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Good Caster

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Good Caster

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:59 pm

Ok start off talking to Magi in Element Towers(w), he tells you to stop bandit problems in FP. Go to FP, out the northgate (by the blacksmith) and wait for the 3 bandits to spawn. Make sure you have 500 tunar on you so they can pick your pockets (otherwise you won't get the popup). The spawn time is variable, the 3 bandits walk from the north gate, through FP, and out by the coach, then despawn. That is all the time you have to assemble your group and kill them. If you get the popup etc. but don't succeed, don't worry, you can just wait for the next respawn and try again. You don't need to kill all 3 bandits, just the one in the middle (the brigand), and loot his coinpurse. NOTE: you must be in the KS group for the brigand to advance your quest.

Return to the Magi, he will tell you to get 3 gems to summon Vylimuza.

To get the 3 gems you will need 6 fragments in all
* 3 are random drops off Enchanting Sirens in Kerra(sw), West Toxx(sw), and the Vastly Deep(e);
* you'll need to loot 3 keys from the Sirens to open the Chests which is where you will find the other three gems. The easiest way to get your keys is to keep farming sirens until you have three keys in your inventory, then travel to each of the three siren locations and open your chests.
* note on farming sirens: a tank has a hard time at sirens due to their mana sucking power. The easiest way is a 3 pet group with resist cleric - you can send the pets right in, they won't aggro the sirens beside the one you are killing. Alchs are handy at sirens with their breathe water pots, and Ench are pretty handy if they come with a Rhino :)

In your inventory now, you should have all six fragments:
Logic, Passion, Complacency, Calculation, Motivation, and Restraint.

Now, buy a standard Jeweler kit (any kit) and fuse your gems as follows:
Logic +Calclutaion
Passion + Motivation
Complacency + Restraint

After that you'll have 3 gems, all ready to turn in to the Magi.

When you turn them in, you have to fight Vylimuza of the Tide, Vylimuza crits for 1200 melees for 1020, and has an 1k aoe, and nukes for 363 with very high hp, you'll need a raiding party for this. CR nukes are only nukes (400 with max cr).

After the Tide is dead loot your soul up and turn in.

You'll get 10k, and flagged for last part and 35mill xp.


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