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Arios the Battered 55

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Arios the Battered 55

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:06 pm

Quest Name: 55 Arios the Battered
Level: 55+
Class: All
Arios the Battered
Location: see below

In order to be flagged to start this quest, you need to kill or be within the area of Grundle as he is dying. After he has died, do not log off, as you may lose the flag (rumour only). Try and ensure you are in LoS when he dies, and not too far away, not sure how big the flag is.

Grundle is located in Geomancer's Citadel, but can be reached from the Cyclop's Fortress zone by finding the tunnel under the river.

Run towards Highpass via the road from Darvar Manor. As you reach a dual outpost guarded by 2 skeletons, Arios the Battered will spawn. He will tell you to go to Box Canyon and seek out Pasha. If more than one of you are flagged by killing Grundle, all of you can speak to Arios, don't wait for him to despawn and then try and respawn him again.

Go to Pasha's chamber in Box Canyon (NE) (map) invised. There you will get a trigger informing you that Skahyir is right behind you! Ska is not difficult to solo if you can overcome his breath crit.

Return to Arios in Forkwatch. There he will give you a list of mobs to defeat in order to spawn Bloodletter. You must defeat the following mobs: Ealin The Mad (spawns near the entrance to Lord Chardith's lair in Takish Hiz), Rip Claw (in The Hunt, who spawns in the hills with the Ancient Manticores), and Crocosaraus (spawns on the island in the middle of Lake Noregard - you must kill tae ew hierophants to spawn him. Usually spawns inside the crocodile head rock formation).
Return to Arios when you have defeated all the mobs, then head to IoD to defeat Bloodletter.
When you get to IoD, go to your left. There you will find a Garmaund ritualist standing beside an alter. After you have spoken with him Bloodletter will spawn. If Bloodletter is already up, it's ok to kill him, it's the same loot. The quest spawned Bloodletter is harder than the normal one.
It is stronger than the regular Bloodletter but can be killed with 4 people. Resists: AR FR LR. Have group hide behind a rock to avoid it's AoE. . Map of IoD.
Note: it may not be the same loot, without the quest logged, the random spawn Bloodletter does not seem to drop the sword. Do NOT delete this sword, once you've looted it, for any reason or you can't complete your quest with Arios when he sends you to Grimm after you've done Quintashi's handmaiden and the Giant Skeleton. (TY gokukicks)

After you have defeated Bloodletter, return to Arios. He will send you to defeat 2 more mobs. Quintashi's Handmaiden in the Abysmal Sea (in the deep ravines), and the Giant Skeleton which roams about Elephant Graveyard.

Arios then sends you to Grimm Brellhand, the NPC quest giver for the level 47 quests to repair his sword. Bring 15,000 tunar to cover the costs. Keep this sword - you will need it to debuff the Anvil of Sarek during the Arios59 quest.

Return to Arios to collect your rewards.

Quest Reward - 56 Million XP
Class Specific Rewards:

War torn girdle
Equip: waist HP: 11600 DUR: 65
Class: MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 55
INT: 25 HPMax: 130 AC: 58 LR: 14 Description: A jeweled belt that has seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. It pulses with combative enchantments.
War torn gauntlets
Equip: gloves HP: 11600 DUR: 65 Race: ALL
Level: 55
AGI: 25 HPMax: 130 AC: 209 AR: 14 Description: A pair of plate gauntlets that have seen more battles than most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: plain steel War torn leathers Equip: legs HP: 11600 DUR: 65 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO HLF ERU
Class: MNK DRD ALC Level: 55
WIS: 25 HPMax: 130 AC: 151 PR: 14 Description: A pair of leather leggings that have seen more battle then most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: Tan leather.

War torn scale boots
Equip: feet HP: 11600 DUR: 65 Race: ALL
Level: 55
STA: 25 HPMax: 130 AC: 122 FR: 14
Description: A pair of scale boots that have seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: White Scale


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