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Good Healer

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Good Healer

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:06 pm

Starts from Ruddish the Devout in Spider Mine SW. He sends you to Lilla in RV who's on the west edge of the lake near a boulder. She screams bloody murder about her husband and you offer to help find him.
Go out the east entrance of RV (mind the werehunters) and go north 2 hills. Biddleby spawns there. Whoever talks to him first and gives him the pie is the only one who advances. There are no drops. He has a load of hp and hits tanks for around 150-500 per swing with a 2k nuke. He can be MT'd with a medium sized force. Respawn can be anywhere from insta to 2 hours.

RIP Biddleby-CS

Head back to Ruddish, he sends you to the blessing rock (where you got the last two blessings) and you get a very.....interesting popup. Just to be clear, RETURN TO THE ROCK WHERE ALL YOUR POPUPS HAVE BEEN BEFORE IN ORDER TO SPAWN AoH. AoH will then right across the river from Ruddish beside a the tall, square stone with writings on it. (TY Carmen for clarity)
Lanaz also comments on the location: Run straight across from Ruddish to other side of river then run west a short distance until you come to the FLAT white rock, as you walk on the surface of this rock you should receive the pop-up which gives you XP as well, so make sure you're BOONED

RIP Avatar of Hate-CS

Prepare for debt, cause you're about to have your rear end handed to you before you can get out of the dialogue. Avatar of Hate and his minions pop. No interesting drops off the minions.

AoH despawns after like a half hour, but you can repop him by walking by the rock again, and you have about 5 seconds to run before all the mobs pop again. AoH is top notch raid mob quality. Have fun...! He is very hard to tank, let petters kite him, with melee's and tanks using ranged weapons, and zerge. SK's use your Enshrouding Darkness as a DOT and to slow him down; throw on all your debuff. Drops 8 Medallion of Innoruk

Note: if you already have a Medallion from either the Green Rift or Spider Mines (either Medallion works fine) all you have to do is head to the blessing rock, AoH will spawn. Wait a half hour, he'll despawn and Errolisi Marr will spawn, and you can talk to her (press square, or you'll just get the AoH popup and he'll respawn again despawning Errolisi Mar). She will accept your quest piece.

After owning AoH, Errolisi Marr herself spawns by the rock, turn in the quest piece to her for 73 mil XP with no XP pot. She sends you off to Eripolus on the south side of the lake in Shon-To Monastery for your ability section of the quest.


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