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Acolyte of Bristlebane

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Acolyte of Bristlebane Empty Acolyte of Bristlebane

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:24 pm

Quest Name: Acolyte of Bristlebane
(Fan Fair Quest)
Level: 51-60
Class: All
NPC: Acolyte of Bristlebane
Location: Bobble-by-Water, near coach

[Blue Gem]

1. Talk to Acolyte of Bristlebane, he is in BBW near the coach. He tells you about the Staff of Rainbow Magic and that it has been shattered and enlists you to help him. He sends to Gil Swimmerbee in Vastly Deep(W). Gil is in a boat next to a dock.

2. Gil Swimmerbee tells you that he lost his gem and needs a breathing device made and he sends you to Anu Village to speak to Steely Stoutdale. Steely is located outside along the west wall of Anu village.

3. Steely Stoutdale tells you he will build the breathing aparatus if you bring him the mask of the Sly Ice Giant. To find this Sly Ice Giant, head straight Northwest from Steely, over the dark patch of ice, you'll come to some small hills, in the valley of these hills he spawns to attack you (triggered spawn). Easy to kill at 60. Kill, return to Steely Stoutdale with the mask.

4. Steely Stoutdale gives you a breath potion and sends you back to Gil Swimmerbee. Get 3,000 tunar.

5. Gil Swimmerbee sends you to Ks'or. Be sure to have 3,000 tunar on you before you use your breath potion!!!! Swim out and down to the bottom of the Vastly Deep until you come to some underwater ruins. Look for a merman named Ks'or. He is surrounded by mermaids(CONs LB), they are not too hard to kill.

6. Ks'or takes your 3,000 tunar for the gem and sends you back to Gil Swimmerbee, who sends you back to Steely Stoutdale. ***NOTE*** You can skip going back to Steely and go directly to Gemmaster Thoren in Moradhim.

7. Steely Stoutdale wants the gem cleaned, he sends you to Gemmaster Thoren in Moradhim, who is outside the city by a tree, west of the coach. The Gemmaster Thoren wants 1,500 tunar to polish the gem. Return to Acolyte of Bristlebane and receive 20mil XP.

[Green Gem]

8. Acolyte of Bristlebane sends you to find Mixoxullous, in Murnf, he is located just Southeast of the coach.

9. Mixoxullous tells you of the power of the green gem and that you need to defeat “Creepyman” to set Baylor free (CONs Yel to 51). To find Creepyman, head to Salisearaneen (W), a bit NW of a centaur camp, in a patch of trees or easier way to find. On the road there is a glowing stone and fallen log and a signpost 'The Golden Road' (side road leads to small faerie village). Creepyman spawns directly SW of the signpost. Creepyman may be a delayed spawn, and he roams. Once he spawns, multiple people can talk to him at the same time. Kill Creepyman and then talk to Baylor.

10 Baylor tell you he gave the gem to Oppydna, and to look around. Oppydna can be found by going directly east and a touch north located in Salisearaneen(C) at the base of a hill roaming around a few trees. He wants 3,500 for the gem. Return to Acolyte of Bristlebane and receive 20mil XP.

[Red Gem]

11. Acolyte of Bristlebane sends you to Leeanna, who is just north of Wyndhaven, on the shore. She gives you a pair of Gloves of No Ouchies. You must equip the gloves and head to Mt. Hatespike (the bloodfoot camp, lower level). You will get a popup next to the blacksmith, and you'll receive the Sorched Red Gem. The trigger spot is a on a small ledge facing the lava. Looking at the Blacksmith, from across the little bridge, the ledge is on your left. Return to Leeanna.

12. Leeanna sends you to High Druid Postmanjim in Qeynos to make the gem shine again. He is located outside the south wall of the city, by a tree. He tells you that you should talk to High Shaman Bradue who is also located in Qeynos along the outside of the west wall in the corner.

13. High Shaman Bradue sends you in search of an Icy Vial. This can be had by killing TFGs. Kill till you get Icy Vial to drop (decent drop rate apparently). Return to High Shaman Bradue.

14. High Shaman Bradue sends you to buy a polishing cloth from High Sorcerer Coolade in Kelinar. Coolade is on the south side of town near a few tents. First, give him the 2,000, then give him the 10,000. He wants 12,000 tunar in total. Return to High Druid Postmanjim.

15. High Druid Postmanjim sends you back to Leeanna. Return to Acolyte of Bristlebane and receive 20mil XP.

[Yellow Gem]

16. Acolyte of Bristlebane sends you to seek out the last known owners of the Yellow Gem in Merry-By-Water…… The Brightrays. Sunshine and Beam Brightray, in Merry-By-Water( C), are in the southern portion of town.

They go on to tell you that they had divided the power of the gem and gave a portion to each of their 4 children.One by one the children we captured by a dark necromancer which imprisoned them by using “star-magic”.

They send you to find four (4) popups. Each popup is on a starfish on the shores in the following areas:
1) Erud's Crossing(SW);
2) Kerra Isle (C)/(S);
3) Kerra Isle (W),(S);
4) West Toxx (E)/(SE).

Once you get all four popups return to Sunshine and Beam Brightray. Return to Acolyte of Bristlebane and receive 20mil XP.

[Gem of Nykitas]

17. Acolyte of Bristlebane sends you to LSM to talk to Blacksmith Kadeshi. He is being has held captive by the Fire Goblins. Blacksmith Kadeshi is in LSM(NW) near the Goblin Fort and where the Goblin Vindicator spawns. Kill Fire Goblins until you loot 'an oddly shapped key'. Return to Kadeshi.

18. Kadeshi tells you that he doesn’t have the Gem of Nykitas and that it is in the possession of Xalakharx in Geomancer’s Pass (W) at the 1st spectral Rallosian cave.

19. Xalakharx wants 10k tunar, he says the a Specteral Warlords has the gem. Kill the placeholder Warlords in the Rallosian caves until a named warlord spawns, kill, loot gem, and return to Xalakharx.

20. Xalakharx assembles the gem into the staff of rainbow magic. Return to Acolyte of Bristlebane and receive 20mil XP.


21. Acolyte of Bristlebane he sends you to find the handle for the staff. It is in Lake Rathe(E) on one of the island with the necro birds. You will receive a pop-up at the top of the island, and the Rainbow Magic Gaurdian spawns. Kill, loot the Unraveled Hand Grip (drops four).

22. Tree of life pops on same island in lake rathe (E) after you kill the dragon. Talk to the tree for your reward of 30 mill xp and class specific item.

Rewards so far:
Alc ~ Mischievious Pants Lvl51 15wis 165hp 120ac Dur65
Brd ~ Lvl51
CL ~ Leggings of the Trickster Lvl51 15wis 165pow 233ac Dur65
Drd ~ Lvl51
Enc ~ Pants of the Trickster Lvl51 15cha 165pow _?_ac Dur65
Mag ~ Slippers of the Trickster Lvl51 15agi 165pow 30ac Dur65
Mnk ~ Lvl51
Nec ~ Leggings of Trickery Lvl51 15sta 100hp 65pow Dur65
Pal ~ Gloves of Mischeif Lvl51 15str 165hp 177ac Dur65
Ran ~ Mischievous Boots Lvl51 15agi 165hp 98ac Dur65
Rge ~ Trickster's Gloves Lvl51 15dex 165hp 135ac Dur65
Sha ~ Lvl51
SK ~ Boots of Trickery Lvl51 15str 165hp 118ac Dur65
War ~ Boots of Mischeif Lvl51 15str 165hp 119ac Dur 65
Wiz ~ Gloves of Trickery Lvl51 15dex 165pow 45ac Dur65


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