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Avatar of Fear

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Avatar of Fear Empty Avatar of Fear

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:26 pm

Quest Name: Avatar of Fear
Level: 45+
Class: All
Quest NPC: None
Location: Cazic Thule, main temple

1.Archon Heart
Kill Tae-Ew Archon and loot an Archon Heart. Archon are a rare spawn in the tunnel where Tae-Ew Tunneler spawns for the 47 quest. In case you forget where that is, face the alter. The tunnel you want is the back right one. It's not really a rare spawn but you may have to farm a few Tae-ew in this hallway to get him to spawn. The Tae-ew Archon almost always drops the heart.

2. Rubi Talismon
Put Heart in altar in center room and get the Rubi Talisman.

3. High Priest Siblis
Symbol of Fear and Skull of Siblis
OK, at this point you need to kill High Priest Siblis multiple times until each party member has 1 Symbol of Fear, and the Questor/spawner has looted the skull.

Most walkthroughs recommend you go to the orb platform directly across from altar and use the Rubi Talisman to be transported up one level to kill High Priest Siblis. As transporting uses up the Talisman, (and transports only one person) you would then need to go back and kill another Archon to get another heart and so on until all members of group have a Symbol of Fear.

In order to avoid having to farm extra hearts, do the following:
DON'T transport up. Instead have a petter stand under the High Priest (con up) and send pet to attack then passive pet and the High Priest will follow pet back down to petter.

Repeat killing the High Priest Siblis this way and loot 1 Symbol of Fear for every group member (respawn for mob is about 3-5 minutes). Continue killing the High Priest until the Questor/spawner loots a Skull of Sibilis (rare drop).

4. Thulian Maneaters
Now go to the chamber with the "thulian man eaters". It's recommended you go ahead and kill all the Maneaters, it just makes things easier. Don't loot, keep boxes fresh.

5. Hand of Thule-Sapphire Talisman
Step into pool. Get pop-up window. Choose to toss Siblis' Skull into the pool in order to spawn Hand of Thule.

Kill Hand of Thule and loot the TOP half of tablet.
HoT is an easy kill with resist buff on pets, also easy to tank if tank has the right resists. (see mob resist list)

Step back into pool. Get pop-up window. Choose to toss Symbol of Fear into pool and get Sapphire Talisman (repeat for every member of your party). Reminder: the Questor has to step into the pool TWICE (once to toss skull, once to toss symbol of fear)

6. Porting to next Temple
Go to room with Tae-Ew Excavator (face alter, go down back left hallway), step on portal platform, and talk to golem to teleport to next temple. See note below first.

Note:Here is an easy way to do this.
Does your party have a mage with CotH handy?
Have everyone port over except the Questor, then have the mage CoH the questor over. This way the Questor will not be using up their sapphire talisman (which will be needed later).

No Mage?
As Sapphire Talismans have been made lore, Razalghul, from the Council of Eternal Shadows on CLW, recommends this method:
The Questor has to use their Sapphire Talisman. After that, they need to die somewhere safe, go to their bank and get the next Symbol of Fear. They have to run or port back to the temple, turn in their Symbol for a Talisman, and then RES Back to where they were (Which should be the "Searching for the rest of the Tablet").

7. Emerald Talisman and Horn of Cazic
Go forward to dead end in tunnel and search for pop-up window. Select the "search" option in pop-up window. If you get a spider, kill it, get the popup again and "search" again. This is a random event popup, keep "searching" until you receive the BOTTOM half of the tablet. The spider has a nasty poison tick.
Note: This part is glitchy, when searching you often don't get the tablet. KEEP SEARCHING - IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU HAVE THE TOP HALF OF THE TABLET FROM HAND OF THULE, AND THE BOTTOM ONE AS WELL.

Fight your way to the inner pyramid and drop down, through a bubble of green water, into a room with Tae Ew Chosen.

Kill Tae-Ew Chosen and get Emerald Talisman.

Continue to kill Tae-Ew Chosen until the Horn of Cazic drops.

TIME OUT: The Questor should take the time to check their inventory. At this point, you should have the:
*Two tablets
*Rubi Talisman
*Sapphire Talisman
*Emerald Talisman
*Horn of Cazic

8. Glowing Tablet
Go over to altar beside spirit guardian and get pop-up window. Choose to place all 3 talismans and Horn to get Glowing Tablet.

Go to front of altar and get pop-up window. Choose to give away glowing tablet to get Tablet of Haz'Kar.

9. Get Ready
First, kill all the mobs in the room, don't loot, keep boxes fresh. Then go to front of altar and get pop-up window.

Buff up for fight.

Choose to give away Tablet of Haz'kar and Avatar of Fear spawns.


AoF spawns on the opposite side of the room from the Alter. His AoE is frontal only so have all the dd's wait until he is pulled, hding behind one of the pillars around the pool

A tank that knows how to pull mobs to a certain point is very helpful here. Pull him straight to the alter and then the DDs can jump out behind him without getting the AoE (it's an AoE or DoT, not sure). Tank, make sure not to lose aggro or raid will be over quickly.

Healers need to be either on the other side of the Alter popping out to heal or they can stand in the pool behind AoF.

AoF is a tough mob, even for tanks at 60 with MCAs. All relevant resists must be maxed especially LR (his proc is all chance but if it hits it's bad and he tends to proc more than once at a time).

AoF cannot be petted anymore as he immediately death touches any pet he has aggro on.


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