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Temby 25

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Temby 25

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:55 pm

Quest Name: Level 25 Quests
Level: 25
Class: All/All
NPC: Varies, see below
Location: Varies, see below

Temby Quest (ABILITY)
Quest NPC: Dristan Blane

1. Talk to Dristan Blane in Hodstock and Temby, the village by the coast. He sends you to Nascien Vladya in the Smiling Serpent Bar (not Inn) in Freeport.

2. Nascien Vladya wants 790 Tunar and then sends you to kill Razuam Marus in Wyndhaven.

3. Razuam Marus, from coach just CON over around the inn, he is upsatirs, you'll see him. Kill him, loot. Return to Dristan.

4. Dristan gives you your reward, XP, ability, and faction.

Note: if you need to raise your faction in Temby to get the quest, kill Nasehir. They are located in camps southwest of Freeport.

Black Swan Inn Side Quest
Zone: Darvor Manor
NPC: Apprentice Buerma

1. Talk to Apprentice Buerma, standing next to the Blacksmith by the Inn, in DM. He sends you to kill a Ancient Stone Golem (CONs wht(?)).

2. To find the Ancient Stone Golem (Mayfly Glade zone), coach to FW, go down to the market area next FW and head south to the river, the river which has the guarded bridge, follow river west, stay on the north banks. Soon, you will see a guard tower, near that, you will see another small river, looking north that is, you will find a small bridge, cross the bridge facing north, the Golem roams near this area by the bridge. Watch out for ADDs. Kill, loot. Return Buerma.

3. Buerma sends you to Ling, who is nearby Buerma.

4. Ling wants 1200(?) tunar. return Buerma.

5. Buerma rewards you.

Note: if the apprentice isn't friendly (blue face) to you, you need to raise your faction by killing either gnolls in Blackburrow or Jethro's Cast, or by killing bandits in the camps in Bandit Hills.

Wyndhaven Side Quest
Zone: Wyndhaven
NPC: Mr. Bail

1. Talk to Mr. Bail, stands next to the Inn in Wyndhaven. He sends you to kill an Enraged Wolf, which are located in a gorge east of town. Kill, loot, return to Mr. Bail.

2. Mr. Bail sends you to find Danur Ironbrow. You can find him in the Hagley-Blakedown farmlands; on the farm in the south zone of Bear Caves (TY Nathan). To find Danur Ironbrow, coach to Qeynos, Travel to Bear Cave via the Trade Road from Qeynos. In Bear Cave zone you will see some farms off the road. Find a farm with a woman called Bethany. He is in a house near here. Danur Ironbrow wants 782 tunar. Return to Mr. Bail.

3. Mr. Bail rewards you with an item, xp, and an ability.


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