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Path Quests

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Path Quests

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:21 pm

Quest Name: Group 3, Level 30

NPC: Daresh
Location: Murnf

Requirements: Lvl 30 and completion of your Level 20 path quest.

Head to Murnf and speak with Daresh, who is upstairs in the building west of the coach (for ease of quest completion, bind in Murnf). You are to find out everything you can from someone who works for an evil man named Bardif (without Bardif himself becoming aware of your enquiries) and about his kidnapped son Tarlin.

Go to Qeynos to speak with Bardif's butler, Mergmar; to find him, from the main gate, head west, then west again, south thru the long hall, the first east door. He sends you to a contact in Highpass.

Seek a dark elf named Pwin. Pwin can be found in the north section of HP, standing in the corral (the non-coach exit). Speak with him and report back to Daresh.

The Jailor
Daresh tells you that he now understands that Pwin is associated with a small orc stronghold in Hate Spike. The Jailor there probably held the kidnapped boy overnight. You'll need to kill and loot the Jailor.
*Head to Mt. Hate Spike (the Last Inn) (w). From the DM coach, go to the river and run north, upon entering the Hate Spike zone go west up the first valley with snow and you will find the Bloodfoot stronghold. The Jailor (CONs db@30) is found down the ramp, to the right at the end of the hallway, on the rightside of the cavern. He is always up, not a triggered spawn. Kill, loot the unintelligible note and return to Daresh. Bloodfoot BANDITS see through invis.

Daresh now sends you to an Inn, where a messenger of Bardif is waiting to be taken to Tarlin for an update on his progress. The player is told to give him money. The messenger is in Lost Watch Fort and his name is Ricser.
*The fort can be found by coaching to Wyndhaven, and running north five minutes along the road (Wynd NW). Pay Ricser 1600 tunar and return to Daresh.

Daresh says that the note has finally been read, and it says that Tarlin was taken to the Green Rift and met with Ziliq who needed to verify that the job had been done. You will need to speak with a warrior who knows the Desert of Ro (Kipcah), but in order to speak with him, you'll need to show him Ziliq's ring.
Ziliq CONs db@30, and is located in The Green Rift (w) - coach to Bobble-by-Water and head west (have sow, it's a long run). Ziliq is a member of the house of Gal'Saris, and is found in the temple built into the side of the rift. Kill him, loot his Ring of Gal'Saris, and head out to find Kipcah.

Coach to FP, head out the the north gate (blacksmith) and head west towards the stronghold of Marr's Fist (Temple of Light(S)). As soon as you enter the temple CON in the center, you will find Kipcah. He says he will help you, but first you must help him. A deathfist lookout took his spyglass and has it in one of their camps, please get it back for him.

* You can find the Deathfist Lookout(CONs yellow@30) by heading southwest from Kipcah into Deathfist Forge(NE). He is in one of the huts. Kill, loot the spyglass, and return to Kipcah.
* Kipcah says his spyglass is broken and sends you to Gligbin in Klick'Anon to get a new glass for it. Gligbin is next to a wagon, on the right, as soon as you enter through the white gate (no tunar required). Return the repaired spyglass to Kipcah and he will reveal where Tarlin is being held by the orcs.
* Kipcah sends you to the orc fort to kill Urtwar (CONs red@30) and free Tarlin. To find the camp, head to Deathfilst Forge (S), s/w from Kipcah. Urtwar is up the ramp to the right at the top, with Tarlin. Invis to get in, you'll have to kill the cleric part way up (sees through invis). Kill Urtwar, loot the orc shackle key, and speak with Tarlin to free him.

10. Return to Daresh. You will be rewarded with:
7,890,859 xp, path ability, and an item:
Druid: Mishtur's book OR stormchaser
Magician: Sifarus wand OR staff of Dooog
Monk: Swiftclaw OR resounding staff
Ranger: springwind OR sapoak club


Quest Name: Group 3, Level 40

NPC: Daresh
Location: Murnf

Requirements: Lvl 40 and completion of your Level 30 path quest.

Speak with Daresh, who advises you that Bardif's son Tarlin returned from the kidnapping angry and set on revenge. Tarlin has left the Druid training and has taken up the necromancer arts to seek power for his revenge. Bardif holds the druids responsible for Tarlin's actions and wants amends.

You are sent to Qeynos, to pay Bardif 3000 tunar. To find Bardif; enter main entrance to Qeynos, enter the main hall and turn left, run to the end of the hall and enter the side room on your left, Bardif is in the first house on the right, second floor.
NOTE TO ALL WEREFORMS; beware of Julie Tanner, werehunter, she patrols Qeynos hall, and walks by Bardif's house.

Bardif sends you to talk to Mergmar for more information, who is downs stairs from Bardif. Mergmar advises that Tarlin and Bardif had a big fight when he got back. Tarlin blames Bardif for the kidnapping and has told Bardif to watch his back. Mergmar tells you that once Tarlin mentioned to him that he liked floating towers and there is one in the north he liked very much. Return to Daresh.

Daresh will now send you to Wyndhaven to find bandits located in some ruins in the hills; he thinks they are involved with Tarlin and wants you to obtain proof.
Head out to Wyndhaven to kill Tarlin's Bandits (CONs LB to DB). From Wyndhaven coach run east and you'll see a large fort up on top of a large hill (head to the big ravine, this is the base of the mountain). The bandits are in this fort, in the two towers (CONS db and lb@40). You may need to kill several bandits to get the note to drop. The roaming wildlife is a pain, some con lb, any buffing pulls all the greens onto you.
Kill, loot the note, and return to Daresh.

The note says that Tarlin is going to send an assassin after Bardif. Daesh sends the player to catch and stop the assassin. Head to Qeynos, but buff up before entering Bardif's dwelling, as soon as you enter you are attacked (assassin CONs db@40). Kill, loot the dagger, and return to Daresh.

Three Messengers
Once you return the dagger to Daresh he thanks you and advises he has discoved that Tarlin has sent messengers with notes to three different groups of people to gain support and forces. Daresh tasks you with intercepting the messengers and retrieving the notes. You are sent to kill three Tarlin's Agents (CONs yellow@40), all are triggered spawns.

1. The first agent is at Blacktongue Orcs in Ferran's Hope(C ), he spawns in near the center of the village. Be careful of adds.
2. Second is at Deathfist Citadel zone, in the Citadel its self. He spawns ither near the throne, or at the bottom of one of the ramps leading up to the throne room.
3. Third is at Great Waste (NE) in side of the main building there.
Kill all three, loot their notes, and return to Daresh.

Necromatic Gems
Now Daresh wants you to obtain two powerful Necro items that Tarlin is seeking for power.You are sent to kill two Mobs, Vahk'Kiv and Daglader, to loot their necromantic gems.

A) Vahk'Kiv, a froglok necromancer (CONs Yel@40) in Guk (S). Use Invis to enter the froglok dungeons. Be careful exploring, there are areas with high level mobs! Kill and loot gem of night.
Here are the best, written directions I could come up with to help you!
D=Down ramp, N=North, S=South, E=East, W=West.
At Guk(S); Go E into entrance, D, N to room with raised-round walkway, W, D, N, W to a room with four pillars, N, D, E, S, E, N, D, N, D, N over a small bridge, E, N and W to a passageway with swampy water in the middle and a dropoff at the end, N to a 2nd dropoff, at the bottom is the necromancer Vahk'Kiv.
Map of Guk Dungeon

B) Daglader, a lvl 42 skeletal bat like creature in the Throne Room. (CONs red@40) in the Tomb of the Kings (TOK). The areas you will pass thru has mobs that sees Invis. If you move slow, you maybe able to fight these one at a time. Kill him and loot his Rune of Corspes.
Note: Directions to find TOK.
From FP coach, run north along mountain, when that mountain chain ends, keep going north, you will come to another mountain chain (east-west). You should see a cleavage in this mountain, enter. Use Invis, follow the valleys, making right turns as you go. At the end of these valleys they split, the one on the right dead ends, the other leads to TOK.
At TOK; Go N into entrance, N, W thru tunnel, E, S, E, N, E, take 1st N, W, take 1st N, take 2nd W, N, E into tunnel which takes you to the Throne Room where Daglader is. You can pull him into tunnel with you to fight, the other mobs won't argo.
Map of Tomb of Kings

After killing both Vahk'Kiv and Daglader, loot their gems and return to Daresh.

Tarlin's Guards
Daresh sends you to try to talk some sense into Tarlin. From Wyndhaven coach, run north to Bogman Village (SE), Tarlin will spawn under the floating tower. Watch out for wildlife. Once you begin to talk to Tarlin, he spawns his guards to attack you. Don't bother reading what he says, his guards are not polite and won't wait for you to finish. Three lvl 40 thugs spawn, kill and return to Daresh (it doesn't matter if you live or die).

Daresh rewards you! You will receive:
14,919,719 xp and:
Druid: inflame and inlaid unicorn horn OR verdant health and silver-banded club
Magician: earthen mark and icecrystal totem OR fiery pebble and crystalized tome
Monk: iron stance and pinewood tonfa OR eagle stance and silver-studded staff
Ranger: hawk eye and jadesteel katana OR shockblade and mithril kama


Quest Name: Group 3, Level 49

NPC: Daresh
Location: Murnf

Requirements: Lvl 49 and completion of your Level 40 path quest.

*NOTE Ensure you have plenty of space in your inventory! Save everything that any NPC gives you until you have your FINAL rewards and your FINAL Path ability! Once you get approved for your three paths choices, then you can safely delete all those useless items!

Coach to Murnf and talk to Daresh, he is on the second floor in a building west of coach. Bind in Murnf. He wants three NPCs dead.

Arifr Beguile
Coach to Gunter's Mines, run north to the first cave, at the back of the right tunnel is Beguile (CONs blue). He has a pet. If you did the 47 quest, then the Minos will be friendly to you, however, if you attack Beguile, and you do it with a pet, the Minos will attack! They don't like pets. Kill, loot Arifr's robe, return to Daresh.

Malitor Weatherskin
Coach to Hazinak, run north to Elemental Towers(C). There is a large hill populated with lots of Fire Elementals, Weatherskin(CONs Yel) is north of this hill. His hill has a druid stonehenge on it, and he is in the center of that. He has a pet. Kill, loot his robe, return to Daresh.

Yaymz Searingtouch
Coach to GM run southeast to Cazic Thule(C). He is on of the eastern most temple out in the water (within site of the wizard port to CT). There are Tae Ew Crusaders guards you need to kill first, they have Harm Touch! Kill, loot his robe, return to Daresh.

Now that you have killed all of Tarlin's friends Daresh then sends you to get three ciphers.

Elephant Graveyard, Cipher1
Coach to GM, run east to Elephant Graveyard(W). Look for a centaur village that has an elder. The village is next to canyons that make the Eye camps. Just run towards the centaur village at the base of a hill and you'll get the popup. Return to Daresh.

Sea of Lions, Cipher2
Coach to Oasis, run south to Sea of Lions(C). Find a large hole and go down into it. Face the north tunnel. The tunnel to the right of it is the one you want. Go in and take first right. This puts you into a room of antlion larva(CONs LB), these also sees invis! Kill larva while making way towards the rear area of room to trip the cipher popup. Return to Daresh.

Box Canyons, Cipher3
Daresh sends you to get one last cipher. Coach to Oasis, and run north to Box Canyons(S), enter the canyon from the south. Stay on the side of the canyon walls to aviod nasties, Infernal Drakes see invis! Make your way to the back of the canyon. Find the cave system entrance that leads to Skahyir, the PoS dragon. Directly across from this cave entrance is a pit where the cipher Guardian(CONs Yel) is. If you stay on the canyon walls you can make your way to behind the Guardian! Map of Box Canyon. Kill, loot, return to Daresh.

Tarlin's Floating Tower
Now that Daresh has all the Cipher's he wants you to kill Tarlin. He sends you to Sorroian for a teleport gem. Coach to Wyndhaven,
run north to Bogman VIllage(E), and buy teleport gem, for 5000, from Sorroian. This gem has 99 charges on it, it will transport you and your group into Tarlin's tower.

Run to the floating tower, Bogman Village(SE), and use the gem to teleport you up. You will appear on the top floor. Head down and kill the guard(CONs Blu), then kill Tarlin and his pet (CONs Yel). Kill, loot his robe and return to Daresh. You are sent to Archmagus Terathin now.

To Summon Chardith
Note: If possible tag around with someone else doing this quest and get all your drops @ the same time. For the person doing the quest, it takes a while for the Archmagus to spawn and talk each time (can take over an hour to complete), BUT, if you collect all your drops ahead of time (sun,moon,and star phylactery, and Chardith bone) the magus will advance you through the entire quest in 2 minutes.

Coach to Oasis, run southwest to Takish Hiz(SW). You will find a large city, stay on the outskirts and make your way to the south part. On the east side, find a building with a blue neon lighting bolt sign, with a ramp up, and then a ramp down into a basement, and enter it. Star Knights will pop invis, and stone gnomes are KoS to evil peeps!

Once in the basement, head north to find Archmagus Terathin. He will tell you the world is doomed, keep speaking to him and agree to help him destroy the Magi. Speak with him when you are ready, and chose a Magus to face (it does not matter which order you chose them). After you chose, Terathin despawns the existing magus, if it's up, and respawns the quest version (ie. you cannot kill the magi in advance of speaking to Terathin).

Head to the corridor that spawns the sun knights (enchanted armour). You can either clear out the top room, to make your way below to the Sun Magus or invis and run down to the lower ramp. Either way, set up on the lower ramp, kill the Sun Magi and loot the sun phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will. Speak with Terathin to chose the next Magi to destroy.

Now head to the room with the star wisps. You can either clear out the top room, to make your way below to the Star Magus or invis and run down to the lower ramp. Either way, set up on the lower ramp, kill the Star Magi and loot the star phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will. Speak with Terathin to chose the next Magi to destroy.

Head to the corridor that spawns the moon wraiths. These sometimes see through invis, so it's recommended to carefully pull and empty the top room keeping boxes fresh. Set up on the lower ramp, kill the Moon Magi and loot the moon phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will.

Now that you've turned in the three phylacteries, Terathin will then ask you to open the jeweled chest behind him and choose your epic weapon. Terathin will give a history token to the player and ask him to speak with him again once you've chosen. Once you've chosen your weapon you cannot choose another.

Speak with Terathin again to begin the ritual of summoning Lord Chardith. This involves a small scripted event where a Dwarf comes forward and sacrifices himself so that Chardith may be summoned. Get ready to fight. Chardith should spawn while Terathin despawns. Kill Lord Chardith and loot one "Bone of Chardith".

Return to Daresh. He will send you to an NPC (diff for all classes) to determine what your Lvl 49 Path ability will be. Pay attention to who he sends you to!

Your NPC will congratulate you and send you on a small task. Your task will be to visit three people. These people represent your 20, 30 and 40 quests. Each will give you a note of approval naming the path ability you chose at 20, 30 and 40 respectively. Once you have all of these notes, return to this NPC for your choice of lvl 49 path specific ability.

* Druids go to Rivervale.
You will receive 45,558,313 xp
Druid: Oak staff of eilerawdl OR triad scimitar
Magician: crystalmana crosier OR rod of elemental union
Monk: ascendant staff OR sunsilver blade
Ranger: pure emerald longsword [2] OR scimitar of fury [2]


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