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Evil Caster

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Evil Caster

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:03 pm

Speak to Jen'Tylis in Green Rift (W), standing next to the well, in the Gal'Saris camp.

Upon speaking with him, you are told: "Go to Tak'Xiv West and take out the bandit leader. Take his coins and bring them to me. I'll get it back to Freeport."

Your destination is Tak'Xiv (C), which is immediately west of Oasis. Along the river there, you will find a camp of Desert Marauders / Pillagers / Henchmen. These enemies hit considerably hard, a tank with high AC and AGI is required - even then, the damage will range from around 250 to 400 per strike. Farm these until Sothimus the Brigand spawns. Kill him and loot the coin purse.

*NOTE* Good healers need to be in the kill group, evil casters just need the coin purse.

Return to Jen'Tylis with the coin purse.

He now sends you to procure an Engraved Ring, from the sirens in Odus. Doing this entails your farming one of the following three Enchanting Siren camp locations:

  • Vastly Deep (E)

  • Kerra Isle (SW)

  • West Toxxulia (SW)

Each camp contains eight mobs - two sets of four - with a treasure chest located (blank con) in the middle of each set. Farming the sirens will yield a NTL key. There are three different 'waterlogged keys' - the easiest thing to do is to just farm sirens until you have all three keys, then head to the West Toxxulia (SW) camp and try each key there. One of your three keys will open the chest and yield you your reward.

*NOTE* While in sirens, kill the Plagued Siren and loot it's gland. You'll need this later to debuff "An Ancient Corpse"***

Return to Jen'Tylis with the Engraved Ring.

He now sends you to "...Search out Ualdius's ghost and he will tell you more. I believe he was slain somewhere near the lair of Lady Vox.." Ualdius' ghost roams, on the ice, in right in front of the ice cave entrance to Vox Castle. Ualdius sends you to find and kill Teledic, who is located in Vox Castle.

Proceed through the main entrance to Vox Castle (Bridge). You will come to a room with four (4) passageways - one to the WEST, one to the EAST, and two to the NORTH. Take either one of the NORTH passageways. You will come to a room with a fountain in the center. On the NORTH wall, there are two passageways - one on the far left side, and one on the far right side of that wall. Go through the one on the far right side. Teledic spawns in this hallway, yet periodically roams to several other hallways in the general area. Teledic quads a solid tank for damage between 200 - 300. Be warned though: he has a 500 fire-based DS, a 860 damage fire-based nuke, and several self-heals. Additionally, he has very high AC and AGI. A resist cleric / druid, a tank, and some damage (preferably petters) are necessary.
After killing him, return to Animator Jen'Tylis.

Your instructions: "Travel to the prison in Qeynos. There is a man named Calidux awaiting trial. See if you can either prove his innocence or seal his fate as a condemned man."

Your destination: Qeynos Prison (E), in the dungeon, under the central housing. Calidux is located at the end of the passageway that is next to Ulthud the Wall (bottom of the main building). Upon talking to him, you are told to slay the undead menace, in the swamps of Odus. However, you are really going to Basher's Enclave (N), which is west of Grobb. The mob you need to kill is "An Ancient Corpse".

Apparently Calidux gives you a choice to either find a toxic siren gland for a debuff potion or to simply slay the beast. If you choose to find the gland it drops off a rare spawn (plagued siren) in Kerra Isle (SW). Return to Calidux with it.

*NOTE* Highly recommend getting this debuff potion

If you chose to slay him, you can still obtain the debuff potion by farming the gland and returning it to Calidux.

'An Ancient Corpse' will despawn after 20 minutes if not engaged. If he despawns, go back to Calidux and tell him you couldn't find him, and it will re-trigger the mob in about a half hour.

If you get the debuff potion, 1 group is needed! Due to its high AC / AGI. If you don't get the potion to debuff him, this is a raid quality mob. Four NTL ancient corpe souls drop - take one of them back to Calidux.
NOTE: Did this mob recently with 1 War 1 Sham & 4 Necs and it was easier than most mobs @ 60 camps!

*NOTE* To ensure the debuff goes off, the questor MUST approach AaC until you get a popup. IMPORTANT: NO ONE must engage AaC until after the questor has gotten the popup, if AaC is engaged before the questor receives the popup then the debuff will not work.

You have been betrayed! After acquiring the soul, Calidux reveals his true intentions. He becomes KoS and attacks you. You will need a group to finish him off. After killing him, loot an Alizander's Journal from his corpse, and take it back to Animator Jen'Tylis.

Having learned your lesson about trust, Animator Jen'Tylis rewards you with 30 million experience points and 10,000 tunar.


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