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Evil Melee

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Evil Melee

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:02 pm

1- Rashiroz the Rogue starts ya off by sending you to kill the bandits that come to the north gate of FP every few hours or so, much like the good caster epic. Evil Melee needs the coin purse dropped by the brigand, and to talk to one of the henchman.

2- Rashiroz the Rogue now tells you that he wants to summon Vylinnuza, and you need to help him get her consciousness. The conscioussness is in three parts, but must be constructed together using six items. To do this step, you will need a jewelry kit (you can have level zero skill in jewelcrafting, so don't worry about being a crafter) and the correct combination of items. If you don't craft them correctly, they will disappear.

The mobs you need to farm are Enchanting Sirens, and there are three camps of them: Vastly Deep (E), Kerra Isle (SW), and West Toxx (SW). Each camp contains two sets of four mobs each, with a treasure chest located (blank con) in the middle of the four. Farming the sirens will yield a NTL key - now, some important notes on the keys.

There are three different types of keys, which are totally indistinguishable. They are all NTL, with the same description and same name. Each different key opens up the chest at a different location, but you cannot tell which one opens which location. The best strategy is just to farm sirens until you have three waterlogged keys in your inventory, then try them each of the three different siren camps (if it says you already have that key in your inventory, then you have the exact same key....keep farming until you can loot three into your inventory).

Here are the six items that an evil melee will need:

a) Fragment of Logic - random drop at all three camps.
b) Fragment of Passion - random drop at all three camps.
c) Fragment of Restraint - random drop at all three camps.
d) Fragment of Calculation - chest reward at Kerra Isle camp.
e) Fragment of Motivation - chest reward at Vastly Deep camp.
f) Fragment of Complacency - chest reward at West Toxx camp.

Now when you have all the items, it's time to craft. Equip a jewelcrafting kit, and make the following combinations:

Complacency - Restraint
Logic - Calculation
Motivation - Passion

You will create three NTL gems - Turquoise, Azure, and Cobalt. The return to the Rashiroz the Rogue, who will give you a NTL equippable robe, which you will use to disguise yourself and trick Magi'Kot in Elemental Towers (W) into summoning for you. Be sure to bring your raid force to Elemental Towers.

3- Raid force? That's right. Magi'Kot despawns and summons up Vylinnuza of the Tide. She walks in from the north, and is a beast of a mob. She crits for 1200, melees for 1020, nukes for 400 (with max CR and LR), AoEs for 1000, and has tons of HPs.

She resists all nukes (to zero!) except lightning, which hits for a reduced amount. At one or two reds left, she begins hitting the tank much harder. You will need 5-8 healers to MT the mob, depending on the build of the tank. Tank must max up CR and LR, and have high AC and AGI.

Killing her gave 860k for a group of 60s, so she must be pretty high level. Kill this boss mob and she will drop four NTL Vylinnuza's Soul items.

Reward is 30millxp and 10k tunar


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