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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:17 pm

Quest Name: Group 1, Level 30
NPC: varies, see below
Location: Forkwatch

Requirements: Attaining level 30 and completion of your Level 20 path quest.

Your level 20 path questgiver advises you to seek a new trainer in Forkwatch to log your level 30 path quest:
Thumgrim Stoutshield [in bar opposite coach], or
Erilous Skypyre [2nd floor n/e corner], or
Elowyn Dawnspring [2nd floor].
Dwarf & Western Human Paladins: You speak to Sir Arik Lightfire, in Forkwatch. From the coach, head into the big building on your right, go to the very top and he is standing there with Captain Bordengahst.

After logging the quest, you are then sent to Crikston Gundlefop in Highpass Hold. To find Crikston Gundlefop: coach to HP, he is in the building opposite to the coachman, on the second floor. Crikston wants three clay, stone, and bronze tablets. NOTE: If you talk to Crikston again he will talk about the three quests, giving info on how to start each one. He asks you to return him 3 tablets, the clay, the stone, and the bronze. Which is basically 3 separate lvl 30 side quests.

Runed Clay Tablet: Talk to Argot Bittersteel in Blakedown. To find Blakedown: from DM coach head out the west gate and follow road south (road will curve towards the west soon) to Blakedown. Argot is in the first building to your right as you enter Blakedown proper.

He wants two things:
i) to retrieve loot in Al-Karad's Ruin, and
ii) to kill Savage Bear.
To find Al-Karad's Ruin, from Argot, follow road west, at the end Blakedown (NW tower) there is a road that heads north, follow it until it ends, then head due north till the road begins again. Follow this road to Al-Karad's Ruin.

To get Argot's loot: Enter the ruins, go down the ramp and head straight to the back room, you will get a popup saying you got the loot. You will need to kill all the mobs you encounter. If you have invis, you still need to kill the two mobs in the room where the popup is. These mobs will CON DB/White@30, mostly, and they have a large aggro range!

Now that you have the loot, it's time to kill the Savage Bear (Polar Bear) (CONs white@30): The Bear roams outside of the ruins you are at. Mostly behind the ruins. Kill, loot the clay tablet and return to Argot. You will receive 789,086 xp, the Medallion of Fortitude, and be progressed onto the next part of your quest.
Medallion of Fortitude: 15sta 20hp 5ac 20DR Lvl30 all/all.

Runed Stone Tablet: Talk to Two-Eyed Jack in Trail's End (Trial's End (S)). To find Trail's End: From HP coach, head out the west/south gate, follow road to a little village. This is a long and winding road. Jack is in one the houses in the village. Two-Eyed Jack sends you find out what happened to Maximillian Scriber.

Go back to that "long and winding road" you were just on. Head northish till you get to a cave on your right. Kill your way into the cave, until you see the Silvermist Alpha spawn (triggered-CONs white@30). Kill her, and loot Maximillian's journal and the runed stone tablet. Return to Jack. He gives 394,543 xp, Two-Eyed Jack's Belt, and progresses you to the next part of your quest.
Two-Eyed Jack's Belt 10agi 10cha 35pow 22ac Lvl30 all/all.

Runed Bronze Tablet: Talk to Finnus Sodwin at Black Swan Inn, he is on the second floor. To find Black Swan Inn: From DM coach, head out west gate, follow road south, on the right side of the road is the Inn and a blacksmith area. He wants you to kill a gnoll named Skarr (CONs Yellow@30) in Blackburrow dungeon.
To get to Blackburrow: From DM coach head out the west gate and follow road north to the Gnoll Fort, bypass the fort to its east, you will see a tunnel entrance in the distance that is the Burrow. Enter it. To find Skarr, this is tough to describe. Enter tunnel, make first right and up stairs (shaman here sees invis), follow tunnel, more mobs here see invis, after fight, go down cliff and head right, look for a hidden tunnel, follow it, it opens up into a huge cavern, make first right, fight (this mob sees invis), go along small cliff, right, enter narrow tunnel, Skarr spawns at the back of this small cavern. Kill Skarr, loot the bronze headpiece and the Runed Bronze Tablet. Return to Finnus Sodwin. He gives you 1,084,993xp and 3k tunar.

You should have three (3) tablets in your inventory! If, you should lose one, you can go back to the quest givers and they will replace the tablet, free, but only if you have been flagged as having done the quest! Return to Crikston Gundlefop. He gives you a letter.

Return to your starting quest npc in Forkwatch and they give you your item reward, path choice, and xp!

You will receive 7,890,859 xp, your path ability and:
Paladin: sword of purity OR hammer of humility
Cleric: holy forgehammer OR benevolent battlehammer
Wizard: staff of tears OR rod of power
Bard: rapier of rapidity OR shimmering saber


Quest Name: Group 1, Level 40
NPC: Crikston Gundlefop
Location: Highpass Hold

Requirements: Attaining lvl 40 and completion of the Level 30 path quest from Crikston Gundlefop.

Talk to Crikston Gundlefop in Highpass. He has almost deciphered the stone tablets and now he needs 3 paraphet rods to further his research. Two of them are already en route to Highpass, but he needs you to get the 3rd one from a gnomish artifact dealer named Twindle Fizzmop, who is right behind the blacksmith in Freeport.

Twindle has the rod, but will only sell it to you in exchange for the Sceptre of Tal'Thaz. This can be found on a mummy named Rauntet (CONs White@40) who spawns in an undead valley in Al' Farak Ruins ( C ), which is west of that large Nashier camp. The valley is packed with awakened sprits so get invis'd since Rauntet is a triggered spawn. Kill, loot the scepter, return to Twindle, who asks for an extra 3000 tunar (5k if you don't haggle). Return to Crikston in HP.

Crikston is happy to see you, but as you are giving him the scepter, an Assassin spawns (CONs LB@40). Kill the Assassin and loot a druidic symbol. The symbol puzzles Crikston so he sends you to talk to Shiol'Anara in Surefall Glade.
Note: if you fail to kill the Assassin, simple speak with Crikston again and another one will spawn.

Shiol' Anara is the guild master for the druids in Surefall, and she is just as puzzled about the druid assassin as Crikston is. She sends you to talk to the great bear spirit Urisai, who roams Surefall.
In order to speak with Urisai you must first gather 3 items:
*the bow of Poacher McGee,
*the wing of a Jade Drake,
*and the hide of a Tainted Wolf.

The Tainted Wolf (CONs white@40) spawns in Mariel Village ( E ). There is a hill full of them just a bit northeast of the village itself. Farm the Tained wolves until you get your tainted hide.

Trapper McGee (CONs yellow@40) spawns within Surefall glade. He spawns past and near the lake, and roams. Kill him and loot his bow. Note: spawns over one or two hills from the druid port circle (same side of lake).

Jade Drake (CONs yel to red) spawns in the forest of Salisearaneen (E) & (NE). Kill, loot till you get your drop of a Wing. These are pretty tough casters. Return to Shiol.
Note: Corsten (CLW) states that he found no Jade Drakes in the E/NE part of zone, but did find many in the south and southwestern part of Salisearaneen!

Return to Shiol' Anara in Surefall Glade. Shiol tells you to take the items to the druid ring within Surefall Glade and await Urisai's arrival. The ring is past the lake and within the hills. Waiting in the druid ring [with the bow, the hide, and wing in your inventory) for about 30 seconds will spawn Urisai who is pleased with the offerings you give him. He tells you that the druid assassin is a member of the Night Callers; who reside in the Unkempt North. He doesn't know why they are targeting you however. Return to Crikston in HP.

Crikston tells you that messing with the Unkempt Druids is very dangerous and that you should lay low. In the meantime, he discovered a means of deciphering the paraphet rod. He needs the eyeglass from an Evil Eye Examiner (CONs yellow@40) who spawns in the Moss Mouth Cavern ( C ). Take the tunnel just to the right and it should take you straight to the evil eye (if you don't take any turns). The evil eye has 2 Enthralled Goblin bodyguards, which have a huge aggro radius and can be easily pulled away from the evil eye. Kill the Evil Eye and loot the examiner lens and return to Crikston.

Crikston thanks you and tells you to talk to him again in a minute. After speaking to Crikston again, he will send you to your class trainer in FW for your quest end and reward.

Head to FW to speak with your class trainer and receive your item reward, xp, and path choice ability.

You will receive 14,919,719 xp, your path ability and:
Paladin: blade of the righteous OR hammer of virtue
Cleric: hallowed morningstar OR sacrosanct warhammer
Wizard: war wizard's staff OR wand of war
Bard: strike of harmony OR slash of resonance


Quest Name: Group 1, Level 49
NPC: Crikston Gundlefop
Location: Highpass Hold

Requirements: Attaining lvl 49 and completion of the Level 40 path quest from Crikston Gundlefop.

*NOTE Ensure you have plenty of space in your inventory! Save everything that any NPC gives you until you have your FINAL rewards and your FINAL Path ability! Once you get approved for your three paths choices, then you can safely delete all those useless items!

Talk to Crikston Gundlefop in Highpass, he's in the Inn near the coach on the second floor. He sends you to speak with Anya Spiritdottir, in Binshore, regarding her father's totem. Binshore is south of Wyndhaven, along the coast in Whale's Hill zone, which is WH(W).

Spiritdottir sends you to seek out the Barbarian hermit named Halsfur Whitepaw, who is inside a bear cave in the North wall of the Snowblind Plains (NE). Take 5k with you! The cave opening glows light blue and is easy to spot at a distance. Inside the cave, you will need invis. The bears range from LB to yellow. It is tough to find where you want to go at first, but in the largest room you find (off to the right of the main tunnel) there is a barely visible ledge that runs up one wall. Take that and go straight back in the cave. Speak with Halsfur and ask him for an amulet of protection.

In order to make the amulet, Halsfur requires a Scratched Worm Chitin and 5k tunar. Kill Great worms (CONs lb@49); you can find them all over Permafrost SE-TY Lear! Farm Great Worms until you get your drop. Return to Halsfur with the Scratched Worm Chitin and he will give you an Amulet, which is the Tailsman you need to enter the portal in Spirit Talkers woods. Return to Crikston.

Crikston sends you to the Heyokah burial ground in Spirit Talkers Woods (C). From Murnf, run due east, from the top of the highest hill, you will see a lake. The portal is in the middle of the lake, a black orb. Click on the orb to be teleported to the land between the spirit world and the real world. If you try and enter the burial ground without the spirit's eye amulet in your inventory you will have a -650 DoT tick on you until death or you leave.

* Note: This part is solo, since you will not be able to have your party join you here. Either find a Pally/Bard/Cleric/Alchemist who happens to be at the same stage in their quest to join you, or to try and solo the mob.
* If you solo it, have a Shaman buff you with AVA, and maybe a Cleric or Druid buff your AC, Anu/Klick pots for resists and heals, bitter roots/herbs, Mage/Druid damage shield, Transformative Pill (ogre pill -1250 hps), Weak Draughts etc. This is easy for an Alch or Bard to solo, but very hard for a Paladin or Cleric to solo do to the weak damage output; they'll go oom trying to solo, and as it's a timed event will not be able to complete the quest.
* Talk to the Caretaker on the hill and tell him you are looking for the totem of Solgar Spiritwalker. You must pass a trial. The trial will start by having to defeat vengeance spirits and then if you survive, the Eidolon of Malice. You have 5 minutes to defeat the mobs or they will despawn. Eidolon will not appear until 2 minutes after the vengeance spirits appear. All will despawn in 5 minutes! You must have Eidolon of Malice dead before despawn. If all despawns before he is dead, no worry, just talk to the Caretaker on the hill again.
* Sequence is thus:
* Speak to Caretaker, run off of hill. 30 seconds or so will pass.
* 2 Vengance Spirits (CONs LB@49) will appear on the hill.
* 2 minutes will pass. Eidolon (CONs DB@49) will appear. Kill him fast and loot one of it's essence orbs.
* 3 minutes will pass. All will despawn.
* Note: The only mob you have to really kill is the Eidolon of Malice. Once you've spoken with the Caretaker to start the spawning process run safely down the hill. Once Eidolon spawns, try and single pull him out and kill and loot the orb. The other mobs will despawn and you can speak with the Caretaker. Many make the mistake of thinking they have to kill ALL the mobs in five minutes, but this is not true, they are simply a distraction. If you die on the burial ground while trying to kill Eidolon, you still have the amulet and can return (via Rez, or by the portal in Spirit Talker's Woods) to try again. Eidolon is DB@49 and is a wicked caster. He is tough to solo no matter what class you are.
* Once all has despawned, speak with the Caretaker again. Upon receiving the essence orb, he will spawn the spirit of Solgar Spiritwalker (on the top of the hill next to the Caretaker). The spirit will be in the form of an orb floating above a body on the funeral pyre. Talk to it, reach in to claim the Spiritwalker's Totem. Then talk to the other orb behind the Caretaker to leave.
* Return to Crikston Gundlefop in Highpass with the Spiritwalker's Totem in hand (1/4 seals needed).

Crikston sends you to speak with Oransan, a supposed delegate from the Unkempt, downstairs in the inn he stays at (in HP). Oransan tells you about the Unnamed King's treasury vault and where to find the second seal. You are to journey to the Den of the Grave Wolves and confront The Slar, a giant lava worm, in order to obtain the Shield of Orthimius, the second of four seals you need.

The Slar is in Salissearaneen (NE), and Cons White@49. Look for a large dark gorge (where the Deathknights for the PoD quest spawn). The Slar spawns in a cave at the north end of the cleft. Wolves will spawn as well, single pull them out to a safe area and kill, when the cave is clear of add, kill The Slar, loot the shield (2/4 Seals needed) and return to Crikston.

Crikston now sends you to claim the final two seals.
Head to Permafrost (N) to kill Frostborn III (CONs LB@49), and loot his sword. To find Frostborn III:
From the main entrance of Vox Castle (the bridge), fight past the ice giants and into the first intersection (or invis past). Proceed straight ahead at the intersection and you will come immediately to a large room full of goblins. Wizards/Shamans see through invis! Frostborn III roams throughout these halls off the main room. Keep nukes saved until the end, as he sows and runs at 2 reds; you can quickly be killed by chasing him and getting added.

Take Frostborn III's sword and find the ice throne room, and drive his sword into the ice throne. Frostborn II will spawn, kill and loot Frostcleaver (3/4 seals needed).
Map of Permafrost
Directions: You can find the ice throne and Frostborn II by exiting the castle and going to the side entrance that is guarded by giants. Invis your group and proceed in. If you stick to the left all the way, you will come to a hallway that appears to be a dead end. But it is in fact a cloth curtain that covers the hallway. When you pass through the curtain invis will be useless, and you will be faced with a Voxite Mage (CONs Yel to Red). Do not loot these when you kill them or they will respawn and cause you trouble. After, clearing that room, invis again, and proceed through the back exit. From the back exit, proceed through the room, and into the throne room. Once in the throne room\ move immediately to the wall at the foot of the throne. Have the person holding the sword from Frostborn III walk up to the throne. A pop-up will appear and if you respond that you are ready and place the sword into the slot, Frostborn II (CONs yellow@49) will spawn. Kill, loot Frostcleaver (3/4 SEALS), and RH out, or fight you way out.

Go to Anu Village (NE), in the north wall of the zone, there is a broken bridge and the remains of a fort built into the wall. This is the castle of the Unnamed King. The area starts with a downward tunnel, which ends in ankle deep water. Invis everyone before entering or you will agro the many undead archers and skeletons there.

Once inside, you will need to move to the right side to exit the water area, and then across to the left side to go up the platform. Once you are there, you will see a downward ramp in the middle of the room. Go down this ramp. Once you reach the bottom of the ramp, you will be safe in case invis drops, but do not proceed off of the ramp and into the big room yet.

In this big room area there is a raised Dias in the center. You will see a few mobs (CONs red@49) there. Both Tolo Grimsteel and Ganron Lorebane must be killed and their gems looted in order to call forth the Unnamed King. Once done, move the group to the back right corner (as you face in from the ramp). Have the Quester move to the center back and approach a column there. They will receive a pop-up and the Unnamed King (CONs yellow@49) will appear. Kill the king and loot the unnamed crown (4/4 seals needed).

You are now ready for the final stage, to tackle Parathior.


Bring all four seals to Oransan at the broken tower against the north wall next to a dark broken pillar in the Snowblind Plains (N) (just west of the bear cave). Once Oransan has the seals he will begin the ritual to summon forth Parathior as well as spawn the elder druid Orinas (in bear form). It will take about five minutes for Parathior to spawn. He will drop from the sky and appear up on the mountainside and slowly walk down and attack.

Immediately speak to the bear Orinas and choose your Epic weapons and then prepare to fight.

Your group should stay down the hill behind the tree to avoid the Aoe. Kill Parathior and loot an ice chunk.

Return to Crikston Gundlefop in Highpass. He will take the ice chunk, claiming he can send it to the moon.
He will send you to an NPC (diff for all classes) to determine what your Lvl 49 Path ability will be. Pay attention to who he sends you to!

Your NPC will congratulate you and send you on a small task. Your task will be to visit three people. These people represent your 20, 30 and 40 quests. Each will give you a note of approval naming the path ability you chose at 20, 30 and 40 respectively. Once you have all of these notes, return to this NPC for your choice of lvl 49 path specific ability.

Note: for Bards you are seeking Kaldesh Illinor who can be found in the tavern in FP

You will receive 45,558,313 xp, your path ability and:
Paladin: Epic Divinesword OR Epic Warhammer
Cleric: Epic Hammer OR Epic Mace
Wizard: Epic Rod OR Epic Staff
Bard: Epic Rapier x 2 OR Epic Saber x 2


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