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Kerra Isle 53

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Kerra Isle 53

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:05 pm

Quest Name: 53 Kerra Isle Quest
Level: 53
Class: All
Quest NPC: Prophet of Kumaj
Location: Kerra Isle (SE) on rune hill near big white arches/bones

Begin the quest by talking to the Prophet of Kumaj located in Kerra Isle SE.

In an attempt to foster peace between the Kerra and Arcadians, the Prophet seeks your help in the construction of a totem of good will. He asks you to seek out 3 mobs in order to construct it. The mobs you seek are:

An Elder Elephant which can be found roaming around Sylhilthis' Dwell SE or C. Try near the Kappa Warrior Tents located in C, or further south. It cons yellow to a 53 and is not difficult to solo.

An Ancient Deepmare which can be found in Sylhilthis' Dwell NE. Head NE from the Kappa Citadel and search for it in the surrounding waters. It hits harder than the elephant, but can also be soloed.

An Ancient Swampfire Cobra, which can be found roaming around South Toxxulia NE N NW. The Cobra is the most difficult of the three. It has a nasty poison DoT and has very high AC. If you plan to solo it, make sure to have a healer, or max your PR.

Return the three items to the Prophet. He then informs you to seek out an NPC in Arcadin or Stone of Morthalis (Advisor Kellum) depending on which alignment you are. You then must return to the Prophet.

This time, you must speak to either General Talya in Arcadin or Slave Trader Dunbarr in Morthalis about the kerran slaves.

They inform you to return to them with a Gargoyle statue which drops off a Statue Guardian inside the gargoyle fortress. Inside the first main room, the guardian spawns in the back left corner. You will have to kill a roaming guard, keep the room clear, and farm the placeholder to get the guardian to spawn. A good thing to do with a group, but not impossible to do solo.

Return to the NPC in Arc or SoM. They will then send you back to the Prophet. The Prophet now requires the beads from two Kerran Shamen. One can be located in The Hunt C or N. He is typically found in the small valley surrounded by Ancient Manticores. Go to the north/south border of The Hunt and Abysmal Sea and con for him there. The second Shaman can be found roaming in West Toxxulia E, C or N, close to the river.

Return to the Prophet with the beads. He then informs you to purchase a piece of Yellow Marble from a stonemason in your aligned city. It costs 7004 tunar.

The final mob the Prophet asks you to seek is a Ty'Rizeth SoulCaller, which can be found in the underground lair in South Barren Coast (C). If you port there, the lair can be found directly north (and a point west), a 2 min run from port spot. The mob can be located in a room deep with in the lair. The SoulCaller is not difficult, however he is well protected. Be cautious of the Ty'Rizeth Gaurdians and if at all possible, bring assistance during this last part of the quest. For a detailed map of the Ty'Rizeth Santuary, go here.

Return to the Prophet for your reward.

45 Million XP and a Class specific item, detailed below:

Amulet of Ancestors
Equip: neck
HP: 11200 DUR: 40
Level: 53
INT: 45
Power: 59
AR: 22
Description: An amulet awarded to the most prestigious kerran mystics.

Ring: 45 WIS
80 POW

Gulam Warrior Bracers
Equip: 2forearm
HP: 11200 DUR: 75
Race: ALL
Level: 53
STA: 45
AC: 188
Description: Bracers awarded to the mightiest gulam warriors of the kerrans.

Ring of Ancestors
Equip: ring
HP: 11200 DUR: 40
Race: ALL
Level: 53
WIS: 45
Power: 59
AR: 22
Description: A ring rewarded to the most prestigious kerran shaman.

Gulam Scout Belt
Equip: waist
HP: 11200 DUR: 50
Level: 53
AGI: 20
DEX: 34
AC: 31
Description: A belt awarded to the most skilled scouts of the kerrans.


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