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Good Caster

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Good Caster

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:09 pm

Talk to Magi`Kot. He sends you to find Boldunder in the deserts of Odus

Head to North Barren Coast (C). At the base of a hill, near a large depression you should get a popup telling you you feel the ground rumbling. Walking away from the hill toward the depression, you should get two more popups, then Boldunder spawns and tears you a new one.

You'll need a good-sized force to take out Boldunder. He resists all nukes, and hits hard. We had a 60 SHA kite him without too much trouble, but it took a while to bring him down.
Note: CS finds it easiest to just MT Boldunder;Mory tanked him with out too much trouble and tanking him is a much more efficient and time saving tactic.
He drops 4 souls. Bring one back to Mag`Kot, and share the rest with the nice folks who got owned along with you.
Note: if you're having trouble with your popups, or just want to repsawn bolder to farm or to get more drops, just delete your quest and relog with Magi'Kot and you're set to go.

When you turn in the soul, Magi`Kot tells you to speak with him again to port to the plane of sky to witness the ultimate summoning.

Gather up a sizable raid force (20+).The Good Caster doing the quest will hand out gems that will port you to PoS(the usual first island, where the Isle of Wonder port is). Once everyone's ready, talk to Magi`Kot again, and he'll spawn Ahriaana the Ultimate. She looks like a gigantic ghilan, but fights like Boldunder on steroids. Since the update, nukes do damage!

She is, so far, impossible to MT (those she has aggro on, she ports of the island. and takes forever to kite (over an hour). CS has done her a few times and finds the best way to kill her is to just pet her-it takes around a 1/2 than an hour to kill her this way: have all casters send in pets to attack at the same time. Keep a secondary pet on ur spell bar as your first pet might die so quick the recast time on your first pet hasn't been met. Don't HoT ur pet, or when pet dies she'll follow the aggro back to you. Just keep recasting pet (have the two biggests pets on your tool bar) and sending pet in against her. Tanks shouldn't taunt, just do melee damage, SK's should use all their debuffs on the mob. If you don't kill her within one hour, she full heals.

She does port peeps who have aggro (not all the time) - meet up with Good Caster quester next time they get killed and get another gem to go back. Anyway, kill her. She'll drop 8 "torn journal page"s for 8 lucky questers. After she's dead (take a xp pot), head NW of the IoW port to talk to Magi`Kot's ghost (roams near pagoda).

**Note: If you got a drop from Ahriaana but weren't on that part of your epic, and now you are, this is how you complete your quest: The Magi'kot in Elemental Towers will send you to PoS. Speak to him again up there and spawn Ahriaana. If you wait an hour she will despawn and the ghost will appear. Take a xp pot, speak to the ghost and turn in your torn page. The ghost spawns at a different spot from Magi - he spawns on the opposite side of the pagoda and roams.

You're done! Visit your quest npc by the lake near the shon-to monestary outside of Moradhim. When you first talk to him he'll ask if you're ready to reset you tp and cms (be prepared).Then he'll give you an option of 3 spells, two are similar to the one you picked a 49, and a new spell. Then you'll be sent to another npc to get your weapon.


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