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Good Melee

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Good Melee

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:08 pm

1)Speak to Celedonicus in the Bard Guild of Qeynos after completing Epic-Sode 2

2)He sends you to investigate what is terrorizing the Elves of Tethelin. Head to Fayspire Gate (C). You will see a large area of bluish ice. Walk up to it to get the 1st popup and then in the bluish ice you will get the pop-up to spawn the mob, Ravenous Bear. He is killable with 2 groups. You get another pop-up after killing the bear, you may need to wander around the area to get it.

3)Head to Tethelin and speak to Gelledyn and you will get a pop-up about Vampires.

4)He sends you to the cave Greyvax Caves (NW). You will need many people to complete this part (at least 4 groups). You must get the blood of Randarith, Raldarith, and Blood from Quil'Eyne. Randarith hits hard but has very low defense and dies fast. Raldarith has immense HP/AC/Resists. Both Vampires drop 8 bloods, needed by both archtypes.

Quil'Eyne is extremely hard...with a 2000 hit quad, 2000 nuke, 2000 critical, 2000 damage (looks like taunt) spell, and a small proc...he is very hard to MT. You can either use pets to Zerge him or MT him. CS has found it much easier to just tank him (a little more effort to set up, but eliminates all deaths from zerging), just ensure you have enough patchers to cover the damage he puts out, and get the necessary debuffs on him. Ensure he stays below in the basement (even one side room has a defender in the bsmt, be careful). If ur peeps are casting from the ramp, and don't manage their aggro well, QE will aggro up the ramp, then you're at risk of adding the Defender/Protector which spawns at the top of the ramp. Once that guy gets involved you will be camped and die on the rez and have to run back. Kill him and loot the BLOOD (Quil'Eyne will drop 4 bloods and 4 journals. The journals are for evil tanks and bloods for good melees).

5)Return to Gelledyn in Tethlin and hand in the items. You receive experience.

6)Go to Sho-To Monastery. This is located straight east of Moradhim. You are directed to speak with Ediopolus, who stands on the SW shore of the lake, before you enter the cave to the monastery. He purifies you, by resetting all of your CM's and TP's (he warns you first) and then gives you a description and choice of the three abilities you qualify for.

7)Next you will be told to go to speak to someone in Freeport or Klick 'Anon. The NPC in Klick is right next to the coachman, and easy to find. She will give you your item reward.


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