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Dynmath the Tyrant Quest

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Dynmath the Tyrant Quest Empty Dynmath the Tyrant Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:31 pm

Quest Name: Dynmath the Tyrant
Level: spans all levels, multiple toons needed
Class: All
Quest NPC: Historian Tsali
Location: all starting cities

Level 1-10
Get a level 1-10 character to talk to Historian Tsali. It's the only way I know of to start the quest. He is in most starting cities supposedly, but I know for a fact he is in FP. Go out the North gate, and run North by Northeast for approximately 300yds (a little more than halfway to river). He is on top of a large hill.

He will tell you to go slay rats (pestilence rats are what you want). They are pretty easy to find, and I've seen them around most starting cities. They drop 3 smudged totem of the plains (LORE). You loot one and take it back to the Historian. He cleans the totem (it becomes POLISHED totem of the plains) and it's a word jumble which indicates Snowfist.

Talk to the Historian, he will offer to send you 'up North'. Accept. He sends you to the front gate of Halas. Run East and around all the mountains to Snowfist (c). You're looking for a large cave (entrance faces South I think) that glows blue. You will get a popup as soon as you go to enter the cave. INVS is recommended for this part. Now you can RH or DG.

Talk to the Historian again. He will reward you (the ring is a pretty sweet ring, lv1, 10sta 35hp NTL) and tells you to pass the totem along to a higher level toon (11-20).

Level 11-20
Pass the item on to a lv11-20 toon. Take the glowing totem of the plains to Historian Ilena (In MTG, 1 min SW of the coach) and she is very interested in it. She sends you to Snowfist to explore the cave and find what is making the totem glow (sorry no port this time).

Inside Snowfist cave there are tons of mobs red to a 14, so invs is a must, or a full grp, lv60 etc... You are looking for a Snowfist Totemcarrier. In one of the first few rooms of the cave, you can con him through the wall to your right. Go kill him, he drops (I think it's 4) 'smudged totem of the north'. I died a few times here and had to bring my 57cl in for backup, so IDK about any popup or anything, I didn't see one.

When you go back, you tell him about the totemcarrier, and that he dropped this new totem. He takes the old totem from you, and cleans the totem of the north so it becomes a "polished totem of the north". He tells you to find out what is making the totem glow.

After turning in the smudged totem of the North to the historian, go to TheDruk mines (out the Fayspires side). (While there, if you have help, kill the Hatebone Totemcarrier). You will get a popup and then return to Historian.

Level 21-30
The next level 21-30 is where you actually need the drop from the Hatebone Totemcarrier. The guy with the totemcarrier is badass and see's invis. Have help. Loot the smudged totem of verdance and return to historian. For the totemkeeper he has a hatebone Elder with him and they both con red to a 20. He is also surrounded by prophets.

Retrun to Historian Ilena who sends you to Blackburrow for a popup.

After you get the popup outside Blackburrow, return to Historian Ilena for reward.

Level 31-40
Then give your Glowing totem of verdance to a lvl 31-40 toon. Historian Ilena will acept it from you and tell you to goto Blackburrow to investigate what is makin totem glow. Go inside Blackburrow and slay the Gnoll totemkeeper. Make sure you log the quest before seeking this Gnoll Totemkeeper as he is a triggered spawn.

John Pettruci wrote on the EQOA forums: go inside gnoll cave and go up the stairs to the right (in the 3 direction room) where the first spiritist is. Follow that tunnel to your right as if you were going to go all the way down into the caves. When you reach the end of that tunnel where the 2 gnolls spawn with another spiritist/shaman, there's a ramp leading down to your right. Go down that ramp and straight to you're right there is a little tent with a fire. The Gnoll Totemkeeper spawns in a little dead end there along with a Gnoll Reaver. I actually just did this last night, but the respawn on these things is triggered and usually will respawn if you loot all items and wait a few mins.

Kill the totemkeeper; he drops 4 smudged totems of the swamp. Loot one and return to Historian Ilena who will polish it for next riddle.

The historian will polish your smudged totem of the swamp and it will read (Derebe fraigjzjere bicji medafom dispidahz) no idea what it translates too but we guessed The Guk since it is totem of the swamp. Sure enough if you bring the polished totem of the swamp to the entrance to the guk you will get the popup making the totem glow. B ring this back to historian ilena and you will get reward and are told to hand off glowing totem of the swamp to a higher lvl toon.

Level 41-50
Give this totem to a lvl 41-50 toon and he can log next quest (travel to The Guk and find out whats makin totem glow). Mob is a triggered mob, make sure your quest is logged prior to proceeding.

Goto the guk and slay the Spider Totemkeeper he is not far inside just take first right (before the circle bridge). He is in with the new Great heart spiders n such, and is guarded by the Spider Poisonspinner (both con lb to a 60). Spider totemkeeper will drop 4 smudged totems of raining ashes. Return one of them to Historian Ilena and she will polish it to read new riddle.(Yamslla yathe yahdna yatlla yathe yaby yaugdedra yahsi yardnoga yanswon yathe yahwere) this one took me all morning to figure out while the servers where updating.(were the snow dragon is gaurded by the tall and the small) is what it says. Easy to figure out they mean Vox lair in Permafrost.

Bring polished totem of raining ashes to the entrance too vox castle in permafrost to get popup changing it too glowing totem of raining ashes. Bring this back to Historian Ilena for reward, then hand glowing totem of raining ashes to higher lvl toon 51-60.

Level 51-60
When a lvl 51-60 toon shows the glowing totem of raining ashes from above and to historian Ilena(MTG), you will be asked to go investigate what in perma made totem glow.

Travel to Permafrost, Vox's Castle, and slay the Ice Giant Tomekeeper. (he drops 4 Books of Norrath's Union) Bring one of these books back to Historian Ilena and she will tell you it has no pages, the only hint is "Home", on the inside cover of the book.

Now you have to search the whole world for the pages using your clue HOME on the inside overand only clue is the word "Home".

Janlynn and Mikeal found there are problems with the next part of the quest. IE, if ur good, the evil npc won't speak with you and vice versa. They found the easiest way to do this next part is to make a lvl 1 character in the corresponding city and trade the book to them then talk to the corresponding NPC. No fighting is involved, just a lot of talking.


Location: Fayspires - of verdance
NPC: Guard Highmoon (south side of main city entrance)
~ Some from the trees, power so alive and green, Some from the vale, on pies and mischeif they are keen, Some from the spires, best magic skills you have seen. Battle an Elf or a halfling and you'll see what I mean.

Location: Grobb - of the swamp
NPC: Basher Churn (just inside entrance on right)
~ Wez come from da swamp, wez like it guud, if youz smaller dan our mouf youz be our fuud. Da Ogres and Trolls no think youz very guud, youz try da mess wit us wez barsh youz guud!

Location: Klickanon - of raining ashes
NPC: Watchman Ilsey (outside SE Gate exit)
~ A wizards magic crashes and clashes. Before you can look down, your kneecap smashes.You might try to look at it though rose colored glasses.Face a Teir’dal or gnome and be reduced to ashes!

Location: Highbourne - of the plains
NPC: Guard Therean (near a banker hard to describe)
~ Evil power courses through your veins. But one fact will always remain. One always loses far more than one gains. Facing a human or euridite from the plains.

Location: Mordahim - of the north
NPC: Guard Kazah (next to blacksmith)
~ If you wish to prove your worth, In the freezing snow of north, A formidable effort you must put forth, To defeat a barbarian or dwarf!

Dynmath the Tyrant
Once you have the book and all the pages, go to the Smiling Serpent Inn in Freeport (off the midroad towards banker) and talk to Binder Colessa who will bind all the pages into the book.

Now return to Historian Ilena (MTG), who rewards you with either:
Ring of Congeniality (20 sta 25 agi 145hp)
Necklace of Congeniality (30 dex 15 int 140 pow)

She also gives you a totem to spawn Dynmath the Tyrant. Go to the portal in Whale Hill (south of Wyndaven) with the totem to spawn Dynmath the Tyrant.

Ensure everyone in your party binds in Wyndhaven. You will die and if you do it's almost impossible to rez back (just too many minions wandering around).

Speak to the portal, spawn Dynmath the Tyrant, he will spawn with a lot of undead minions. Pull him away from his minions to a safe spot to pet kill. DtT is impossible to MT because he'll port whoever has aggro into his cadre of minions. It's a zergefest so bring petters - don't HoT buff pets or DtT will follow the buff back to the caster. Keep two pets on your toolbar at all times. Kill DtT and loot!

CS has seen the etheneric portal respawn within 15 min of killing DtT, but the respawn time can be as long as 2.5 hours.

After killing DtT (or even failing) you can return to the Historian who will give you another totem to spawn for 1 million tunar. Drops great rares.

Lvl 1-10 Rewards:
Ring of Peace: 10 sta, 35 HP
Earring of Peace: 10 Cha, 35 pow
Gem of Potential: 1 charge, makes you more efficient at accomplishing your goals
Gem of Capacity: 1 charge, will make you more powerful

Lvl 11-20 Rewards:
Ring of accord: 10 dex, 10 int, 45 pow
Necklace of accord: 20 sta, 45 hp

Lvl 21-30 Rewards:
Ring of Unity: 30 sta 50 hp
Necklace of Unity: 15 dex, 15 Wis, 50 pow

Lvl 31-40 Rewards:
Ring of Concordance : 35 str, 75 hp
Necklace of Concordance: 17 int, 17 wis, 75 pow

Lvl 41-50 Rewards:
-Ring of Amity: 20 sta 20 wis 110 pow
-Neck of Amity: 40 dex 110 HP

Lvl 51-60 Rewards:
Ring: 145 HP, 20 Sta, 25 Agi
Necklace: 140 Power, 30 dex, 15 int

DtT Drops (not quest related) (Incomplete List):

Otherworldy Shield, lvl 55 NTL, caster/healer 15 wis, 15 int, 50 hp, 150 pow, 196 ac

Otherworldy Tower, lvl 55 NTL, WAR PAL SK 15 str, 15 sta, 50 pow, 150 hp, 315 ac

Otherworldly Helm, lvl 55 NTL, WAR PAL SK CL Dur65 sta15 wis15 HPMax225 AC130
no graphic helm

Otherworldly Coif, lvl 55 NTL, RAN BRD RGE SHA Dur65 wis15 sta15 HPMax225 AC98
no graphic helm

Otherworldly Cap, lvl 55 NTL, MNK DRD ALC Dur65 sta10 wis20 HPMax225 AC66
no graphic helm

Otherworldly Circlet, lvl 55 NTL, MAG ENC WIZ NEC Dur65 dex10 int20 pow225 AC33
no graphic helm

Gem of potential that boosts XP

Gem of capacity that boosts HP and POW


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