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Good Healer

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Good Healer

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:42 pm

Speak with Ruddish the devout - Spider Mines (S/SW border), on the river bank.

He sends you to Tak'Xiv (C) to slay Sothimus the Brigand. Once there, you will find a camp of Desert Marauders / Pillagers / Henchmen. These enemies hit considerably hard; a tank with high AC and AGI is required - even then, the damage will range from around 250 to 400 per strike. Continue to farm them - one to three hours; until Sothimus the Brigand spawns. Healers need only to be in the kill group, for the AoE flag, in order to advance their quest. No items are needed.

Return to Ruddish after your quest has been advanced.

He now sends you to procur three toxic glands - one of air, one of sea, and one of land. All three of these mobs con red to 60, and require minimal help to kill.

-- AIR - Plagued Forest Drake - South Toxxulia, near Shrixiv, allegedly farm millipedes to spawn, but Yado finds that the fastest way to spawn a Plagued Forest Drake is to kill the Rancid Murkwoods.
coglin comments: I do know if you have to kill wild life to spawn it it's easiest to do in (N) and (NE) subzones.

-- SEA - Plagued Siren - Farm the Enchanting Sirens in The Vastly Deep (E), West Toxxulia (SW), or Kerra Isle (SW)

-- LAND - Plagued Kobold Hunter - roams in Stonebrunt Mountains (C), (S), & (SW)

Return to Ruddish with the three toxic glands.

Ruddish will now fuse the glands to form a Rune of the Plagued. After he gives it to you, he sends you to Odus to figure out what it is for. Upon inspection of the item, you see this:

"...evarg yretaw sih ot mih nruter dna ekal eht morf erutaerc degniw eht kees..."

It appears to be scrambled nonsense, but it is really this backwards:

"Seek the winged creature from the lake and return him to his watery grave"

Using this Rune of the Plagued, head to Stonebrunt Mountains (C) to search for a popup. It can be found on near the eastern entrance to the Grizz Cave, near a large rock along the northern shore of the lake. To find the lake, bear right (East) around the large central mountain and continue North until you see it. Once you receive the popup, the rune will be replaced with an unscrambled one.

Return to Ruddish with the unscrambled rune.

Ruddish will now send you to trigger a dragon, Cyrcalis, in Stonebrunt Mountains. He gives you two options for killing the Dragon:

-- Seek the runes, scattered throughout Tunaria and Odus, so as to debuff the creature...
(TY Shorte & Coglin)
Rune of the Frost - Goblins, North Wilderlands & TFGs, perma (don't confuse it for frost rune, which drops from tfg's and will appear in misc in your inventory; it's blue coloured. Rune of Frost is a brown rune and will appear in your Tradeskills section of inventory)
Rune of Poison - Treant prisoners, Guardian Forest (NW)
Rune of Fire - Animated Lava/Basilisks, Lavastorm [epic mobs are marked; see legend at bottom]
Rune of Lightening - Froglocks in Burial Mounds and Guk
Note (TY Shorte and Wickedlyrics):
You don't need all four runes, as you can only combine 3 different runes for debuffing him. Different combinations will take away the nukes for those runes (ie. using the FR rune means he can't nuke with fire, using the Frost means he can't nuke with ice, etc.).
You don't even need all three, if you think you have a strong enough force. For instance, combining the LR and FR runes makes the “Rune of Searing Electricity" which will take away his ability to nuke with LR/FR. In this case, just let your tank know to ensure his PR and CR are maxed as those would be the 'undebuffed' nukes.

-- Simply mobilize with a strong force...
Two to three groups are required for an effective kill.

Return back to Stonebrunt Mountains to the location you received the popup to spawn the dragon. The dragon drops four (4) NO TRADE LORE items.

Return to Ruddish for your reward of 30 million xp and 10k tunar.


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