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Human East Rogue Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Necorik the Ghost, the Guildmaster
Go upstairs and outside by the ramp to speak to Merchant Olkan. Pick up a pair of Burgler's Gloves and return to Necorik.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Necorik
Necorik sends you to Spiritmaster Keika, who binds you and sends you to Coachman Ronks, sign the ledger, back to Necorik.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Athera (upstairs from Necorik)
Athera would like you to kill snakes and return with two ruined snake scales. Exit FP through the North Gate by the blacksmith; run north to the hills and kill Shrub Snakes until you find what you need.
6900xp and Sneak scroll

Level 4
Quest NPC: Athera
Talk to Athera, she needs the following;
*Ivory - Purchase from Merchant Yesam (she is in the first room off the coach in a building of merchants)
*Iron Ore - Purchase from Merchant Shohan (in the Bazaar near the blacksmith)
*A Beetle Leg Segment (farm beetles to obtain)
Return to Athera with the items.
17000xp and the Tiger Dirk

Level 5
Quest NPC: Athera
Athera has a long standing contract with the Iron Coffer to protect the caravan routes. Highwaymen have hijacked caravans into Freeport. Athera wants you to hunt down and kill the highwaymen and return the stolen goods to her. Go out the exit by the Blacksmith (north), follow the road for a few minutes, then head off to the right and look for a grassy hill with a druid stone on top. You will find the Highwaymen here, kill them, loot their goods, and return to Athera.
36500xp and the Quick Blade scroll.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Athera
Talk to Athera. Someone has placed a chichan eel in the waters that flow to Freeport. Find and kill the Chichan eel (CONs Yel@7) and loot it's venom sac. Go out the north exit, run north until you reach the river, follow the river. Soon, you'll see a small house where the Orc Ransacker is, the eels spawns in the river close to this area. Kill, loot Venom Sac, return to Athera.
157,474xp and the Acrobatics scroll. Receive the Shining Protectors

Level 10
Quest NPC: Athera
Talk to Athera, she sends you to Guard Sareken, he is at the North Gate by bank.

Guard Sareken needs money for supplies. He needs 147 tunar and 3 tough pike scales. Pike can be found in the river that runs north of Freeport. Go out the north exit, follow the river north to the dam and farm large pike (CON DB@10) until you have the 3 scales.

Return to Sareken with three Tough Pike Scales, and 147 tunar. Guard Sareken now wants the belt of an Orc Ransaker that wanders in the old house north of FP. Go out the north exit and head north to the river; follow the river until you see the small old shack. Kill the Orc Ransacker (CONs wht@10), loot his belt (play it safe, loot EVERYTHING) and return to Guard Sareken.
556,753xp and the Sturdy Dagger

Level 13
Quest NPC: Althera
Speak with Althera. The Shining Shield guild hall has a visitor named Ilenar Crelwin. Do whatever Ilenar asks of you. He is near Althera, in a corner.

Ilenar's robe was damaged in his journey to Freeport. Take his robe to Delvin Stitchfinger, in Bobble-by-water, to fix his robe. Travel north up the river from Freeport, to reach Bobble-by-water. Delvin is in a building north from the Coachman.

Delvin won't complete the work until you help him. He sends you to buy fine chocolates from Grocer Fritz Belgor, who is in the same building as Delvin. You need 120-250 tunar. Buy it, return to Delvin.

Delvin gives you back a chocolate stained robe. Return to Ilenar, who is not happy with the stains. He gives you a special poisoned chocolate to give to Delvin. Give Delvin the poison chocolate. He dies, return to Illenar.
550,698xp and the Night Breath scroll

Level 15
Quest NPC: Ilenar Crelwin
Talk to Ilenar Crelwin, who needs a few items to complete his research. The first item to get is nightworm roots, which are banned due to their poisonous properties. Fortunately, Ilenar has a contact, Dagget Klem, who can get some for you. Klem runs a smuggling ring in a small fishing village called Temby along the coast not far north of Freeport (take 250 tunar with you).

Dagget has a shipment of roots, but the ship can't dock because of an infestation of sharks. A new species called bloodfins now uses the coast as a spawning ground. Kill the Bloodfin Brood Shark Mother (CONs Yel@15), she is usually just past the pier. You may need to swim out a bit to see her. Sometimes you will have to kill the smaller bloodfins to make her spawn. Kill her, loot her tooth, and return to Dagget.

Dagget needs 250 tunar. Pay him the money, collect the shipment of nightworm roots, and return to Ilenar.

Ilenar needs the blood of a madman for his next experiment. Go out the south exit of FP (coach), head south down the coast until you come to a spire surrounded by undead and madmen. Kill a Madman (CONs Yel@15), loot his blood and return to Ilenar.
883,791xp and the Vaulter's Balance scroll. Receive Shadowpad Boots.

Level 20
Quest NPC: Athera
The Grimoire
Once more you are to report to Ilenar Crelwin as an undercover agent. Ilenar wants you to reach Geldwin's Grimoire, which contains powerful and dangerous knowledge. Many have tried to destroy the book and failed. The Grimoire is being held in the library in the Temple of Light, just west of Ilenar's location, along with various other forbidden texts.

Crim Arikson
Ilenar knows a forger named Crim Arikson who will forge a letter for you to present to the paladins so they will give you the book. Crim is at an inn in the village of Bastable, which lies along the west road to Highpass. Travel to Bastable Village and speak with Crim Arikson. Note: follow the Eastern Highpass Trade Road out of Freeport to reach Highpass, east of Bastable.

Crim needs incentive to perform the forgery. First, he wants 525 tunar. He also requires a document bearing the seal and signature of Sir Hanst. Sir Hanst often sends missives to the Temple through Bastable. The pages who deliver such missives usually travel through Highpass and come along the road through Bastable. The roads outside of town would make an excellent place for an ambush.

Search the road for one of Sir Hanst's pages.

Talk to Page Joseph Robert, then you will have to kill him. Do not kill him near any of the Bastable guards, as they will attack you. Wait until he has moved away from any guard. Kill, loot the Qeynos missive and return to Crim Arikson in Bastable. When you have the tunar, Crim requires for the forgey, speak to Crim and trade the tunar for the forged letter.

Amulet of Deception
Now you are sent to get an amulet of deception from the remains of Swiftwind Galeehart on Hangman's Hill. Note: Hangman's Hill is just east of Bobble-by-water near the coast. To reach Bobble-by-water, travel north from Freeport along the river.

Slay the skeleton's on Hangman's Hill for Swiftwind Galeeharts' skeleton to spawn. Kill, loot an amulet of deception from the skeleton of Swiftwind Galeehart and return to Ilenar Crelwin with the amulet and the forged letter.

The Library
Travel to the Temple of Light, west of Freeport. Within the temple's walls, you find a library where the forbidden texts are kept. The chief librarian there is named Leandro Novan. Present him with the forged letter. Note: from Freeport, travel west along the mountainside to reach the Temple of LIght.

Go up the ramp to enter the Library, Leandro Novan is on the lower floor on the west side of the library. Give the letter to Leandro Novan. Follow Leandro to the room with the forbidden texts. Speak to Praetor Gunner and answer his questsions to obtain Geldwin's Grimoire.

After verifying that you are telling the truth, return the book to Ilenar Crelwin.

Return to Athera to receive your reward: 2,814,929xp and
Choose between:
Avoidance, an ability that greatly reduces an enemy's desire to attack you, it comes with a magic dagger.
Minor Wound, a backstab-like attack that can be done from any angle. It comes with a magic rapier.


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