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Good Tank

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Good Tank

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:05 pm

After talking to Jakai, she tells you to speak with Shinlos and follow his instructions, and you find out your character is prejudiced.

Shinlos is right outside of the North Gate of Freeport. Walk out the gate, follow the outside wall west and go straight until you see him. If you get to the giant mountain range, you just passed him up. If you get to the highway men, you're way off.

Only one person can speak to him at a time so If he isnt around, someone is doing this part of the quest.

When you talk to him he tells you to go off and wait in the distance by some palm trees. To get there run NW until you see two palm trees fairly close to each other. If you are at the right trees, you will get a pop up of him telling you to stay there. If you dont get the pop up, keep looking till you do. If you cross the trail/road you've gone too far.

This part involves no fighting so you can come alone. After 15 minutes of waiting by the tree, you'll have an NPC screaming for help. Talk to her and she'll tell you her little brother is missing and will die or something if you dont help. Say no to every request for help or you will fail the quest. After awhile she'll say "He is dead" and leave, wait like 15 minutes for the next event. Next a treasure chest will spawn and you'll get a pop up asking if you want to open it, say no. Once the treasure chest dissappears, wait 15 more minutes for the next event. Finally this demon thing will spawn and ask you to kill him. If he doesn't talk to you, you MUST move closer to it. He says he wont fight back and that he has "great loot", say no once again to everything he asks. Eventually he'll float away and you must wait another 15 minutes before getting another pop up. Once you get the pop up, run back to Shinlos and talk to him.

This part is kind of hard. You must go to Cape Dreg and rescue Shinlos' sister. There are many islands with indigo pirates, you are looking for the island with the giant ship docked infront, leading into a cave. For this part I would recommend that you bring like 15 or 20 people, or as many raging rhinos as you can. Going into the cave there will be a section of the floor you can fall into, do it and you'll land in the room where you should get a pop up saying it seems like someone is hiding in here. Then 5 or 6 things will spawn and attack.
1st wave: Spirits of Syndar's will weak against PR/DR (from what casters said)
2nd wave: Syndar manifestations weak against CR (from what catsers said)
3rd wave: Spirits of Syndar's will weak against FR (from what casters said)
4th wave: Syndar manifestations weak against PR/DR (from what casters said)
5th wave: Syndar incantations (no clue what they r weak against)
*see note below on how to farm Syndar

They range from db to yellow and dont hit very hard on tanks, but have tons of hp. You must hurry and kill them all as quick as possible for you have started a timer that cant be stopped. Whether or not they're dead another wave of 5 or 6 will spawn, harder than the first wave. Repeat until you get "Synder of the Indigo" to spawn. This guy is bad ass, with 4kac he quads for 1k and nukes, MT him, with rhinos he wont be much problem.
Gokukicks says: Synder... debuffs your FR by 125 and has a FR based proc so his quads are very high once he debuffs you but overmax ur FR by 125 and hes a wimp and easy to tank.

Once he is dead, collect his loot, TALK TO HIS GHOST (spawns in the cubby under the ramp; the ghost despawns quickly) and go talk to Shinlos.

Note: if you think you've gotten all the popups, looted the necklace, and the ghost WON'T talk to you, back out of the cubby and try roaming around the room for another popup. This happened to Jori recently; Synder was killed, she looted item, ghost wouldn't talk to her, but she backed up into room and got a popup (apparently she'd missed one); spoke to ghost and completed quest.

You're done. Epidipidoulos, or whatever, is by the lake near the shon-to monestary outside of Moradhim. When you first talk to him he'll ask if you're ready to reset you tp and cms. You have to in order to pick your spells so be ready. Then he'll give you an option of 3 spells, two are similar to the one you picked a 49, and a new spell. Once you pick he'll tell you to speak with Prodiga or something in klik anon. The person is right next to the recruiter and will give you you're weapon.


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