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Good Tank

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Good Tank

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:41 pm

First of all, I would like to thank the devs for an extremely fun quest.

Speak to Paladin Talimus (Thedruke NE) He sends you to FP to stop some bandits. They spawn just outside the North entrance by the signpost on the road. Be sure to have 200 tunar on you. When they spawn, be sure to get two pop-ups that they have stolen 100 tunar from you twice. (they don't agro). Kill the named bandit and loot the coin purse. Return to Paladin Talimus.

Paladin Talimus sends you to Diren Hold to speak to Jakai and learn about justice. (Fort on top of the mountain). Jakai sends you in search of 3 items. 2 swords and a ring. All items are obtained from the chests at the siren camps. Farm keys to open chests. If you farm a key that doesn't open the chests, don't delete it. It will open a chest at another location.

Ring - Vastly Deep (E)

Sword - West Toxx (SW)

Sword - Kerra Isle (SW)

***NOTE: While in sirens, kill the Plagued Siren and loot it's gland. You'll need this later to debuff "An Ancient Corpse"***

Each camp contains eight mobs - two sets of four - with a treasure chest located (blank con) in the middle of each set. Farming the sirens will yield a NTL key. Farm sirens until you have all 3 waterlogged keys (if you go to loot one and it says you already have it in your inventory, then it is the 'same' waterlogged key as you already have. keep farming until you have all 3 waterlogged keys in your inventory).

Once you have all 3 keys, try the keys at each different Siren Camp to open the chests.

Return to Jakai with all three items.

Jakai sends you to pass judgment on Calidux at Qeynos Prison (bottom of the main building). Speak to Calidux and he tells you his version of things and about an undead menace. He give you a choice to either find a toxic gland for a debuff potion or to simply slay the beast. If you choose to find the gland it drops off a rare span (plagued siren) in Kerra Isle (SW). Return to Calidux with it.

***Highly recommend getting this debuff potion***

If you chose to slay him, you can still obtain the debuff potion by farming the gland and returning it to Calidux.

The undead Menace is a mob named 'An Ancient Corpse' and is located in Basher's Enclave (N). This mob is on a trigger and despawns after 20 minutes or so if not engaged. You can re-trigger him by returning to Calidux and choosing 'I failed he's nowhere in sight'. He respawns in about a half hour. Debuffed this mob still resists most all nukes so better to have petters. Tank, healer, and several petters take him out with no problem. This mob was about as easy as Graal the Leviathan. This mob Buffed will require a raid party. He drops 4 NTL items. Loot and return to Calidux.

Calidux then proceeds to whip your ass! He is easily 1 grp'd (don't try to solo, he doesn't do much damage, but when he casts his pet you are toast). He drops 2 NTL items. Loot and return to Jakai for 30 Mil xp and 10K tunar. You will return to Jakai for epicsode 3.


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