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Hodstock 23

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Hodstock 23

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:54 pm

Quest Name: Hodstock 23
Level: 23
Class: All
NPC: Feria Huckert
Location: Hodstock


1. Talk to Feria Huckert. To find Feria, from FP, head out the north gate and run north to Hodstock(w). She sends you to Bram D'Lizo. To find Bram, coach to Fayspires, from Fay coach, head north, swim north across lake, look for a dock, tower and a fort area on the north shores, from the fort head west, the Gypsy Camp is not too far from the fort.

2. Bram D'Lizo wants 1200 tunar. He sends you to kill a Redheaded Bandit (CONS yel-red?? to 23), this bandit roams and spawns near the fort. Kill, loot, return to Feria.

3. Feria asks you to speak with her Daughter, Drew which rewards you with XP, item, and new ability.

*NOTE: You do not have to do the next parts of the quest if you don't want to, there will be no new ability given, just an item and XP.


**NOTE: To do the second part, you must good faction with Feria Huckert, to do this; kill Cracktooth Orcs (CONs LB) near Bobble By The Water, from BBW coach head south and southeast over the mountains. Return to Feria after getting your Feria faction +150.

1. Talk to Feria Huckert She sends you to Freeport to get a Runic Recording from Merchant Yulia (for 1200 tunar). To find Yulia, from the main hall in FP, enter second west door, he near the ramps to the Acadamy of Arcan Sciences guild.

2. Talk to Bram D'Lizo, use direction given in part one, he tells you to see the statute with the glowing shield. To find statue; head north from the bandit fort. Just get near the statue and it will talk to you.

3. The Statue directs you to Greyvax's caves to kill Iceflesh Zombies. To find the cave; head northwest from the statute. Iceflesh Zombies spawns and roams all around the Cave structure. The drop you need is a Tribal Pendant. Return to Feria. Feria rewards you.


1. Feria sends you to a guard in Freeport named Smitty. To find Smitty, from the main hall in FP, enter second west door, past the Acadamy of Arcan Sciences guild, thru next door west, he is guarding a door to a building.

2. Smitty wants 1200 tunar. He sends you to talk to Bison in the Everfrost (FreezeBlood Village Zone (NW)) region. From Halas go southwest for a minute or two and look for caves in the side of a mountain range.

3. Bison tells you about Greyvax and sends you back to Feria.

4. Feria wants you to get the remains of Manger MacGray from Greyvax's cave. Return to the cave, go inside and find the room with an "Ice Statue". Talk to the statute and choose either to release or don't release, receive an ice key and open the ice chest, in the same room.

Ice chest gives you your final rewards. The rats surrounding the Ice Statue are a pain in the buttt, If you are soloing, good luck. Kill rats, no loot, then take care the statue.

***NOTE: it doesn't really seem to matter which option you choose when it comes to releasing the Greyvax's ghost, it's all drama.

Bards receive Hymn of Health.
Clerics receive the Goldlight Cap and Weaken Death; Goldlight Cap; and Goldlight Shield.
Druids receive Mithral Vine Leggings and Ward Elements.
Paladins recieve Hopemorrow Shield and Pious Might; Hopemorrow Boots; and hopemorrow bracers.
Rangers receive an leggings and Nimble Grace, an axe, and gloves.
Rogues receive the Shadow Dancer's Foil and Performer's Finesse; Shadow Dancer's Boots; and Shadow Dancer's Gauntlets.
Shadowknights receive the Plaguereaver's Coif and Scream of Torment; and Plaguereaver's Boots.
Shaman receive Featherlite Helm and Tribal Strength; Featherlite Tunic; and Featherlite Gloves.


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