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Kerra Isle 57

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Kerra Isle 57

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:10 pm

Quest Name: 57 Kerra Isle
Level: 57+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Prophet of Kumaj
Location: Kerra Isle (SE) on rune hill near big white arches/bones

The prophet asks you to kill two mobs for him: a Diseased Tempest Panther and a pestiferous spider queen. Both mobs can be found roaming in various parts of the South Toxxulia.

From the prophet, head N/E to get to South Toxxulia. Toxx's cave is in the (s) part of the zone. Once at Toxx's cave, run straight west. You will encounter what looks like large bamboo shafts in a circle in the ground. Just a bit further west is where I've seen both the Diseased panther and the spider queen. The forums say they can spawn in (n), (s), (w) and (c). In north, check near Shrixiv, near the mud river.

After you have returned to the prophet, he sends you to either SoM (Healer Yemev, directly north of banker) or Arcadin (Healer Ometoj, near waysender + spiritmaster) to retrieve some timballa leaves. Bring about 7k in order to cover the cost.

The prophet then sends you to kill Krend Catsbane, who roams near the border of The Hunt in Abysmal Sea (S) and (SE). You can find Krend inland, roaming just s/e of a Kerran camp near a kobald watcher/shaman camp.

After you have done that, the prophet sends you to kill a Kappa Skinner in Sylhithis' Dwell in the castle. He is on the 2nd floor in the first room on the right as you walk up the ramp. There is no placeholder. He spawns about every four hours.

The prophet then sends you to see Costume Maker Leboi. Make sure to bring your pile of kerran hides from the skinner. Leboi is located on the marionette island in the Gulf of Uzan (SW), swim straight east from SoM. He asks for 10,144 tunar to create the costume.

The prophet then sends you to kill Elder Garfeg and return with his spear. He can be found in East Toxxulia (s). From the prophet, just head straight North across the water to East Toxxulia. You'll hit a river eventually, and you will find a small Kobold camp. The elder spawns in one of the huts. He does not have a placeholder. If he's not there, the hut is empty.

After you have returned to the prophet, he grants you a temporary Kerran Illusion. The Illusion lasts about 40 minutes and can be recast. He instructs you to speak with Shadza Letwin who spawns in the Tendori-buki village. Head back to where Garfeg spawned, go EAST down the river. At the end of the river is a Tendori-buki village, she will spawn by the well as you approach (West Toxxulia (e)). The mob Ithwutet also spawns in the same location.

The prophet will then instruct you to kill a Diseased Manticore (NW) and a Diseased Welahi'nai Brute (E) which can be found in the hunt. The mobs are not difficult.

After you have returned to the prophet, he sends you to speak with Chief Terrican who is located in the Hunt (N/NW) on the shore.

The prophet then sends you to kill the Kolbok Warden. The warden is located in the jailer area of the Kobold cave in the Warrens zone. The placeholder is the center jailer in the room.

The prophet then sends you to kill the Ratman Plaguespreader, who is located in Cape Dreg (N). He is located under the Ratman Lair in a room on the right.

The final mob the prophet seeks is the nec Yevran Ty'Rizeth. He is located in the the Ty'Rizeth cave in South Barren Coast (C). PR/DR and AR are effective to resist the PH's attacks. Map of Dungeon

Return to the prophet and collect 64.1 mil xp and your class specific reward:

Tunic of Living Mana
Equip: torso
HP: 12900 DUR: 70
Level: 57
INT: 25
Power: 150
AC: 118
Description: An ornate woven tunic that shimmers with magical energy.
Appearance: Same blue hues as Summoner robe, different colors of blue.

Welahi Warlord Breastplate
Equip: torso
HP: 12900 DUR: 70
Race: ALL
Level: 57
STR: 25
STA: 23
AC: 397
Description: An ornate magical breatplate of the walahi-nai warlords.

Welahi Spirit Shield
Equip: shield
HP: 12900 DUR: 70
Race: ALL
Level: 57
WIS: 25
Power: 150
AC: 351
Description: A shield of spiritual force created by the welahi-nai shaman.

Welahi Pouncer Boots
Equip: feet
HP: 12000 DUR: 60
Level: 57
STR: 25
DEX: 23
HPMax: 53
AC: 110
Description: Ornate magical leather boots of the welahi-nai's swiftest hunters.


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