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Muniel's Tea Garden 33

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Muniel's Tea Garden 33

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:58 pm

Quest Name: Muniel's Tea Garden Ability Quest
Level: 33
Class: All/All
NPC: varies, see below
Location: varies, see below

Quest 1: Muniel's Tea Garden Quest (ABILITY)
Zone: Muniel's Tea Garden
NPC: Teamaster Yismay

1. Talk to Teamaster Yismay, he is on the second floor of the Tea Garden in Muniel's Tea Garden. He sends you to Killian Helnes in Blackwater to determine why Killian no longer comes to drink tea.
To get BW coach, coach to FW, go south to the river with the covered bridge, follow that river east by southeast, BW will be on the North bank of the river. If you're evil just go West from Dark Solace to the river.

2. Killian Helnes, can be found in the Twin Tails Inn in Blackwater. He sends you to kill Tobul in Widow's Peak (SE) (CONs DB@33). Run west, and just a bit south, from Blackwater. Keep going west past the troll outpost and you will come to an area of ruins with zintec zombies or if you know where the Hill Giant camp is, it's just NNW from there, you can see the spires. Tobul can be found wandering around here. You can pet pull Tobul, the pet won't agro other mobs. Kill, loot a recipe, and return to Yismay.

3. Yismay needs two items: Tinsy Tea Leaves and Brackish Rocks. He sends you to Captain Ogofa (Northwestern Ro (SE)); head along the road north of Muniel's Tea Garden. Take 1625 tunar with you. Captain Ogofa is located amongst a group of tents. Captain Ogofa sends you to Captain Skorn (one tent over) who sells you the tinsy tea leaves for 1625 tunar. For the brackish rocks, he send you to kill Deathfist Riders (CONs DB to WHT to 33), which are in the Deathfist Citadel (NE)-north of the main deathfist camp among ruins. Locate the Deathfist watch tower there, you will see the Riders all around. Kill, loot the rocks, and return to Yismay.

4. Yismay sends you to Tomb of Kings (TOK) to kill Niktuu (CONs Wht) for a Antique Teapot. Kill, loot.
* To find TOK, from FP coach, run due west along the mountain range, soon, upon entering TOK zone, you will see another mountain (north-south) range, look for an opening in that mountain range, enter it. Now in side that mountain range, make your way north thru the winding passages to the very end. At the end you will find the entrance to the tomb proper.
* To find Niktuu, enter the tomb, head straight back, enter first dugout-tunnel, head straight back, making no turns in the hallways, enter second dugout-tunnel, you will see Niktuu at end of this tunnel exit. Pull Niktuu into the tunnel with you to reduce ADDs.

5. Return to Yismay. He rewards you with 2679818XP, item, and a class specific ability.

Quest 2: Bastable Village Quest
Zone: Bastable Village
NPC: Connor Dunn

1. Talk to Connor Dunn in Bastable, he sends you to Cambrick Scott in Muniel's Tea Garden (MTG). ***Note*** To find Bastable: Exit HP via the north gate and follow road to Bastable.

2. Cambrick Scott sells you the map for 1625 tunar. Return to Conner.

3. Connor sends you to Father Manstien, who is in the southern part Blakedown. To find Blakdown: Coach to DM follow road south, the road will bend towards the west through Alsops'Wall zone, follow road west to Blakdown.

4. Father Manstien sends you to do three (3) quests for him;
4.1 Kill a Fledgling Vampire (CONs yel) in Melissa's Tomb(Blakedown(NE)). To find; follow the road North out of Blakedown, as the path starts to disappear, the tomb will be on your right. The vampire spawn on the main floor, on the right side of the main room. Kill, loot Blood of a Vampire, return to Manstien.
4.2 Kill a Emberfly(CONs Yel), on an island in a lake, in Spider Mine(E) and loot its Spark of an Emberfly.

5. Return to Manstien. He has you to read the two halves of the map, which says... "Those that seek the Eye of the Wyrm must travel to Melissa's Tomb and there place the Key of Three and defeat the Lorx or meet their doom."

6. The map sends you to kill Lorx Wyrm(CONs Yel). Head back to Melissa's Tomb, enter the main room and talk to the tomb, which looks like a fountain. You'll get a popup, place the objects on the tomb, which spawns the Wyrm. Kill, loot eye, return to Connor.

7. Connor rewards you, he sends you to talk to the chest next to him for your reward!


Quest 3: Blakedown Side Quest
Zone: Blakedown
NPC: Johan Redsen

1. Talk to Johan Redsen in Blakedown, in one of the houses. He sends you to kill Keller(CONs DB) in Mayfly Glade( C)or(SW), he is a roamer. Kill, loot letter, return to Redsen.

2. Redsen sends you to Dominic Sorelli, in Highpass, he is near the North Gate. Buy some rare herbs from him for 1625 tunar. Return to Redsen.

3. Redsen sends you to kill the Hawkblade Mercenaries(CONs DB) in the Ferran's Hope(SW). From HP, head out the South Gate, head southwest cross country. Kill, loot Golden Mayfly Idol, return to Redsen. Another way to find the Hawkblade Mercenaries is to go to Bastable, swim south down the river until you see a burned out Blacktongue camp, now go southwest to the top of mountain and you can con them from there.

4. Redsen sends you to kill a Slith'Tar Defiler Prince(CONs DB) in Slith'Tar Hive (C) to loot his stinger. Coach to Hazinak, head west. There are many hives, the one you need is larger than the rest. The Prince is inside the hive, and he has his guards(CONs LB)! Kill all the guards, don't loot. Kill the Prince, loot stinger, return to Redsen.

5. Redsen rewards you.


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