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Arios the Battered 57

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Arios the Battered 57

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:09 pm

Quest Name: 57 Arios the Battered
Level: 57+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Arios the Battered
Location: Forkwatch, near bridge

1. Talk to Arios the Battered next to the bridge south of Forkwatch. You must have 55 Arios quest finished to do this quest. Arios tells you to go talk to the Chamberlain that is on the bridge south of the kappa fortress in Sylhilthis' Dwell NW, on the east side of the bridge.

2. Chamberlain tells you to kill an escaped kappa blacksmith for him. Blacksmith Kratak appears usually wandering in the area south of phantoms in West Plateau, northwest of Arcadin. Take his hammer back to Chamberlain.

3. Chamberlain sends you to talk to Shrixiv in South Toxxulia N, near the mud river. Shrixiv sends you to kill Magnar the Skald in Permafrost. This mob usually spawns on the frost giant floor, across from where the invis wall is for Vox and also sometimes in those side halls leading to Warlord Kraven. Return the item to Shrixiv.

4. Shrixiv then sends you to kill Oracle Frish in Lavastorm Mountains. He's next to the fort where the general is. Basically follow the path from the gnomes and you cant miss the fort. BUT, Oracle Frish is not IN the fort, CS found him along side the lava to the right of the bridge (facing the fortress). Bring the memory stone back to Shrixiv.

5. Shrixiv sends you to kill Varae the Chronicler in Tak Xiz South. I found her in the quadrant SE but I hear she roams all over. Take the disheveled tome back to Shrixiv, who takes the item then despawns.

6. Go to kappa fortress on the 3rd level. As you approach the room with the spiral staircase, an attackable Shrixiv will spawn. This mob is tough. You will need a good force to take her down. Loot the item and walk near where the spawn spot is and you will get another pop up that advances the quest. Then go back to Arios in FW.

7. Arios sends you to FP to talk to a magician named Malsis, Malsis is in the caster guild in FP. He sends you to kill a rune dervish that spawns in Elemental Towers. He spawns in random spots, so you will just have to search for him in the desert spots in Elemental Towers. Take the item back to Malsis and bring 15k tunar with you to pay him. Then back to Arios.

8. Arios sends you to find a Rallosian insignia in Envar. This is a random drop off any mobs in envar complex, so you gotta farm mobs there for awhile until one drops. I farmed the light blues on the ground floor. Took me about 18 hours. Then return the insignia to Arios.

9. Arios sends you to kill Dresk and Starn in Envar. Dresk the Lost is usually in Envar W or S. Starn the Aimless is usually in envar SE or E (they roam outside the main complex). Take their tomes back to Arios.

10. Arios sends you to kill Overseer Durekar (Dukar? sp). Before you go find him, make sure you have the quest items in your inventory, NOT the bank (or you won't get popup later). He usually spawns in the elemental or constructs areas of Geomancers Citadel, after you kill him, walk around the area that he died. You need to get a pop up after killing him to advance your quest. It tells you to go to Geomancer's Pass bridge to talk to the Archon there. Approach the pass from the south side into Geomancer Pass C, Archon Seradesh spawns on the bridge as you walk across it, return to Arios after speaking with her. He gives you XP and a reward.


56 Million XP and class specific reward:
War torn gloves
Equip: gloves
Class:MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 55
STA: 37 PowMax: 140 AC: 70 War torn greaves
Equip: legs HP: 12400 DUR: 70 Race: ALL
Level: 57
NO TRADE LORE STA: 40 HPMax: 100 AC: 292 Description: A pair of plate greaves that have seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: plain steel War torn tunic Equip: torso HP: 12400 DUR: 63 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO HLF ERU
Level: 57
NO TRADE LORE DEX: 40 HPMax: 100 AC: 241
Description: A tough leather tunic that has seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. It pulses with combative enchantments. Appearance: Tan leather War torn scale gloves
Equip: gloves HP: 12400 DUR: 65 Race: ALL
Level: 57
STR: 40 HPMax: 120 AC: 165
Description: A pair of scale gloves that have seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: White Scale


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