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Dawn Maiden Quest

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Dawn Maiden Quest Empty Dawn Maiden Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:28 pm

Quest Name: Dawn Maiden, Arcadin Quest
Level: 30-46
Class: All/All

Mid-level adventurers will be sent to investigate a strange occurrence just outside Arcadin. Why are everyone's worst nightmares suddenly manifesting themselves in Morningveil and driving everyone mad? The storyteller wants to hear about this psychological thriller!

1. Log the quest with Lieutenant Amin in Arcadin SE. To find him, from where you come in from FP, head south east along the coast. Follow the mountains all the way around and take your first right into a valley. Up the valley, on your left is Lieutenant Amin, surrounded by 3 of his henchmen.

2. He talks about nightmares and sends you off to find the Dawn Maiden with an empty flask.

3. You start towards the lake and you get popups and attacked by nightmares that see invis and go for the lower level toons. Sometimes you get ported.
Note: It is very important to learn the path to the lake:
HUG the mountain wall (can't emphasize this enough) and head south from the Lt. There is a dead end on your first right, cross over it and keep heading south. Beside a big rock here you should get a popup. Believe says that the first popup is the most important one, ias long as you got it you can avoid being ported later, but without it you'll get ported for sure. Don't proceed without this popup, hang around by the rock until you get it, sometimes it can take a few minutes.
Once you have it, continue south...take your next right. Go to the next pass and turn right again (always hugging the mnt wall). This will open up into the lake/shrine area; continue to stay to the right until you pass the last rock (there is an auto port to the left of the tree as well as just to the left centre area once you approach the shrine).

4. Occassionally you might get ported around (is a way to prevent cohers from just popping a toon to the quest area, but sometimes it hits you) either back to the Lt or do another close by area: I tended to get ported to 3 to 4 different spots (might have been fixed: I reported it).

5. Eventually get to the lake: can invis here to the Dawn Maiden at her little pool.

6. Kill Dawn Maiden: it spawns a Servant with a pet that you kill (might drop lvl 30 100 power/hp ntl stuff). Kill Servant, go step into the little pond (can do invised), get popup saying you filled the flask. Getting this popup can sometimes take a few minutes as well, remain in the pond until you get it.

7. Invis and run back: no popups running back but if you didnt kill all your old nightmares they can aggro/see invis and attack.

8. Get 5 mil exp (before luck)
Note from Kahl: I was eventually able to do this in about 10 minutes.

9. Now head out to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well, and wants to hear your story. The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. You will receive +25 Faction with the Storyteller; this quest is repeatable.

Note: I did the quest then went to Storyteller each time. I did not check and see if you could do the quest 2 or more times and get storyteller factions more than once without turning it in each time...
(In CS experience, once you've completed the quest, you must tell the storyteller before competing the quest again or you'll only get faction once).

Note: you can get rooted as one of the nightmares.

Note: you can get more than one nightmare to spawn at once on your toons (and sometimes multiple toons get the popup at once): used to get up to four but I think they toned it back a bit


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