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Kerra Isle 59

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Kerra Isle 59

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:13 pm

Quest Name: 59 Kerra Isle
Level: 59+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Prophet of Kumaj
Location: Kerra Isle (SE) on rune hill near big white arches/bones

1. Prophet sends you to kill a sea nymph on the east coast of Kerra Isle. It's been spoted in Kerra S and E and C. I found in C on the east coast.

2. Prophet tells you to take the collar to the historian in either SoM or Arcadin. In Arcadin he is in the spire on the top hill kinda near the dockmaster (Historian Musafik). In SoM, Historian Neilok can be found in a tent, on north side of village near wall.

3. The historian sends you to Saftemoots (Eruds Crossing C) where a mob trigger spawns that you need to kill. He spawns inside the mountain on the bridge leading to Saftemoot's isle. Kill the altar guardian then approach the altar to get a pop up to destroy the collar. Then back to the prophet again.

4. Prophet then sends you to a kerran fishing village to talk to Kaytin Mowler in Eruds Crossing N. She sends you to kill undead kerrath master. I found this mob in Erud's Crossing W.

5. Take the ring back to Kaytin Mowler who then sends you to kill the Shiran Harpy Queen in Erud's Crossing NE. The placeholder is the right harpy in the middle back alcove. Kill the harpy Queen and loot the Erudite Pilgrim's Satchel. Take the satchel back to Kaytin Mowler and he sends you back to the prophet.

6. Prophet sends you to kill High Shaman Thulgrr. He spawns in the kobold dungeon between the kobold king and the exit to stone brunt on a stand with a table behind 2 Guardians of Thulgrr. In The Warrens N, kill the shaman and take the totem to the kerran Khonza Meysla in Stonebrunt Mountains SW.

7. Khonza sends you to kill Karnarf the Hunter. He is in Stonebrunt also, and wanders around. I usually found him on the northern side of the grizz mountain. Take the spear back to Khonza. Note: CS found him in (w) near dead white tree trunks.

8. Next Khonza sends you to kill grizz chieftain, which is a rare spawn in the middle of the grizz camp. The camp is under the mountain in the middle of Stonebrunt. Take the grizz necklace back to Khonza, and he sends you back to the Prophet.

9. The Prophet sends you to talk to a guy named Glox in Blakedown S. Coming from Forkwatch on the road he's in the first building on the right. Bring 11k tunar with you to pay him. Then back to the prophet.

10. The Prophet sends you to Highpass C to find Rynlek. He's in the Lord/Lady tower. Bring 8k tunar with you to buy the info from him. He tells you a smuggler has the gem. His name is indigo artifact smuggler, and I found him in Cape Dreg W on the indigo pirate island in the middle of the large pirate camp. Take the gem back to the prophet.

11. The Prophet sends you to kill a Monarch of Stone and a Monarch of Flame in Geomancer's Citadel. I found Monarch of Flame and Stone in geo citadel SW. Take the items back to the prophet.

12. Last but not least the prophet sends you to kill Pleglund, the named fungusman deep in Toxxulia's Lair, and retrieve the Soul of Decay. The entrance is in South Toxxulia S. You need at least a small raid of lvl 60s to get to and kill him. He spawns down the 2nd left path to the left from the main chamber. Take gem back to the prophet.

13. The Prophet gives you 100 million XP, Token of Odus, and your class specific reward. Unknown what the Token of Odus does.

Starsilk Hood (Cloth)
Equip: head
HP: 12800 DUR: 50
Level: 59
STA: 15
INT: 25
Power: 100
AC: 56
AR: 30
Description: Crafted by a clan of star worshippers, this hood holds the powers of long lost gods.

Starshimmer Bracers
Equip: 2forearm
HP: 12800 DUR: 75
Race: ALL
Level: 59
STA: 15
AGI: 15
HPMax: 110
AC: 237
LR: 15
Description: These bracers were forged from the smoldering remains of a fallen star.
Appearance: Dark Blue

Boots of the Kedge
Equip: feet
Level: 59
Dex: 25 Wis: 20 HPMax: 100 PR: 15 AC: 94

Emberscale Tunic (scale)
Equip: torso
HP: 12800 DUR: 60
Race: ALL
Level: 59
STA: 20
WIS: 15
Power: 120
AC: 313
FR: 25
Description: This tunic was forged in the fires of Lavastorm and is highly resistant to fire.
Appearance: Dark Red Scale


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