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Pre Loot info

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Pre Loot info Empty Pre Loot info

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:52 pm

To a large degree, most of these lvl 17 side quests have mobs that you can farm in advance. Or, if you're lazy and don't want to hunt down all the mobs, many of their drop items can be purchased on auction:

* Freeport, Mummy, Embalming Fluid
* Moradhim, Erollision Viper, Poison Sac
* Klick'Anon, Deidre IV, Perpetual Motion Device
* Halas, Bloodmaw, Fang
* Grobb, Froglok Questor, Froglok Liver
* Neriak, Wandering Priestess, vial of Wandering Priestess Blood
* Rivervale, Tesht'uzu, Amulet
* Fayspire, Tesarin Moonstrider, Chalice
* Qeynos, Shadowhand Bandits, Receipt
* Highbourne, Ulira Veshine, Veshiue Legacy Ring
* Highpass Hold, Grave Spiders, Grave Silk (3)
* Highpass Hold, Courier Svex, Scroll


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