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Evil Healer

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Evil Healer

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:01 pm

The quest starts at Seer Yalgima in Bashers Enclave NE. She tells you to go to Freeport and kill the Bandits and bring back a coinpurse. In fp, a Bandit Henchmen and Brigand will spawn outside the northgate. The spawn time is variable, just park your group there and wait. You must have at least 500 tunar on you for them to steal to get the popup and get flagged. Get close to them (they will not attack), get the popup, then kill them. The Brigand drops the Coinpurse, he drops 3. Loot one, return to Seer Yalgima.

Then she asks you to get her 2 undead souls. The first one can be found in Centaur Valley north of Black Water. Farmed across the river, further down - farmed 4 undead mobs and eventually a wandering spectre (cons red) spawned on top of us. It has the Soul of a Wandering Spectre, ntl. Loot it.

The second souls is in Dead Hills NW, where the PoD portal is. The placeholder to farm is the mob at the south corner of the south tomb. Farm the lb mob there until a Red Derelict Mummy spawns. When you kill him, there is a chance you will spawn a Derelict Mummy's Soul. If he spawns, he'll spawn right on top of you, immediately when the first one dies. Be prepared.
Note: Yado informs us there is another spot you can farm your placeholder in Deadhills (south), again, on a hill with a tomb on top. The ph is the left one.

Then she asks you to go get the plagued gland from the plagued siren..this mob can be found at any of the siren camps in odus. She then tells you she is gonna use the 2 souls you brought her earlier to call out the ancient soul...this mob is found exactly NW of the seer found on a hill between 1 swampy lakes standing by a tree...he looks like a skeletal giant. This mob resists everything except fire based spells.

Notes; Dead hills (S), its a crypt on purplish colored ground, red derelict mummy spawned, soon as he dropped, a dereclit mummy's soul spawned.


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