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Fan Fair 2006

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Fan Fair 2006 Empty Fan Fair 2006

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:34 pm

Quest Name: Fan Fair 2006
Class: All
NPC: Businessman Lure
Location: Muniels Tea Garden, on coast

Businessman Lure can be found in MTG, by the ocean, and is quite jittery. When you speak with him, he tells you of a dragon egg, and how his business partners scammed him and he wishes for revenge.
First you must find Headhunter Praar, who can be found south of Qeynos. You must go and bring back his head. He says Praar is south of Qeynos.
Note: Before you head out, make sure to bring 998 tunar with you.

Praar can be found wandering outside the front entrance of Qeynos Prison in the (C) part of the zone. Praar thinks you have come to kill him, but he mentions sending you to another associate of his for a price (998 tunar).

He sends you to a spy in Fort Seriak. Rhizele can be found along the coast south of the actual fort, standing next to a tree near a red spire. She wants you to bring her the head of Lure. Head back to MTG snd talk to Lure, who should despawn and respawn in an attackable form south of the city along the coast (cleric-type mob and quads; drops four NTL items). Bring the head back to Rhizele, who tells you to take it back to Praar.

Bring the head back to Praar in Qeynos Prison, who is amazed and tells you to find Enchanter Nanyea in the "frozen north." Nanyea is standing on a ledge above a frozen lake in Frosteye Valley (S). Kill Nanyea (enchanter-type mob and quads, green to a 60 with a Stone Golem pet) and "a baby dragon" should spawn as soon as Nanyea falls. It'll thank you and ask you if you want to go meet his mommy.

When you're ready, say yes and you'll be teleported to Ant Colonies (NE). This is where your quest can be on one of two different paths. As soon as you appear, con around to find a Maryela Firetongue roaming around nearby. Before you move, check to see if you can attack it; if you can, you'll have to kill her and if you can't, then you'll be able to talk to her and get a reward. If you do have to kill her, she is a DRAGON (looks like a mini naggy (cons light blue to a 60). She may drop some shiny stones, which sell to a merchant for 5k tunar a piece. If you can talk to her, then you get a choice between two pairs of boots; one with HP and the other with power. Both pairs are level 34, plate and all/all.

HP Boots -- Sta 20, HP 100, AC 79, Dur 55
POW Boots -- Dex 20, Pow 100, AC ??, Dur ??


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