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Side Quests 30

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Side Quests 30

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:57 pm

Quest Name: Level 30 Side Quests
Level: Level 30
Class: All/All
NPC: varies, see below
Location: varies, see below

When doing these 30 side quests keep in mind that if you belong to either Group1 or Group5 you will have to complete some of these quests as part of your path:
Good Races: Group 1 (lvl 30) have to do Quests 1, 3, & 4
Evil Races: Group 5 (lvl 30) have to do Quest 2 & 5
Quest 1: Trails End Side Quest
Zone: Trails End
NPC: Two-eyed Jack

1. Talk to Two-eyed Jack, in Trails End. To find him; From HP, go out the South Gate and follow road southish, in the south part of Trails End, you will see small village, Jack is in one of the buildings there!

2. Jack sends you to kill a Alpha-male Wolf (CONs blue to wht), who is in a cave (triggered spawn). Get back on the road you were on and head back northish, look for the first cave to your right (east). Get invis, or fight you way back. Kill, loot Max's journal, return to Jack.

3. Jack rewards you with a belt of his own design and 70,000 experience.

Quest 2: Freeport Side Quest
Zone: Freeport
NPC: Twindle Fizzmop

1. Talk to Twindle, he is a merchant behind the blacksmith.

2. Twindle sends you to kill a Sacred Monarch (CONs Blue) in Mayfly Glade (not a triggered spawn)! To find a Sacred Monarch, coach to Forkwatch (FW) head due west to Mayfly Glade(W), look for a lighted glade with a statue of a mayfly. Kill, loot, return to Twindle.

3. Twindle wants 1600 tuanr too! He then rewards you with a Thulian Circlet.

Quest 3: Black Swan Inn Side Quest
Zone: Jareds Blight
NPC: Finnus Sodwin

1. Talk to Finnus, he is near the Black Swan Inn, which is near DM coach. From DM follow road south, the Inn is the first building you encounter!

2. Finnus sends you to kill Skarr (CONs Yel), who is in the dungeons of Blackburrow. From DM follow road north till you get to the Gnoll Fort, then off to the NE you can see the entrance to the Gnoll Dungeon itself!

3. Enter the Blackburrow dungeon and make your way to the main chamber with the massive hole in the center. Do not go down into the hole. There is a small passage on the southwest side, of that big hole, that leads to Skarr. Kill, loot, return to Finnus. ***NOTE*** Shamans sees through invis!

4. Finnus rewards you with 1,084,993 experience and 3000 tunar.

Quest 4: Blakedown Side Quest
Zone: Blakedown
NPC: Argot Bittersteel

1. Talk to Argot, in Blakedown. From DM, follow road south and west, Argot is in the first building (bar), on the north side of the road, as you enter Blakedown (same building where you buy green beer for luck quest).

2. Argot sends you to find a tablet, and to kill a Savage Bear in Al'Karad Ruins zone. To find the ruins, follow the north road out of town. The road will disappear at one point, but just keep going north a short ways and you will pick it up again. Once at the ruins, you will see lots of light blue undead, but you can invis around them.

3. Find the dungeon entrance, enter and head down, and go straight back. You will get a popup, which is the tablet. You may need to unvis for the popup, and if you do, you will need to kill the mobs in the room. Once, you get the popup, head back up and out of the dungeon.

4. The Savage Bear spawns on ither the northwest or northeast side of the ruins. Kill, loot, return to Argot.

5. He rewards you with 789,086 experience and a medallion of fortitude.

Quest 5: Fort Seriak Side Quest
NPC: J'Lisa U'Dedne
Zone: Fort Seriak
By Odacer (DH)

1. Talk to J'Lisa U'Dedne in Fort Seriak. She will send you to Runnyeye to find Quicktoe.

2. Go out the back door of Highpass (non-coach side) and head North as soon as you are able (going over mountains), pass the first large hill until you cant go over another mtn and head West. Then follow the path to Runnyeye.

3. After eventually travelling down some ways into the citadel, you will come across a bridge. Look to see if there is a 'ichor worm' at the bottom, which cons green. (Using 1st person view will help here.) Jump down there (invis). From there, there will be 3 passages leading either North, West, or East. Go West. (North leads you to a 'poxworm' that cons white to a 30, and East leads you back up into the citadel.)

4. When you come across a 'festerbug' (cons green), a message will pop up (triggered). "You hear the sounds of battle." You will see a goblin (cons dark blue) and Jongo Quicktoe (cons yellow) battling. Kill both. Killing Jongo Quicktoe will get you a U'Dedne gem. (drops four)

5. Return to J'Lisa U'Dedne and receive Hatesplint Jerkin, 70k XP, +50 faction with House of U'Dedne, +10 faction with Indigo Brotherhood.


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