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Evil Tank

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Evil Tank

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:00 pm

1)Talk to Ozmo the Basher to log quest. He sends you to Tak'Xiv (C) to farm Desert Marauders for four sashes. These mobs have huge aggro and hit hard (have high AC), be careful pulling or you'll get added.

2)Ozmo sends you to Neriak (S) just west of the coachman to Tilvyis. Tilvyis sends you to Vastly Deep (E) to farm Enchanting Sirens for a key that will let you loot from their chest a Breastplate of Superiority. Sirens mana tap, easiest way to pull:tank pulls one, and mage pet taunts off, tanks swims away to get next one while group kills. Sirens don't hit hard, so this is simplest way to protect mana and keep pull rate up (way to go Prestosifto!). Have good AR.

3)Then go to Great Waste (N) and farm Taksehir Crystal Runners for Leggings of Superiority.

4)Go back to Tilvyis and hand them in. He'll send you to get Boots of Excellence from any of the TFG camps and ONE Ghostly Goo from Centaur Valley undead camps.

5) Hand those in to Tilvyis. Now he asks you for Gloves of Power and Protection. Farm any of the Animated Lava camps in Lavastorm Mountains SE.

6) Take a group with you when you return to Tilvylis. After you turn in your gloves, you will have to fight him. He will start hitting before you've even finished reading the popups. He hits hard, but is easy with just a group. He respawns, talk (he's actually quite funny). You receive a lvl 65 Breastplate of Superiority- 420AC sta40 and hp100+.

7) Go to Ozmo the Basher, then back to Tilvyis. Talk to him and he sends you to rid Qeynos of a Seaserpent eating all the Neriak spies. Bring a Large force for this, Graal the Leviathan spawns in Qeynos (NW). He can port between water and land, if you don't kill him fast enough and he ports, he heals. You can bind him to either element with a rune farmed from EG.He drops Four NTL scales (Good Melees need this drop as well).

NOTE: You can bind him to either element with a Rune of Earth or Rune of Tide. Rune of Earth binds Graal to land, and can be farmed at EG. Rune of Tide binds Graal to the sea and can be farmed at any of the new Siren camps. Graal is weak against disease spells, and for resists:PR

Turn in the scale to Tilvyis for 24mil xp and 10k tunar.


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