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Sarek's Tower 27

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Sarek's Tower 27

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:56 pm

Quest Name: Lvl 27 Quests
Level: 27
Class: All/All
NPC: varies, see below
Location: varies, see below

Part One (ABILITY)
NPC: Commander Dursley
Location: Sarek's Tower

1. Talk to Commander Dursley; he can be found at top of tower. Kill a goblin fanatic; he is inside the Tower's walled area, or in a room, in the tower, as up go up to find Dursley. Loot Scrawled Note from the goblin. Return to Commander Dursley.

2. Dursley sends you to kill a goblin named Skulpik in RunnyEye.

3. To find RunnyEye; Go to HP, exit out north gate, after you exit the guard's gate look for the second rock on the left side of the road, then make left up the hill, when get to top head north and slightly west. Soon, you will reach an east-west mountain range, head west along the mountain. Soon, you'll see the road heading to RunnyEye Citadel, follow road to it.

NOTE; the road to RunnyEye Citadel is long and winding, the goblins patrolling it will CON green to 27. You will past two guard-gates, go past them to reach the citadel.

4. To find Skulpik; Enter main gate*enter north door*turn left, up ramp into tunnel*make sharp left*make sharp left at the fork*go across bridge*make right down the ramp* at bottom of ramp turn right, go past two piles of hay, then make right*turn left and go down ramp*at bottom of ramp you will be facing north, head north, the hall will wrap around till you are facing west*Now you will see a door with guard, there will be a flag on the right side of the door, enter*cross the bridge and head west into the Royal room/fight witchdoctor/*turn right into door*there will be a false wall on your right as you enter this passageway, enter it*up a small ramp/fight/* up a longer ramp/fight/*go past the flag hanging down*head west and make the first right*enter door with a barrel to its right/fight, no loot/*turn right*the room you're facing is where Skulpik spawns!

NOTE: Most don't see Invis, but some does! Without Invis you have a running fight all the way to Skulpik. A level 27 Healer and Tank can do this quest without any help or invis. Skulpik summons two other goblins to fight with him. At level 27 most mob CONs LB, 1 or 2 CONs DB, Skulpik CONs yellow.

5. Kill Skulpik and loot Anti-Poysin Recipe. Return Commander Dursley.

6. Dursley send you to Quando Faircoin in HP. To find Quando; locate the church, it's a white building past the old bank!

7. Quando Faircoin wants 1450 tunar for the antidote! Return to Commander Dursley.

8. Dursley says Saerk has your reward! To find Saerk; go to bottom of Dursley's tower and head into the other tower. There is an Orb there, touch it! Go up stairs, Saerk!

9. End, you got a new ability, 1,785,000XP, and an item.


Part Two
Location: Saerk's Tower
NPC: Saerk

1. Retrieve the Elemental Lexicon and Darkhart's Medallion from the old tower east of Melton in Druid's Watch and return to Saerk.

This is real easy to find, just travel east from Highbourne's east gate until you see the river. Follow the river until you see Melton then it's a straight shot East to the tower. The Lexicon is upstairs and guarded by a gost. You will have to fight your way up, so don't loot.

The Medallion is down in the catacombs of the tower. If you do not wish a running battle do not loot any mobs you have to kill. Keep going till you see a dirt tunnel. Follow the tunnel to Darkhart's Lair. Darkhart is guarded by a Fright Wolf and a Specter. Do not loot those two. Kill Darkhart loot Madellion.

2. Purchase a RED Diamond from either Grithmil Darkstone in Moradhim or Tsekar in Gree Rift and return to Saerk.

3. Reward; 1,785,000 XP and a class specific Ring


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