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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:23 pm

Quest Name: Group 6, Level 30
NPC: Count Luvincius
Location: Oasis

Requirements: Lvl 30 and completion of your Level 20 path quest.

Talk to Count Luvincius to log your quest, he is at top of Resenthorn Tower in Oasis, on the island in the middle of the river. He asks you to prove yourself by finding Quatzi and purchasing some goods from him.

Quatzi is just outside, near the dark tower by the beach, exit the tower, he is on your left near the shore. Purchase 3 vials of gypsy blood for 1584 and return to Luvincius.

Luvincius sends you to Talknar, in Dark Solace, he is outside the drow enclave, near a rock. He will tell you about how the goblins have been attacking anyone they see, even though they have a pact with them to leave each other alone.

He sends you to kill a Goblin Messenger (CONs wht@30), which can be found by heading due NE from Talknar, over a hill, you will see the actual "crossroads". This goblin spawns (triggered) without warning near a tree where all the roads meet. Kill him and loot the gobling message; return to Talknar.

The Ambassador's
Talknar sends you to Gungar Guglar, he is in a outpost outside Grobb, just west of the coach. Gungar sends you to Tracker Jugl, who is very close to Gungar, standing near a stump with his dog Bloodseeker. Tracker Jugl sends you to kill Ambassador Kreek and Ambassador Luj'Nak, who can be found outside of Guk, if you face the stone entrance to Guk, you'll need to climb up on top of the left wall. The Ambassador's are triggered on the top of the left one, just climb up the hill. Even though they con light blue, they're casters... so you may need help. Kill, loot the goblin and froglok treaties and head back to Gungar. Gungar then tells you to return to Luvincius.

Count Luvincius is unhappy that the goblins have broken the pact and sends you to kill Gut Ripper as a warning to Chik'Nar, the goblin King. Gut Ripper CONs DB@30, can be found in Alseop's Wall, inside the goblin's Darkwood Lair cave. Invis in, stay to the right, 2nd tunnel on the right, into Cookie's room, hang a left then straight back. Guards CONs LB. Best way to kill Gut is to have your pet ready and buffed up with you and your pet invised, enter room with Gut, climb up the ramp and stand right next to Gut. Have your pet attack while you stay invis. You may get one ADD, but at least the two LB guards below won't argo up! Of course, if you're an SK, you'll just have to slowly clear the room first. Kill, loot, return to Luvincius.

Luvincius will give you 7,890,859xp and:
Magician: wolfbane staff OR wolf bone totem
Necromancer: bone totem of the worlf OR sickle of the worlf
Shadowknight: claymore of the shadow wolf OR partisan of wolf slaying


Quest Name: Group 6, Level 40
NPC: Count Luvicious
Location: Oasis

Requirements: Lvl 40 and completion of your level 30 path quest

Talk to Count Luvicious in Resenthorn Tower in Oasis. He will send you to Quatzi, right outside the tower by the shore, to buy a vial of Elven blood for 2766 tunar. Return to Luvicious.

Goblin Attackers-Honjour
Luvicious then sends you to talk to Captain Opak in Honjour, he is in the s/e part of the fort. Opak will explain to you about the goblins and frogloks and ask you to speak with Watcher Gabnu in the top of a tower to the south. The tower is straight south of town. Speak with Watcher Gabnu. After speaking Guard Gabnu, three waves of mobs will spawn. The goblin elites (CON grn@40), the froglok elites (CONs Wht@40), and the Captain. Kill and loot all mobs, until you loot one Glowing Silver Shard, ntl. Speak again with Watcher Ganu, then head north back to Honjour to talk to Captain Opak.

Captain Opak gives you a note, and tell you to take it and any looted items back to Count Luvincius at Rosenthorn Tower in Oasis. You are commended on a job well done, but asks you to make your way to the otupost of Kerplunk; it appears that the frogloks are attacking there too.

Goblin Attackers-Kerplunk
Seek out Elder Pugnug in Kerplunk Outpost (in centre of village, near coach). Elder Pugnug wants you to kill Da Snapper (CONs WHT), in revenge for eating one of their villagers. Da Snapper spawns in the nearby lake. Kill, loot a half-eaten note, a chunk of mysterious ore, and the corpse of Grub, and return to Pugnug. Pugnug will notice that Grub is not totally dead and heal him. Return to Luvicious with the other items.

Froglok Tactician
Luvincious says you will need to kill the cause of all this fuss, the froglok tactician. To find Chareek the Tactician (CONs Red@40) head to the Guk dungeons. He is near the bottom levels on the 'living side', so you will need invs to move about safely. Map of Guk-Tactian. When you find him clear the room first, as there are 2 Brutes (CONs wht), 2 Knights (CONs LB), and a couple others that patrols the area (CONs LB). All of which will mob you when you start the attack.
The Tactician will be standing there, and is unattackable, you must speak with him first to respawn a killable version. Kill him and loot everything he drops (including head and hide). Return to Luvicious.

Luvicious rewards you with 14,919,719xp and:
Magician: fiery pebble OR earthen mark
Necromancer: blood storm OR power storm
Shadowknight: bloodleech OR grim tower


Quest Name: Group 6, Level 49
NPC: Count Luvincius
Location: Oasis

Requirements: Lvl 49 and completion of your Level 40 Path ability

Note: Make room in your inventory. You will receive several items for this quest. You must carry each and every one of these items on you in order to trigger certain spawns, and to get certain NPC's to speak with you. Once you have chosen your path weapon and received your path ability etc. you can can safely delete any leftover quest items in your inventory.

Talk to Count Luvincius, at Resenthorn Tower in Oasis. He tells you about Lord Chardith and asks you to collect three ciphers. He gives you the Tome of Anikhius and tells you to talk to Elimandared about the ciphers.

1. Cipher of the Sun: Elimandared
Elimandared can be found in Ethernal Desert(W). To find Elimandared easily head directly north from Oasis until you get to the tower that you received you level 43 quests, from there, head west till you see a small hill with dimly lit ruins on it.

Talk to Elimandared, who will then test you by summoning Tubrenzalana (caster) for you to fight (CONs red@49). She has a Area of Effect spell and casts it more than once per battle. Pretty tough to solo. Kill Tubrenzalana, loot her staff and then speak again with Elimandared. She will give you the stone of Elves and have you go to Fayspires to buy a rune of water from Aalean Mardum (in the guild on the left, second floor to the left). The player will use the stone to turn into an Elf. The stone has numerous charges that last talk to you. Buy the Rune of Water for 3200 tunar and take it back to Elimandared.

Elimandared gives you the Cipher of the Sun (1/3) and tells you to travel to Sarek's Tower.

2. Cipher of the Moon: Vaeloficint the Wise
Speak with Vaeloficint, who resides at Saerk's Tower(C) at the top of the west tower.

Vaeloficint gives you the script of the moon and sends you to Cazic Thule(N) to find Inspector Xelebb in the main temple. Go down to the pyramid, and look around the base. Inspector Xalebb is a big floating eye; and his is unattackable until you speak with him; he will then respawn as attackable. Kill him and loot his rubicitic charm and return to Vaeloficint.

Vaeloficint gives you the Cipher of the moon (2/3) and sends you to Highpass Hold.

3. Cipher of the Star: Historian Hesslen
Speak with Historian Hesslen, he's in the room where the original bank is, under the ramp leading up to the second floor. Historian Hesslen will tell you that you need to collect some things for him before he will trust you. First, he sends you to Box Canyons(SE) to kill Overlord Frank. Go inside the canyons, via the southern entrance in the (SE) section [run s/w from MTG, not Oasis].

Look for a camp of Takish type of bandits. Overlord Frank is a triggered spawn, and will spawn in the centre of the camp when you get close. I stress, you must get VERY close to the camp for him to spawn. And, sometimes it is hard to CON him unless you are very close to the camp. He is a easy kill, but he heals fully once. Kill him, loot his ring and return to Historian Hesslen.

Hesslen sends you to Kill Xannasu, a treant in the Enchanted Forest, which can be found in Sycamore Joy's Rest(C). Look for a big, green bubble. To reduce adds, pull treant outside of the bubble. Kill, loot the branch and return to Historian Hesslen.
*NOTE* Xannasu is a trigger-spwan, to trigger Xannasu to spawn one must pass through the Gate (twin pillars) while uninvised! The gate has two guards by each pillar. This 'two pillar gate' is outside of the bubble, and a little ways away!

Hesslen sends you back to Box Canyons to kill a giant called Lantik(CONs Yel@49). Enter the canyon from the northern entrance, take a series of left turns though the canyons. Kill, loot his bracers and return to Historian Hesslen. The cave you want is the 2nd one, as you approach the cave Lantik will spawn.
**NOTE** Lantik is a trigger spawn, so no prequest looting.

Finally Hesslen is satisfied, and gives you the Cipher of the Star, and sends you to talk to Count Luvincius, he tells you that you are to speak with Archmagus Terathin, who can be found in Takish Hiz(SW).

To Summon Chardith
Note: If possible tag around with someone else doing this quest and get all your drops @ the same time. For the person doing the quest, it takes a while for the Archmagus to spawn and talk each time (can take over an hour to complete), BUT, if you collect all your drops ahead of time (sun,moon,and star phylactery, and Chardith bone) the magus will advance you through the entire quest in 2 minutes.

Coach to Oasis, run southwest to Takish Hiz(SW). You will find a large city, stay on the outskirts and make your way to the south part. On the east side, find a building with a blue neon lighting bolt sign, with a ramp up, and then a ramp down into a basement, and enter it. Star Knights will pop invis, and stone gnomes are KoS to evil peeps!

Once in the basement, head north to find Archmagus Terathin. He will tell you the world is doomed, keep speaking to him and agree to help him destroy the Magi. Speak with him when you are ready, and chose a Magus to face (it does not matter which order you chose them). After you chose, Terathin despawns the existing magus, if it's up, and respawns the quest version (ie. you cannot kill the magi in advance of speaking to Terathin).

Head to the corridor that spawns the sun knights (enchanted armour). You can either clear out the top room, to make your way below to the Sun Magus or invis and run down to the lower ramp. Either way, set up on the lower ramp, kill the Sun Magi and loot the sun phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will. Speak with Terathin to chose the next Magi to destroy.

Now head to the room with the star wisps. You can either clear out the top room, to make your way below to the Star Magus or invis and run down to the lower ramp. Either way, set up on the lower ramp, kill the Star Magi and loot the star phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will. Speak with Terathin to chose the next Magi to destroy.

Head to the corridor that spawns the moon wraiths. These sometimes see through invis, so it's recommended to carefully pull and empty the top room keeping boxes fresh. Set up on the lower ramp, kill the Moon Magi and loot the moon phylactery. Return to Archmagus Terathin. He will only speak to you at 15 minute intervals, so if he is not up, or won't talk to you, don't panic, he will.

Now that you've turned in the three phylacteries, Terathin will then ask you to open the jeweled chest behind him and choose your epic weapon. Terathin will give a history token to the player and ask him to speak with him again once you've chosen. Once you've chosen your weapon you cannot choose another.

Speak with Terathin again to begin the ritual of summoning Lord Chardith. This involves a small scripted event where a Dwarf comes forward and sacrifices himself so that Chardith may be summoned. Get ready to fight. Chardith should spawn while Terathin despawns. Kill Lord Chardith and loot one "Bone of Chardith".

Return to Count Luvincius.He will send you to an NPC (diff for all classes) to determine what your Lvl 49 Path ability will be. Pay attention to who he sends you to!

Your NPC will congratulate you and send you on a small task. Your task will be to visit three people. These people represent your 20, 30 and 40 quests. Each will give you a note of approval naming the path ability you chose at 20, 30 and 40 respectively. Once you have all of these notes, return to this NPC for your choice of lvl 49 path specific ability.
Necromancers: In the Counts tower, head down to the bottom floor to find your npcs
Shadowknights: Top of a tower in Zentar's Keep

You will receive 45,558,313 xp, your path ability and:
Magician: crystalmana crosier OR rod of elemental union
Necromancer: rod of consuming hatred OR sickle of Avhi Escron
Shadowknight: beheader of Isthiak OR downfall


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