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Arios the Battered 59

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Arios the Battered 59

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:12 pm

Quest Name: 59 Arios the Battered
Level: 57+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Arios the Battered
Location: Forkwatch, near bridge

1. Talk to Arios the Battered next to the bridge south of Forkwatch. You must have the 57 Arios quest finished to do this quest. Arios sends you to find 2 keys from terran caretakers. One is in Geomancer's Pass N to the left or right of the pass bridge near Anvil. The other roams in Elemental Towers SW or W, in that general area. Take the key halves back to Arios.

2. Arios sends you to approach Anvil of Sarek. He's in Geomancers Pass N. Approach slowly, and when you get the pop-up, pick one of the options. Then head back to Arios.

3. Arios then sends you to Cape Dreg to find Informant Liarah. Make sure the key is in your inventory before you seek her. She spawns randomly for short times on any of the small isles in that zone. Bring 20k with you to advance the quest. The time I found her was on the isle where Cedric is. CS note: we have found her in Cape Dreg (E), on either of the two islands to the north of the pirate ship (cedric is on the one closest to the pirate ship). The islands are just a two minute run south from the Druid/Wiz SBC port. Garwiz has found that killing everything on the two islands can force them to re-set and hopefully the informant will spawn along with the reset.

Click through the dialogue boxes quickly, or she'll despawn before you've finished and consequently won't advance your quest. She tells you that you need to find 3 lost pages:
*one random drop from the kejekans (discarded page #176) in Stonebrunt Mountains C,
* one random drop from the kerrans (discarded page #112) in kerra isle,
* and one from an obsidian assassin (discarded page #201) that spawns in Geomancer's Citadel, usually on the more western side. Take the pages back to Arios.

4. Arios sends you to kill Anvil of Saerk. Take the weapon you got from the Arios 55 quest to debuff him. Rumor is that each different weapon (healer/caster/tank/melee) does a different debuff on him. I suggest having one of each type bring their weapon to hit him with and debuff him. After anvil dies you get a pop-up that advances your quest.
Note: at first if the Anvil is unattackable, the questor will have to go forward and interact with him. You'll probably get nuked by a 99,999 bolt, rez back invised and try and get out of range. At some point you should get a popup to start the text sequence that will make him spawn as attackable.

Then return to Arios. If the person with the quest dies and Anvil dies, then the person with the quest can res back and still get the popup needed to advance the quest, you wont need to kill him again.

Note: parts 5, 6, & 7 can all be farmed in advance and turned into Arios without having to run back and forth. They are not triggered mobs.

5. Arios sends you to kill 2 earthen dryads and get their hearts. These spawn near constructs in Geomancer's Citadel northern half of zone. Just keep killing em 'til you get 2 hearts. Refer to this MAP to get an idea of their spawn locations. Then return to Arios.

6. Arios then sends you to kill the Sarek Keeper that spawns on the bridge in Geomancer' Citadel at the constructs gate between the 2 normal camp spots. Return to arios with the geode talisman after you use the talisman to combine it with the fused dryad hearts.

7. Arios then sends you to get the 2 archon hearts from Archon Aereth and Archon Vetash that spawn in the towers at constructs in Geomancer's Citadel. Return to arios with the geode after combining it with the hearts you got from the archons.

8. Arios then sends you to kill Thornmage Lirial that spawns on the main floor level of Toxxulia dungeon in South Toxxulia (S); he has several spawn locations: sometimes right in the main room where all the tunnels lead off; sometimes down the first tunnel to your left; or sometimes down the second tunnel to your left. Return to Arios with the channeling stone.

9. Arios gives you a new activated geode talisman with 36 charges that you can hand out that port you and your friends up to the tower that Sarek the Betrayer is in (Geomancer's Citadel [n]). This is the quest spawned version of Sarek, in a different tower than the random one. He is much easier and can be killed with one group of 60s. Sarek spawns when the person with the quest ports in, so they should port last. After you kill him, Archon Saradesh spawns. Talk to her then go back and talk to Arios. The only way out is to rh.

10. Returning to Arios will net you 1000 faction with the Zaoran Brotherhood. Arios now sends you to talk to Arcanablade Zerin who can be found on a cyclopian bridge south of Urglunts wall (Urglunt's Gate (C)). But before you leave Arios, 'talk' to him again and you will receive another 1k faction with the Zaoran Brotherhood.
Find and speak with Arcanablade Zerin, then you have to kill him and take his head back to Arios (NTL); get resists, without them Arcanablade Zerin is difficult. Speaking with Arcanablade Zerin will cost you -1k faction with the Zaoran Brotherhood (easy come easy go but you still have the first 1k faction.).

11. When you return to Arios and talk to him, he ports you to a secret location to talk to a Rallosian Arbiter. Talk to him and he summons Arios for you to fight him. He's yellow casterish to a 60 (easy to solo, even on a tank). After you kill Arios, talk to the Arbiter again for your reward of 100 million xp, an item, and token of Rathe.
Your faction with the Zaoran Brotherhood gets adjusted again, this time -10.
Note: see comments below on getting even more faction with the Zaoran Brotherhood.

ZP Tie in:Arios the Battered is claiming to be an old Rallosian general (follower of Rallos Zek, God of War) and he wants you to right the betrayal of Sarek (once the head general of Rallosian Armies, he through a pact with many gods including the Rathe Council (rulers of Plane of Elemental Earth) betrayed his troops and Zek for Immortality and Demi-god hood. he sent half his troops to Envar to die, and half his troops he turned into constructs of fire and earth through geomancy.

He was a Geomancer by practice, but a Rogue through character. He stole many of the gods' treasures and was demoted from Demi-god hood, imprisoned in a fortress of his making; a land of everliving stone; Geomancer's Citadel. Arios has you systematically take out Sarek's sources of power through the 55-59qsts, until you finally kill Sarek himself.

Then Arios sends you to get your reward from Arcanablade Zerin (Arcanablade turns out to be a title, refering to an order of highly trained knights of the Zaoran order) who is actually sent to kill you because you know too much, you kill him and return to arios. Arios reveals to you that he's actually either Zaoran or a close relative, unsure which. He then ports you to a Rallosian Arbiter, which arbitrates your dispute, and tells you to kill arios/zaoran, so you solo him and get a reward, and GAIN Zaoran brotherhood faction (Zek) from the Zek weapon NPC - Lieutenant Kognar.
(TY John Petrucci)


100 million xp, class specific item, and token of Rathe. Unknown what Token does.

War Torn Robe
Equip: Torso
Class: MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 55
STA: 30 POW: 150 AC: 45
War torn great helm
Equip: head HP: 12800 DUR: 70 Race: ALL
Level: 59
STA: 24 HPMax: 145 AC: 154
Description: A plated helm that has seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. It pulses with combative enchantments. Appearance: Gladiator Grey War torn wristband Equip: forearm HP: 12800 DUR: 60
Level: 59
DEX: 30 HPMax: 145 AC: 46
Description: A hide wristband that has seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. It pulses with combative enchantments. War torn scale greaves
Equip: legs HP: 12800 DUR: 60 Race: ALL
Level: 59
DEX: 30 HPMax: 145 AC: 242
Description: A pair of scale greaves that have seen more battle than most modern kingdoms. They pulse with combative enchantments. Appearance: White Scale


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