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Dead Hills 53

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Dead Hills 53

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:04 pm

Quest Name: Dead Hills 53
Level: 53+
Class: All-but see **note below
Quest NPC: Blank con in tomb
Location: Dead Hills (E)

**The only reason to do this quest is to get the Dead Hills group port, but only Wizards, Druids, and Necromancers are rewarded with a port at the end of the quest. If you are a Wiz/Drd, you are better off doing the Fendren the Forgotten quest for your port. Much easier, less work, and ports you and your grp to the same place. Usually only necs do this quest as the rewards for all other classes are just not the worth the work of this quest.

In the Deadhills E, there is a big hill with a tomb on top. Most walkthroughs say you will receive a popup in the front of the tomb, but CS didn't. We found, in the front of the door, on the left, you will be able to con a blank. Con it and talk to it, you recieve instructions to start the quest. (So, idk if they've altered the quest a bit or not, this is as of Jan/06) Beware, though, because the surrounding mummies and zombies have SoW and see invis. You will need to clear them to have time to read the instructions.

You are told to go to Deadhills W, to the Lizardman ruins, it's a two minute run. You will find 3 towers there. You'll get a pop-up in one of the towers.

You are then instructed to locate an NPC named Nolius Adder who can be found in Hagley Village, in a house.

Adder sends you to West Feerroot Mountains W. There you find a Ghastly Kin cave. Inside is a tomb where you will get a pop-up and will be ambushed an Ancient Spirit, a level 55 caster/healer. Note: The sprit is surrounded by 4 casters who con green (they look like enchanter animations). Do not go all the way to the bottom of the cave. The Spirit spawns in a side cave closer to the top. Once you have defeated it, loot it, and an NPC lizard man will spawn. If you are in a group, only one person can speak with him at a time.

(NOTE: You are given a choice when you first get the popup. Do NOT choose to wave your arms and jump up and down as Nolius Adder advised you to. If you do that, he will despawn and you'll have to kill the Ancient Spirit again. Chose to: Address the empty room and ask about the dead hills.).

However, the pop-up reoccurs about every 5-10 minutes. Each party in your group, with the quest, will have to wait his turn to speak.

The NPC instructs you to head to Envar. When approaching the north door of the castle of Envar you will recieve a pop-up which instructs you to investigate the NW tower of the castle

(NOTE: This popup is on the road leading into the north door, it is a good ways before you get to the door. (Be uninvised to get popup) It advises you: As a cloud of ashen dust parts before you, the origins of the Dead Hills' blight reveals itself to you).

To climb the towers, you must go downstairs through one of the two stairways in the center of the complex. It is very important that you pick the right one. If you're coming in from the north entrance, the stairway that leads to the NW and SW towers is the one farthest from you. The one closest to you goes to the NE and SE towers only. Here is a link for a map of envar to help you navigate.

Once in the NW tower, you will recieve another pop-up which will instruct you to investigate the dungeon.

Below the NW tower you will encounter Accursed Maggots and Accursed Zombies. Both are deadly, run at double speed, see invis, and have an extensive aggro range. The Maggots have a Root/AoE spell which nukes for 1,000. The Zombies cast a DoT which causes 1,500 damage a tick. Both of which however can be cured if you have acquired the spell Envaric Salve, which drops off of the Accursed Maggots. If you don't have the spell, now might be a good time to farm for it, seeing as you're there.

Once inside the dungeon, go down the left hallway and attempt to con either Tal Thir or Servant of Tal Thir. You have to go inside the room in which they are located to receive the next popup. If at all possible, avoid a confrontation with Tal Thir as it cons red to a 55, has a 6k crit and drains mana.

Note: Before you make the last turn and go into the anteroom to Tal Thir's chamber, there is a specific trouble spot. There is a short hallway and an adjacent room to the left. A zombie roams in and out of that room. Also there are two maggots inside and two just around the corner to the left. Be careful not to pull or taunt in the doorway to the room as you could aggro all 5 mobs in the area. Also, try not to loot the zombie. He moves so fast that he is hard to taunt, and if he hits anyone other than the MT, they are probably going to die from the tick. Take your time and clear that area meticulously before moving on to the bosses. If your group or raiding party gets wiped out, it's very hard to rez back. The roaming maggots and zombies will reappear and kill anything that moves. You have to rez and run back to the empty room (prior to making the last 2 turns). Again this is not easy because if you draw aggro and run in, you could inadvertently train those who had rezzed and made it to safety.

Once you've gotten the pop-up, you are instructed you to speak with Kradesh Du' Klot in Freeport. Du' Klot can be found in a bar house near the docks. He asks that you return with a book which was stolen by Rogue Ethrix. Ethrix can be found in the Pilgrim's Inn located along the road leading from the N gate in Freeport. The north road turns westy towards the Temple of Light...keep following the road towards Highpass a couple of minutes more and you will find yourself at the Pilgrim's Inn. Rogue Ethrix spawns inside the inn, under a set of stairs every 4-8 hours. (actually, we found the respawn rate was lower, maybe every 2 hours). He is easy to solo at 60.

After killing Rogue Ethrix you also need to bring 7k tunar with you to pay Kradesh and continue the quest.

Kradesh now sends you back to Envar and again into the NW tower. Return to the throne room and kill the Servant of Tal' Thir. The servant cons yellow to a level 55 and life taps for 550. After you have defeated him, he will reappear as an NPC. He instructs you to seek out other servants. Note: only one person with the quest can talk to the spawned NPC, so you have to do this over and over again. Because the spawn time on the Servant is long, this can take days.

Go to the bottom of the tower in Envar SE. There you will find Anointed Mummies and Anointed Skeletons. The Mummies debuff Str, while the Skeletons drain mana. After the first room, go right and follow the hallway towards another room. To the left, you should con High Priest Vorin, Construct of Vorin and Servant of Vorin. Approach the throne and receive a pop-up. If at all possible, again attempt to avoid High Priest Vorin as he cons red to a 55.

The pop-up instructs you to find Explorer Graeven.
1) BUT, Explorer Graevan is a RARE spawn. He's gonna get you to find a Legacy book (rare drop), then you have to talk to him again, so it's best to farm the book first in Chardith's city, then find Explorer Graevan, talk to him, then talk to him again and turn in the item. This way you only have to wait for a rare to spawn once not twice.
2) He instructs you to search for the Legacy of Averyth which randomly drops off mobs throughout Takish Hiz (note: This is a departure from rumors that said the Legacy only dropped from sunstars, star knights, and moon wraiths in Chardith's dungeon - the item does NOT drop exclusively from them). It dropped twice for CS off of Cinder Cats.

Note on where to find Explorer Graeven: He can be found roaming in the desert just outside the city at dusk in Takish Hiz NE E N (most commonly in the NE section).
CS found Explorer Graeven in the lb Truearrow camp (with the 3 tents and a campfire) to the East of the pointy mtn in the NE part of the zone. Graeven walked around the truearrow campsite south of the fire between the rock and the tree. Most posts say he can be found at dusk, which is 20 min past the hour. CS found that he spawned in the Truearrow camp at 15 min past the hour. Good luck.

You must find Graeven again to turn in the Legacy. Note that when you do find him, you must finish talking to him and advance your quest before he despawns, so don't waste time reading a whole lot.

Return to the tower in Envar SE and kill the Servant of Vorin. After killing it, another NPC will appear.

The NPC instructs you to search the libraries of Envar for info on Jal Raeth in the towers in Envar NE and SW. In the SW tower, the mob you seek is the Jal Raeth Librarian and has a placeholder in the first room on the left. The placeholder is a Jal Raeth Commoner which respawns every 30 minutes.

Take the book back to Kradesh Du' Klot in Freeport.

Du' Klot instructs you to go to Deadhills West, and back to the ruined lizardman towers.

After you have walked into the tower, three Jal Reath Librarians spawn. After speaking with them, they attack. They con dark blue to a 55 and have necro pets as well as life taps. Each mob drops a group portal charge gem with one charge.

The gem can then be used to teleport a group to the top of the middle tower in Envar. There, you will receive a pop-up which spawns the Jal Raeth Chancellor. He cons yellow to a 55, has a very strong mana drain, medium nukes, and has the ability to restore all his HP when he is down to half his original life. Once you've defeated him, he turns into a NPC.

He then instructs you to speak with the Chancellor's Servant in Deadhills W (at the lizardman ruins). There, you receive your reward.

Quest Reward - 45 Million XP and Class specific item, below.

In addition to the rewards listed below, Necs, Druids, and Wizards also get a Dead Hills Group Port (Astral Displacement) spell.
1000 power cost 10 minute recast 10 second cast time group port to Dead Hills (lizardman ruins).

Class Specific Rewards:

Etheric Tunic
Equip: Torso
Level: 53
AC: 109 HPMax: 102 Int: 15 Wis: 15 AR: 20

Alc ?
Etheric no-dachi
Equip: 2hand Att: 2HS DMG: 680 HP: 11200 DUR: 70 Race: ALL
Level: 53
WIS: 30 HPMax: 100 AC: 50 DR: 15 AR: 15
Description: This no-dachi was forged from a strange alloy that appears to shift in and out of existence before your eyes.
Appearance: Long curved blade, resembling a katana

Etheric Shield
Equip: shield HP: 11200 DUR:70 Race: ALL
Lvl 53
AC: 432 Wis: 30 HPMax: 70 DR: 10 AR: 15
Description: This tear shield was forged from a strange alloy that appears to shift in and out of existence before your eyes.
Etheric kama
Equip: secondary Att: 1HS DMG: 589 HP: 11200 DUR: 70
Level: 53
STR: 30 HPMax: 70 AR: 15


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