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Evil Healer

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Evil Healer

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:13 pm

Start off by speaking with Yalgima in Bashers Enclave.

She tells you to speak with Kraznak (who is west of her, next to a rock [TY Yado]). When you speak with Kraznak he tells you to speak with the spirits. The spirits spawn right next to Kraznak. They spawn in 15 minute intervals. So after speaking with Kraznak the first spirit will not spawn for 15 minutes. DO NOT MOVE. There are three spirits in total plus Kraznak must respawn after speaking with the third spirit so be prepared to sit there for an hour.

The first spirit spawns towards the south. Read the text and and progress through the popups. On the first spirit, there are no choices to make, so don't exit the screen, and won't screw up.

you will have different options for your response on the next two spirits. You must choose the correct response or you have to start over (I.E. Speak to Kraznak and wait 15 minutes).

The second spirit spawns facing West and you must choose the third option from reply (something to the effect of the spirits being upset). If you choose the wrong option, you screw up and have to wait for Kraznak to spawn and start all over. So, the THIRD option, then in 15 more minutes the next one will spawn.

(Kraznak spawned at this point, but I didn't talk to him)

The third and final spirit spawns facing south-east. You choose the second option (something about spirit escaped). After that you speak to Kraznak again. Next step is the final encounter.

Go to Cape Dreg (SE). From SoM just run/swim east, its a pretty long swim to get out there. You will see a pirate ship. That is the island you want. When you go inside the building follow the path around to the right and you will drop down through the floor. This will trigger the beginning of the waves. This is similar to the waves we had to do in guk but the mobs are alot tougher. Also once this starts the door at the top of the ramp will be sealed so no one can get out (it does open briefly between wave spawns but no one should leave anyways). After 4-5 waves Synder of the Indigo will spawn.
1st wave: Spirits of Syndar's will weak against PR/DR (from what casters said)
2nd wave: Syndar manifestations weak against CR (from what catsers said)
3rd wave: Spirits of Syndar's will weak against FR (from what casters said)
4th wave: Syndar manifestations weak against PR/DR (from what casters said)
5th wave: Syndar incantations (no clue what they r weak against)
*see note below on how to farm Syndar

This guy is bad ass, with 4kac he quads for 1k and nukes, MT him, with rhinos he wont be much problem. After Synder is defeated he will drop 8 necklaces. Loot a necklace and speak with the Ghost that spawns ASAP (have everyone dismiss pets so you can get the ghost targetted). The ghost has been known to depop rather quickly. The ghost spawns right next to the little cubby on the floor.
Gokukicks says: Snyder... debuffs your FR by 125 and has a FR based proc so his quads are very high once he debuffs you but overmax ur FR by 125 and hes a wimp and easy to tank.

Once he is dead, collect his loot, TALK TO HIS GHOST (spawns in the cubby under the ramp; the ghost despawns quickly) and go talk to Shinlos.

Note: if you think you've gotten all the popups, looted the necklace, and the ghost WON'T talk to you, back out of the cubby and try roaming around the room for another popup. This happened to Jori recently; ghost wouldn't talk to her, but she backed up into room and got popup (apparently she'd missed one); spoke to ghost and completed quest.

After you speak with the ghost you receive a letter and must go back to Bashers Enclave. This is the part where you will receive xp so here is where you will want to use your xp pot if you have one. Reward is 100Mil xp without pots. To collect spell you are sent to Shon to Monastary (which is a zone east of moradhim) and speak with Epidolous. This is where you will receive the rehab. After the rehab you then get to choose your spell/ability. Lastly you are sent to FP or Klik to receive your weap/armor reward. The reward giver is located south of the coach.

Farming Syndar: Yado tells of his trick to farm Syndar (many ppl want to farm epic mobs for the epic loot they drop). Advance your quest to the point of being able to farm Syndar; get out to Cape Dreg S/E and have your raid crew set up in the room below (you stay outside until everyone is set). Once your raid force is read, enter and proceed down the ramp, get the popup to spawn syndar, but don't proceed any further down the ramp so that you don't get any more of the popup flags. When Syndar spawns, delete your quest from the log. Relog quest with Yalgima in Bashers Enclave, do the Kraznak spirit talking bit, and you're set to spawn Syndar again. Happy farming.

Farming AoH: Ozmoseus explains that AoH is a great mob to farm for epic loot. He's easy to set up for, to MT, and can be repeatedly easily in a half hour. Once AoH is spawned and killed (don't LOOT!!!), simply delete the quest and speak wtih Animator Jen'Tylis in Green Rift(W). Do the first part of the quest (fp, fungus, & biddleby) and you're set to redo AoH. Happy farming.


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