of the Marr Twins is along the coastline northeast from the north gate) Return to Dilina.
556,753xp, receive the Small Dirk

Level 13
Quest NPC: Dilina McNerian
Zone: Freeport
Dilina needs your help to obtain a rare feather. A small flock of blue ravens has been spotted south of Freeport on the western side of the road. Dilina needs a feather from the blue raven to further her experiments.
Note: From the south gate head southwest following the path across the desert. Stay just west of the path to spot the blue ravens between the hillsides. At level 13, the blue ravens con from light blue to white.

Retrieve the feather and bring it back to Dilina. She now sends you to Hodstock to speak with Johnny Jorn about the kind of olive oil Dilina should use in her experiment.
Note: follow the river's edge north and take the path heading north when it appears. The path leads you straight into Hodstock. Johnny Jorn is standing outside the building in the centre of town.

Speak with Johnny Jorn to learn yerg olive oil needs to be purchased from Merchant Lorili in Marr's Fist.

From Freeport, exit out the north gate, and travel along the mountainside to reach Marr's Fist. Purchase the seeds from Merchant Lorili Ashgo and return to Dilina for your reward.
550,698xp & Crude Quickening Spell

Level 15
Quest NPC: Dilina McNerian
Zone: Freeport
Speak with Dilina, she has run out of fish liver oil and the closest shop that sells it is Charlie's in Highpass.
Note:Follow the Eastern Highpass Trade Road out of Freeport to reach Highpass, ease of Bastable. Running to Highpass you will need to travel west following the road.

Once you get to Highpass sign the coachmans ledger if you have not done so already then go talk to Charlie who is just inside the gates to Highpass. Return to Dilina with the liver oil.

Dilina needs one more ingredient for her potion. Search for albino rats and get a tail for Dilina. Albino rats (CON wht@15) are found mostly by Bobble-by-Water (north of Freeport, follow the river). Farm the albino rats till you get a tail and then return to Dilina.

Dilina sends you to go see Johnny in Hodstock to see if he needs help. Once you get there talk to Johnny Jorn. He was suppose to bring a mixture of snake venon to Dilina but was unable to kill the snake. Johnny tells you to search and slay a green mamba snake (CONs wht@15) that lurks in the woods east of Hodstock. From Johnny Jorn's house travel northeast to the river.

Return the venom to Johnny Jorn to finish his potion. Once you have finished the task from Johnny, return to Dilina for your reward.
883,791 & Faulty Refinement scroll. Receive the Robe of Waterfalls

Level 20
Quest NPC: Dilina McNerian
Zone: Freeport
Talk to Dilina McNerain, who needs a few things to finalize her experiment. She sends you to Highpass to speak with Elice Lowsong about blackened wolf fangs.

Elice normally buys her fangs from Windy. Windy Sandstorm is in Kithicor, just east of Rivervale. Follow the path east through the forest to reach Kith Village. Windy doesn't have any wolf fangs, but can tell you where to find them, along with some spider silk for her.

Kill blacktoed wolves (outside the village and along the hillside) and wolf spiders (further out, near the end of the mountain) not far east for the fangs and a shimmering silk strand. Return to Windy then back to Dilina.

Dilina now needs a recipe from Windy. Unfortunately, Windy lost her original, but you can get it from Shanti Candlewick, in the hidden valley near Shon-to Monastary by Moradhim. Return to Dilina.
Note: the entrance to Hidden Valley is in the side of the mountain east of moradhim across the lake.

The last item Dilina needs are pixie tears, which you can get from Archer Straightshot in Tethelin.
Note: To find Archer Straightshot; From Coachman in Teth., travel south over the hills near Teth. He should be standing on the side of the south side of the hill.

Return to Dilina and you're done!
Choose between:
A club, and Student's Knack spell Increase Maximum HP by 200, Increase Power per tic by 20
A book, and the Klick A'non Cocktail spell (AoE pot)


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