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Rivervale Empty Rivervale

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:51 pm

Quest Name: Rivervale Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All
NPC: Syrus Gilstride
Location: Rivervale

1. Talk to Syrus Galestride, he is inside the Druid guild, he sends you to RunnyEye to kill a goblin named Tesht'uzu (CONs Yel).

2. To find Runnyeye, head out of HP's north gate, after guards gate, go left at the second rock on the left side of the road, and head north by northwest across the countryside till you reach a east-west mountain chain, head west along the mountain side. Soon, you will see a road heading north into Runnyeye, follow it. Click for map.
An alternate direction is; follow the trail northeast from the last ranger station in Merry-by-Water and look for the 2nd camp on a hill.

3. Tesht'uzu (not in the Citadel) is on a small hill, in a camp, on the left side of the road heading north to the Citadel. There will be goblin placeholder inside the fenced part of the camp. Kill till Tesht'uzu spawns. Loot amulet that contains the seeds. Return to Syrus.

4. Syrus wants a vial of Karana's Tears from Lyliann Brindlespur, who is located in the southwest corner of Rivervale city and charges you 600 tunar.

5. Return to Syrus, he tells you to see Ren Deeppockets for your reward.

Reward varies by class:

Bards receive a sword.
Clerics receive the Shield of Radiance.
Druids receive the Crook of the Gladestrider.
Enchanters receive the Wand of Brilliance.
Paladins receive the Ahlspiess of Virtue.
Rangers receive the Sword of Nature's Ward.
Rogues receive the Helm of the Silent Strider.
Warriors receive the Soldier's Blade.
Wizards receive the Wand of Insight.

NOTE: The only dark elves that can complete this quest are Enchanters.


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