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Lavastorm 53

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Lavastorm 53

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:05 pm

Quest Name: Lavastorm 53
Level: 53+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Minastickie
Location: Lavastorm

Begin the quest by speaking with Minastickie in Lavastorm (SE). To get there, coach to Klick'Anon, from coach, run out the west gate, follow mountains to the west. Soon you will see a shelter of sorts; there is a waysender there, talk to him. Minastickie is in a hut to your right.

She tells you she's found a paper which she believes is part of a map to a powerful scepter. To learn more, she asks you to visit Professer Cyrk in Freeport.

Cyrk can be found by the mages guild, past the archway. He says that he cannot read the paper because his glasses are broken and to fix them, he needs the sand from a Sand Wasp, found in South Barren Coast (C) (E) or (NE). They con yellow to a 53 and are not difficult to kill. However, their spawn time is approx: 1-3 hours. After returning the sandy carapace to Cyrk he confirms Mina's belief. He then sends you back to Minastickie who tells you there have been a number of strange sabotages lately and asks you to visit Exploring Aid Mixxa in Klick'Anon to learn more.

Exploring Aid Mixxa is located close to the bridge in the entrance of Klick'Anon. He asks you to defeat an Ancient Eel, in the sea in Rogue Clockworks (SE).

Ancient Eel (CONs yellow to a 53), which are found in Rogue Clockworks (SE) just off the coast. Find the Clockworks Village, and head straight EAST. On the coast, you will see a small island, swim from island east till you reach the end of the zone, the eel spawns north and south around this area. Beware, the eel has poison, and is under CON'd. Long spawn. Return what the eel drops to Mixxa, she returns you back to Minastickie, and she returns you back to the Professor.

The Professor is still having trouble reading a section of the map and needs two items to make it clearer:
A) Cleaning solution from a merchant (7100 tunar) in Hagley, he is near a well in the NW part of town.
B) Venom sack from a Swampfire Cobra (CONs yellow to 53) in South Toxxula(N),(NW). The mobs have a nasty Pr DoT, are resistant to magic and have high Ac. Keep killing till venom sacs drops.
Return to Professor.

The partially restored map reveals the location of another portion of the lost map. That piece, the Professor says, can be found in Yavreh's Sanctuary. He now sends you to kill Ty'Rizeth Scout (CONs Yellow to 53) at Yavreh's Sanctuary, South Barren Coast (map)(C ), in the underground temple. The Ty'Rizeth (CONs yellow to 53) mobs casts fire. You get a popup as you approach the entrance. Kill all mobs as you encounter them, no loot. Once inside, you will get another popup. Near this area, where you got the popup, is a room where the Scout will spawn. The placeholder is the one in the middle of the room(the Artisan); just keep killing the placeholder to spawn the Scout. Kill all mobs in the room and keep them fresh. Long spawn. Return to Professor

Cyrk restores the missing map piece and informs you that he knows where the final two pieces of the map can be found. The first is back in Yavreh's Sanctuary. The second is in Geomancer's Citadel.

Professor wants two items again;
A) He sends you back in Yavreh's Sanctuary to kill a Ty'Rizeth Scavenger (CONs yellow to 53). The Scavenger is NW from the room you killed the Scout (map). Invis and head towards the bodyguards. You'll get a popup near the entrance to the correct room. Inside the room, you will get another popup, kill all of the mobs in this room but leave them unlooted. The placeholder for the Scavenger is a Guardian towards the back of the room, and inside that fenced off area in a corner! Keep killing till spawn. Long spawn.
B) The second kill is an Ancient Drudge (CONs yellow to a 53) (has a heal too) is in Geomancer's Citadel (C ). To get there, the BEST way is to run west from Sphinx Pyramid, thru Lake Rathe, once in Geomancer's Pass, stay on the mountainsides as much as you can to avoid nasties. Keep heading west to coast. Now, follow coast North to Geomancer's Citadel. Undead nukes work well against the Ancient Drudge. Return to the Professor with both parts of the map.

Professor gives you the map and a note for Minastickie.

Minastickie gives you your reward. Done.

Quest Rewards - 45 Million Xp and Class Specific Reward:

magmanite bracelet
Equip: forearm HP: 11200 DUR: 40
Level: 53
STA: 5 AGI: 5 DEX: 5 INT: 20 CHA: 5 Power: 90 FR: 20
Description: This bracelet has been crafted from magmanite. A strong gem that has magical properties.

magmanite belt (?)
Equip: waist
Class: ALC
Wis: 26 Int: 10 FR: 20 AC: 34 HPMax: 115
magmanite shield
Equip: shield HP: 11200 DUR: 60 Race: ALL Class: WAR PAL SK
Level: 53
STA: 30 HPMax: 75 AC: 454 FR: 20
Description: This shield has been crafted from magmanite. A strong gem that has magical properties. Appearance: a small round black shield magmanite necklace
Equip: neck HP: 11200 DUR: 30
Race: ALL
Level: 53
STA: 10 DEX: 5 WIS: 20 CHA: 10 Power: 75 FR: 19 Description: This necklace has been crafted from magmanite. A strong gem that has magical properties. magmanite earring
Equip: ear HP: 11200 DUR: 40
Level: 53
STA: 12 AGI: 5 DEX: 25 HPMax: 100 AC: 14 FR: 20
Description: This earring has been crafted from magmanite. A strong gem that has magical properties.


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