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Gramash Ruins 47

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Gramash Ruins 47

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:02 pm

Quest Name: Gramash Ruins Quests
Level: 47
Class: All/All
NPC: Grimm Brellhand
Location: Gramash Ruins (S)

Quest 1: Gramash Ruins
NPC: Grimm Brellhand
(Ability part is Quest 2-but you must complete quest 1 prior to being able to log quest 2)

1. To start the quests, which has to be done in order, talk to Grimm Brellhand. To find Grimm, coach to Murnf, run NE to Gramash Ruins zone. If you're evil run from Zentar's Keep. You want the Gramash Ruins (S) section of the zone. Grimm is in the blacksmith house. Lots of nasties in the area, use invis to avoid them.

2. First he asks you to find some ore for him so he sends you to Gerntars Mine to talk to Head Foreman Zeke near the coach. He wants you to help him with minotaurs.

3. He tells you to buy a pickaxe 3000 tunar from Quartermaster Malda and head to the mines. You need to equip the pick. Head off to the Minotaur caves. Get invis, cause you can still get the popup messages with invis on.

4. Go in the first cave and go to the back of the tunnel, you will get a popup message to dig.

5. Skip the second cave and go to the third cave. At the ends of BOTH tunnels in the third cave you get two more popup messages and two more ores.

6. Talk to the Gilthirn Ironhoof in the third cave. He tells you about Khelmarak.

7. To get Khelmarak to spawn go to the back of the second cave, a message will popup as before, Khelmarak will spawn on top of you. Khelmarak (level 48 or 49) and can see invis. Kill Khelmarak and loot his horn, six minotaurs show up behind you, no worry they won't attack!

8. Talk to Gilthirn Ironhoof again, he is standing with the six minos that just showed up behind you. He takes the horn and you receive a HUGE faction towards the minotaurs and you're no longer KOS to them.

9. Go back to Zeke, so he can OK the ores.

10. Go back to Grimm.

11. Grimm sends you to Cazic Thule. The main Cazic Thule temple, the only one that you can go down in, is in Cazic Thule (N).

12. Inside the temple there is a pyramid. You'll have to drop down through the top of the pyramid to get to the Excavator and Tunneler. Down in the pyramid, there are 4 different hallways leading out of the main room.

13. The hallway that leads to a deadend with 3 Tae Ew facing the wall is where the Tunneler spawns. His placeholder is the one in the middle. Kill placeholder till he spawns.

14. In the room that has a sunken floor is where the Excavator spawns. There are 2 door guards, 2 ramp guards with a Stone Golem between them and 2 more Tae Ew that spawn across from the Golem, and a wandering Tae Ew that stays on the left side of the room as you enter it. The Excavator spawns directly across from the Golem. His place holder is the middle guy between two mobs.

*NOTE* Both Excavator and Tunneler usually take awhile before they spawn. So prepare to hang out here awhile. They both drop TWO of the quest items only. They are NOT quest triggered so you can spawn them in advance of logging of logging the quest.

*NOTE* How to pull mobs in the sunken room. DO NOT go down into the pit... it's a death trap if they all spawn at same time! Whoever pulls the mobs should have plenty of hit points and staminia! Some of these mobs have Harm Touch.! A safe spot to stand in while you pull mobs and wait for spawns in the Escavator room (sunken pit area)... as you enter room go to far corner of room to your right! You'll be safe there! Ok pulling mobs, always pull just one Mob at a time, and pull them to your safe corner in the following directions; · Pull the top guards, kill them , no loot, keep fresh. · Pull the roamer, he is near the corner oppisite of your safe corner! Kill, no loot, keep fresh. · Then pull the ramp guards, kill them, no loot, keep fresh. Stand on ledge facing the ramp guards, you'll be looking down at them. Use a long distance spell, such as debuff, to argo them. Then, run fast along the ledge to where the top gaurds are lying dead, the ramp guard will try to follow you, pull him back to your safe corner. What you are trying to do is to control where the guard runs. If he runs at you, and he happens to run by another guard, he will chain pull that guard too! · Pull the side guards, kill them, no loot, keep fresh. Ok, go to where the top guards are lying dead, to pull guy on right side, just use a long distance spell, such as debuff, wait for him to run up the right side ramp, then pull him back to group in the safe corner! To pull the left side guard, go to where the top guard is lying dead, the left side, and repeat the long distance spell pull. · Now you can kill the Middle guy, which is the placeholder for the Escavator mob. Now you can loot all, or keep them all fresh! Repeat pattern till Excavator shows up!

15. Once you have the two ores head back to Grimm, where he will give you a class specific reward and 7083126XP.

Quest 2: Gramash Ruins (ABILITY)
NPC: Grimm Brellhand

1. Talk to Grimm Brellhand to start 2nd part of the quest. He wants a Ball of Everfrost, and an ancient bottle of Elven Wine to summon Margun Leafstrider who knows where to find the special wood needed for the hammer.

*NOTE* As you have to return to Grimm with the wine and the ball of everfrost, it's easier to obtain these two things prior to logging the quest. You can buy the elven wine ahead of time and head to Vox Castle to pre-farm the ice-melder (see A & B below). This way, you can log the quest and then immediately advance it by turning these items in.

A. The Elven wine is bought in Freeport for 3000 tunar from a Merchant Gilgash, who is located in a building by the docks.

B. The Ball of Everfrost drops from an Ice Goblin named Ice Goblin Melder (CONs YEL). Go to Permafrost(N) zone. He is located in Vox castle.

*NOTE* Goblin Shamans and Wizards sees invis. You will need a good full group.

  • As you go in the main door and hang a two rights till you pass the frost hound.

  • That hall ends at a large room with several Ice Goblins in it.

  • When you enter that room, on your right, there's another small room with 3 goblins and a ramp leading up.

  • You go up that ramp to another room with 3 goblins and a hallway leading out.

  • Go down the hall, turn left and there should be an Ice Goblin thief, or shaman, or a wizard. If it's not the Melder, it is it's place holder and you'll need to kill it till it spawns. Keep killing till Melder spawns. And sometimes, the respawn rate, even for the placeholders is terrible! Watch out for roamers, kill them and keep them fresh until you're done here!

3. Take the Ball of Everfrost and the wine back to Grimm.

4. He tells you to find a hollow tree to perform a summoning ceremony. The hollow tree is located in Gramesh Ruins(C), north of Grimm. The hollow tree opens to the East and has a wooden archway in front of it. Walk up to the tree and a popup message will start the summoning. Wait as long as it takes for Margun Leafstrider to spawn. He tells you that the branch you seek is Southwest of Holciel Rowen'Dal.

5. This means Deathfist Forge (NW). You are to find the tree, Tilmiraen. From MTG run NW, follow the mountains past the entrance to DFC. Keep going NW look for a mountain with a mine on the east side (for the Tarlin 30 path quest), follow that mountain west, and then north around the mountain until the desert turns to grassland. Tilmiraen is north in a small bowl valley just over the first hill.

6. Talk to Tilmiraen. He will give you one of his branches if you find out what Twizzletwig is up to. Once you agree to help, you will be teleported to Twisted Towers (s) to a Fairy Village. Timerilean will cast an illusion on you to turn you into a fairy, so you blend in.

*NOTE* If you die in the fairy land (and evils often get killed), do not rez back, as you will be killed on sight. Once you die you lose the fairie form (invis won't help because the fairies won't speak with you unless you are a fairie). The only thing to do is to run back out to Tilmiraen and he will teleport you again.

7. Once in the Fairy Village stop and pay attention to where you are and where you go as you will need to come back to the very mushroom house you just teleported to. You need to find a fairy named Mugwort, he is to the far east of the little mushroom house you came through. Usually, he's just a quick run to the east in a little mushroom house, but sometimes, he's really far east (past the point where you think the village has ended, keep going east through the forest and you'll finally come across another little quad of mushroom homes).

When you've found Mugwort, speak with him to advance you quest, then go back to your original teleport point, and con the "tiny door", speak to it to be teleported back to Tilmiraen.

8. Speak again with Tilmiraen. He is surprised by your news and upset that Twizzletwig must be killed. He will then tell you to go seek out Twizzletwig in Takish'Hiz, SW of Oasis.

9. Twizzletwig is in Takish'Hiz, in the large city of ruins. He's level 50 and is a triggered spawn. First you have to get the popup (which you can get invised) in Takish'Hiz (SE) - near the blue lake, run south past the four small pillars with black triangle tops. Once you get the popup, run back to the blue lake and go up the hill. Twizzletwig will spawn on that road walking towards you (takes about 30 seconds). If you miss him on this road, you'll just have to con around for him as he roams the roads over a pretty broad area. Kill Twizzletwig and loot the potion of ever-rot.

10. Return to Timerilean; he gives you one of his roots.

11. Go back to Grimm, he will give you a class specific item and a new spell/ability and some xp.

Quest 3: Gramash Ruins
NPC: Grimm Brellhand

1. Talk to Grimm to start 3rd quest. His hammer broke his anvil. Now he needs a to make a new one out of Thulite.

2. Go to Cazic Thule (N), to that temple you were at before. Enter down into the temple and around the right side of the pyramid to kill the Dark Elf Miner and loot the mining log. As far as I know he's not a triggered spawn and seems to always be there.

3. Back to Grimm with the mining log.

4. Go to Guk and find Maerik N'Toxis. He is located in the castle at the bottom of the Froglok cave. You can use invis to get to Maerik, however there is one Mob that can see invisi, Fungal Elders, stay away from them! There are many passages in the Froglok cave system, use directions you used in the 45 quests to reach the Ambassador, he is near this building you want (he stands outside). Maerik spawns on the top floor, this floor will have four spawns on it. The spawns you want to kill are on the side where there is a ramp that goes down, they face the ramp. If Maerik 's not there, you're gonna have to kill the place holder, the one on the right, till he spawns. Kill Maerik N'Toxis and loot his scroll. He drops 2 of them.

*NOTE* Maerik spawn can be very long, 1-10 hours.

5. Go back to Grimm with scroll. He can't read it and needs it translated.

6. Go to Highpass. To translate it, find Feldink Shortquill. Feldink is located on the 2nd floor of the tower where the Lord Voriander is. The Translation will cost you 3000 Tunar.

7. Go back to Grimm. Grimm reads the translation and tells you to reanimate the Thulite Golem you need Golem Part A and Golem Part B from the Golem Protectors.

8. Go to Tak'Xiv (SW). Best way to get there, from Oasis, swim west on the river till you see a dock, that is the House of D'Narus, keep swimming till you see a broken bridge, then go South.

9. The Golem Protectors will spawn inside the hut on the walkway. They can't see thru invis and are level 48 or 49. The Golems can be pulled one at a time. Go to the left side of the door way, inch out till you only see 1 of the 2 Golems, pull and run back to the platform. Don't loot, kill the next Golem Protector and then loot them both.

10. Now with both golem parts walk toward the inanimate Thulite Golem, a message window will pop-up asking you if you want to put the parts in the golem. Once you do, it will start attacking you. Thulite Golem is level 50. Kill Thulite Golem, it drops 4 "Huge Chunks of Thulite" loot.

11. Back to Grimm, he will reward you with some exp and a class specific item


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