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Human East Necromancer Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Speak to Corious Slaerin, the Guildmaster. He asks you to go see Merchant Gilgash and buy a bone earring (free). Merchant Gilgash is located downstairs. Return to Corious.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Corious Slaerin sends to see Spiritmaster Keika who binds you and send you to Coachman Ronks to be signed into his ledger. Return to Corious.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Rathei Slaerin
Speak to Rathei Slaerin, who is standing next to Corious. To prove your worth, you must bring Rathei two damaged dragonfly wings. Go outside the walls of freeport and farm fireflies/sparkflies until you obtain 2 wings; return to Rathei.
6900xp and the Life Tap scroll

Level 4
Quest NPC: Rathei Slaerin
To continue your apprenticeship, you must wear the black robe of the order. Rathei will enchant a robe for you but you must gather the needed materials:
Plain Robe - Purchase from Merchant Yulia (she is located outside the Academy of Science)
Silk Cord - Purchase from Merchant Yesam (she is in the first room off the coach in a building of merchants)
Sliver of Snake Meat - drops from snakes; farm any type of snakes outside the walls of Freeport until you find what you need.
Return with the items to Rathei.
17000xp and receive the Black Robe of the Order.

Level 5
Quest NPC:: Rathei Slaerin
Speak to Rathei Slaerin. He tells you that the roads are plagued by highwaymen and he wants you to hunt them down and return the stolen goods. Go out the exit by the Blacksmith (north), follow the road for a few minutes, then head off to the right and look for a grassy hill with a druid stone on top. You will find the Highwaymen here, kill them, loot their stolen goods, and return to Rathei.
36500xp and the the Rabid Infection scroll

Level 7
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Speak to Corious. The villagers in Temby are complaining of an Elf that has wandered into their town. Travel to Temby and slay the squire named Janxt (CONs yel@7). Loot her idol and return to Corious.
Note: Exit FP via the north gate and travel north along the coastline to reach Temby.
157,474 and the Strengthen Bone scroll. Receive the Old Padded Pants

Level 10
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Speak with Corious. He sends you to Hodstock, which lies north of Freeport, to infiltrate the Novandear gang. You are required to kill Charlik Novandear.
Note: Follow the riverbank north of Freeport until you reach a broken bridge. Wait until night to fall in Tunari for Novandear to appear. The weak bandits around the ramps con light blue and blue@lvl 10, however the other Novandear family members con yellow. Kill the bandits until Charlik Novandear appears.

Kill Charlik and loot his warm heart. Return to Corious.
You're now sent to purchase lantern oil from Merchant Landi (n/e of the bank) for 296 tunar, then return the lantern oil to Crimsonhand.
556,753xp and the Dagger of Essence

Level 13
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Corious needs you to deliver a bag of coins to Agent Wilkenson, who is on the docks. Speak to Agent Wilkenson and deliver the bag. Take the note from Agent Wilkenson. He needs you to deliver the note to Duminven in Saerk's Tower.
Note: Exit the north gate and follow the road west to reach Kithicor Forest. Once there, look for Saerk's Tower. Stick to the Highpass Trade Route to reach the forest. Climb the hill east of the second guardtower past the bridge to reach Saerk's Tower. Some find the run from Highpass easier, exit the pickclaw side and follow the road past Bastable village.

Look for Duminven at Saerk's Tower. He will have the location of the person you are looking for. Give the note to Duminven. Duminven tells you to head southeast into Bastable. Locate the thief named Eliene and follow her. Once she is done talking with her contact, kill them both. Return to Duminven anything Eliene and her contact may by carrying.
Note: go back down the mountain to the Highpass Trade Route and travel southeast to reach Bastable.

Once in Bastable village, look for Eliene in the inn, by the fireplace. Keep her conned, at some point she will get up to go meet her contact. Quickly beat her to the bridge, and kill the grave robber that will have spawned (CONs db@13) under it. Eliene will show up shortly, so now you can kill her as well (she Cons yel@13) [this way you won't be tackling both mobs at the same time].

Return to Duminven at Saerk's, who gives you a note to return to Corious. Give Corious the mark of lougmanta.
550,698xp and the Ward Death scroll

Level 15
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Corious would like to make you new leggings, so sends you to Weynia, a tailor south of Freeport. Weynia can be found on an island near the lighthouse. Get some poacher's leggings from her and bring them back to Crimsonhand to get them enchanted.
Note: follow the coastline south. Before long you'll see the lighthouse on a small island just east of the coastline (almost directly east of desert madmen).

Speak to Tailor Weynia, who is located on the dock. Weynia needs supplies to make the armour for you. First, make your way into the hills to the west. Search for and slay a sidewinder snake. Collect the pristine snake skin (ntl) and return it to Weynia.
Note: Travel due west from Tailor Weynia's position, keep going west past the FP road. When you see the blue raven's start looking for the sidewinders, they're in the same valley. Sidewinders will con lb and db to you@15 and do not poison; beware of adds. You may have to farm a few sidewinder's to find your skin.

Once you've looted the sidewinder skin, return to Tailor Weynia. Now he needs a pristine sand skipper carapace (ntl). Follow the beach south from Freeport along the shore between the skeleton bones and tower. They will con lb-db@15. Search for and farm the sand skippers until you retrieve a carapace. Return the carapace to Tailor Weynia.

Now he needs a bundle of pristine silk (ntl). For this component, you must travel to the far west. Head west from Tailor Weynia's location and cross the FP road; keep going west past the first deathfist camp you come to. The camp is slightly south behind the first set of dunes. From there travel west until you get to the ruins, you will see some pillars. Gargantula (CONs yel@15) can be found in the northern part of the ruins - all nearby mobs con red, be careful. Kill Gargantula and loot a bundle of pristine silk, and return to Tailor Weynia.

There can be some difficulty in finding Gargantula. This post is from Allakhazam and provides information on a different location:
Okay, after searching FOREVER around the ruins (like 2 weeks straight), I found the Gargantula first try by going a different route. This time I started west from the Tailor and after crossing the road, I went SW. You come to a mountain (one you can't climb like the border outside of FP) but you can run up it and along it and that'll keep you away from the Deathfist guys down there in the valley that are impossible for lvl 15. I was standing on side of the mountain when I targeted Gargantula (con dark blue to me at lvl 18). You shouldn't have to cross more than 2-3 dunes in order to find him in the SW. I found him behind the 2nd dune from the road..and here I had been wasting all this time at the ruins running around like an idiot killing every Tarantula in sight because of that earlier post that said Gargantula will spawn when you kill Tarantulas. I didn't have to kill a single one.

The last item needed to complete the leggings are vulture feathers. Purchase the feathers from Dteven Savis, for 273 tunar, near the Freeport west gate and return to Tailor Weynia with them. You will now receive the Poachers Leggings.

Return to Corious, and give him the Poacher's Leggings.
883,791xp. Receive the Deathwalker Leggings and the Endure Disease scroll

Level 20
Quest NPC: Corious Slaerin
Corious has discovered the mark you found is a fake. Find the real mark and return it to Corious. It needs to be delivered to William Nothard. Speak to Wilkenson at the docks and ask about the real mark.

The Troll
Speak to Madame Telina who is east of Agent Wilkenson's location. She was originally located in the guard tower, but was moved further east once the fp orcs were put into play in FP; she can now be found n/e on the coast by a rock, just a few minutes away. She cons as Telina the Dark Witch. She believes the mark is in the hands of a Troll. The Troll is a nasehir cutthroat and can be found traveling with them; his name is Roj Eir Sew' Eil.
Note: from the docks, travel southwest to search for the nasehir camps. He is in the second camp southwest of FP (the camp closest to the coast), surrounded by two green conned nasehir. He's the only Troll in the nasehir camp, and he cons db@20. Clear the area and keep boxes fresh before pulling the Troll.

Find, kill and loot the Mark of Louoth from the slain Troll and return it to Telina the guardtower.

The Pirates
Now Telina sends you south along the coast to Muniel's Tea Garden
Note: Use the coach if you have it, if not, this is a perilous journey, you must travel south for a couple of zones before finding MTG - stay in the water to avoid high level mobs. Sign the coach before tackling your quest.

You're looking for an island off the coast of MTG (N/E of the coach) that has several skeleton pirates on it, they con from lb to yel@20. As soon as you step on the island, the skeletons will attack, kill but don't loot. Search the island for the sand-covered chests near the water (if empty, they will respawn). Continue to slay the skeletons and open the chests until you retrieve the Chiseled Great Axe of Doom. Return to Telina the Dark Witch and show her the axe.

Waterlogged Treasure Chest
Telina tells you of the deep valley she saw in her vision. Travel to this valley and search for treasure.
Note: from the FP coach, head south on the road through the desert and you will come to a gypsy village. From the centre of this camp, look back towards the north/west and you will see Razor Back Fang. Razor Back Fang is a large mountain in the shape of two fangs with a valley in the middle.
For the most part, mobs con blue all the way to the gypsy camp; from the gypsy camp to Razor Back Fang, they con anywhere from LB to red. Climb to the top of fang mountains to avoid all the undead in the valley. You will see a small obelisk in a pool of water. Fall from the mountain to the back of the obelisk and into the water to avoid most mobs. Explore the water around the obelisk and locate the waterlogged chest (avoid the 2 red guardian mobs). Open the chest and retrieve the Etched Helmet of Greatness. Take the helm to Telina.

She will give you a note to pass to Corious.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and
Choose between:
Blood Gale and a sickle, this spell drains your enemy's health and gives 125hp to your group;
Power Gale and a totem, this spell drains your enemy's power and gives 150pow to your group.


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