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Fairy in a Jug Quest

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Fairy in a Jug Quest Empty Fairy in a Jug Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:32 pm

Quest Name: Fairy in a Jug
Level: Lvl 55+
Class: All/All
NPC: Potter ? varies, see below
Location: varies, see below

Note: there is no NPC that starts this quest. It begins by purchasing the clay jug...

Buy a clay jug (500 tunar) from one of the following NPCs (they are on timers and spawn and despawn like chef Lukkif) just coach around until you can find one):
*Blackwater, talk to Potter Nylai (in same house as the Banker, opposite room-although she roams about the house at times too)
*Neriak, talk to Potter Torug (at the bottom of the ramp by the water)
*Rivervale, talk to Potter Giles, along the road from the coach to the tunnel into Rivervale.

Note: There is a rumour fairies only fly during daytime in tunaria !

Now you need to 'capture' a fairy in your clay jug. The fairies are non-connable, but you CAN see them. You get a popup you get asking if you wish to keep it or set it free, chose to keep it.
Note: if your inventory is full you'll get a message saying "you don't have a jug to keep it in"....make sure your inventory is NOT full.

Fairy - 1275 heal, no resist buff
Found the Blakedown (NE) fairy last night. It was 2 hills south of Melissa's Tomb and it's name was just "Fairy". Caught it and it made the same pristine jug that the frost and ember fairies make.
Blakedown fairy casts a 1275 heal on you when you're half dead then dies. No resist buff.

Ember Fairy - 1k heal and 100 FR buff
-Coach to Oasis and run east one zone to Great Waste. Continue east past the Taksehir Miner's camp by the crystals. The Ember Fairy popup can be found in both Great Waste (SE) and in (C).

Eternal Desert (W). Look for Elimandared's hill; To find Elimandared easily head directly north from Oasis until you get to the tower that you received you level 43 quests, from there, head west till you see a small hill with dimly lit ruins on it. The fairy can be found on the Northeastish base of the hill with Elimandared, near two trees, sort of in-between Elimandared and the golems to the north.

Frost Fairy - 1k heal and 100 CR buff
Anu Village
-Run to Anu Village (w), near the village itself, the popup is on the side of a hill.
-Anu Village (southwest), first hill east of Vargliders Svenalid, Heimydarr and Gerrta. Anu Village is further east.
-roughly 2 hills east of the above hill
-roughly 2 hills north of the Varglider hill above

Fayspires Gate
-(w) on a hill with Master Brothwick and Assistant Madock, almost on border with central
-on the shelf like area immedietely to the northeast and northwest of the Master Brothwick hill
-Fayspire Gate (n)

Ice Fairy
south, east, and NE of the anu gnome observatory (rare) (Icy Fairy i think)

Found the fairy East of Halas a ways. Followed the mountains and it was on the side of the Hill with the T rock closest to the guard tower, where the Frostfell goblin NPC was.

3. Capturing the fairy in the clay jug turns into a Pristine fairy-filled jug, lvl 55, NTL, with 5 charges. Using a charge will cast a Fairy familiar that will give you a 1200 heal when you're half down and a FR or CR buff for 100 (depending on whether it's an Ember or Frost fairy, or NO resists if it's just a 'fairy') that lasts about 5 minutes. Once the fairy has healed you, she dies. If the fairy's health goes down a few bars, she'll cast the heal on herself and then die.

Rumoured to be a fairy that does 10k damage, it's located in lava storm.


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