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Evil Caster

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Evil Caster

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:17 pm

1)Log quest from Animator Jen'Tylis in Green Rift(W) once again.

2)Travel to Freeport and speak to Serverudipus. He is located in the caster area. He is standing near a wall, watch out for Rea werebeasts!

3)Go to Guk and kill fungals for 1 mycanoid stem. Easy to obtain as it is a regular stack item. (keep a stack handy in case you plan on farming AoH)

4)Return to Serverudipus in Freeport. He will present you with pie

5)Head to Rivervale to speak to the halfling Biddleby. He is located SOUTH of the east entrance to Rivervale on the first hill (good healers have their Biddleby to the north). You talk to this halfling Biddleby who will take away your pie and send you back to see Jen'Tylvis

6)Return to Animator Jen'Tylis. Speaking to him will spawn your next mob, an Avatar of Hate (spawns next to Animator Jen'Tylis, in the Green Rift).

This mob drops 8 talismans.

1. 2000 damage nuke--possibly AR
2. 1205 damage nuke--possibly PR
3. 500 damage taunt
4. 350 damage AoE--possibly PR

Avatar of Hate will spawn very close to Jen'Tylis. AoH despawns somewhere between 15-30 min, but as long as he continues to take damage he won't despawn (he's been kited for more than an hour successfully). AoH is top notch raid mob quality. Have fun... If he despawns on you, see note below on refarming him. Drops 8 Medallion of Innorok These can be looted by good healers as well. See note below on how to farm AoH

7)Hand in the talisman to Animator Jen'Tylis.

8)Travel to Spider Mines(SW) to find Avatar of Love. It is found just west of Ruddish the Devout on the north side of the river. Speak to Avatar of Love to make this mob attackable.

*NOTE* She has to be Main Tanked.

Strategy used: When first engaged, unload everything you have, spells, melee, abilities. When AoL is down 2/5 of her HP she self heals; at this point, she uses a healing damage shield. All pets must be dismissed, no melee attacks, abilities ONLY, and NO ONE presses the X button. If you or your pets melee her at this point, you're only healing her. So, only use your special abilities, only press O!

Otherwise, get enough dd's out and try and kill her in the 2-3 minutes before her DS casts and she self heals. With good support she's not that hard to MT.

This mob drops 8 Arrows of Love.

9)Return to Animator Jen'Tylis and turn in the arrow of Love to recieve 100 million XP. Speak to him again and he will tell you to travel to Shon-to Monastary where you will receive your rehab and ability. You will then be sent to another npc next to the Recruiter in FP to collect your Epic Item!


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