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Highbourne Quest for the Ring

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Highbourne Quest for the Ring Empty Highbourne Quest for the Ring

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:40 pm


Madrias Tam can be found on the docks. He needs 2 ores, Enraged Earth and Stumbling Earth can be found in Highbourne (SE) on the side of a mountain. Keep killing them until the Mountain spirits who look like giant mage earth pets spawn. They have the quest piece. Return to Madrias. He now ask for a gem. The bugs can be found in Highbourne (E) just north of the base of the mountain. Con and talk to the sunbaked rock to make the bugs spawn. Return to Madrias. The jewelry polisher is on the dock. The undead can be found in the Necromancer Guild in Highbourne. After getting the lost souls in the nec guild Madrias now asks for 3 bloods. The lion pride is on a majestic rock overlooking the plains in Highbourne (NW), kill and loot the bloods you need. Abyas and Pride lioness drop blood, return and Madrias and he gives you a level 20 spell that summons a level 20 No Rent No Trade Lore ring (according to your archetype) and a little xp.

He then sends you to find "The Master of the Forge south of a sea that isn't on the skull's spine". Actually your looking for Hermit Washburn, located in Brokenskull Rock (SW). He gives you a pickaxe and points (NW). Go (NW) to a cemtery located in Burial Mounds (S) and talk to a "?" til you find 3 ores. After you turn in the ores, the Hermit sends you to Spirit Talker's Woods (C) on top of a hill with a lot of small treants and a centaur with a mallet named Urtica Dioica and recieve an Archaic Mallet. Return the Mallet to Hermit Washburn and then head back to Madrais for lvl 30 ring and a little xp.

Madrias then sends you to Magus Niska in the Necromancer's guild in Klik, who tells you to collect his books:
Freeport - Bookcase's in the Caster's guild and Warrior's guild
Darvor Manor - Bookcase in the Manor
Highbourne - Bookcase's in the Library
Neriak - Bookcase's in the Cleric's guild, plus a few of the dark elven houses
Qeynos - Building by Paladin guild, Bayle Manor
Klick - Bookcase's in the Nec, Mag, and Wiz guilds
You need the 4 Lore books (Znib's Journal, Compendium of Energy, Magi Libellus, Harlog's Formulea) to advance with Magus Niska, basically one from each of the races that he mentions: Humans, Gnomes, Erudites, and Dark Elves. Return to Madrias and for the level 40 ring and a little xp.

Madrias now sends you to talk to Shepard Brook in Moradhim by the ramp to the city. Shepard sends you to find the grave in Rivervale and call out the evil spirit. In Rivervale (C) on the (SW) side of the lake there is a graveyard by a windmill, defeat the "Unsettled Bones" (Cons white to 60, crits 798 melees for 35, massive HP) and loot Soul Shard of Mataias (drops 4). Return to the Shepard, next you're sent to Surefall Glade to kill another "Unsettled Bones" (Cons red to 60, crits 798 melees for 39, massive HP). It was on a hill near the shooting range with a giant stone marker, loot the Soul Shard of Sarilasra (drops 4). When that's done, go back to the Shepard and she will send you to kill "The Last of the Great Three" in the northern cemetary. The last "Unsettled Bones" is in Collinridge Cemetery (E) you'll see a blue mist around the area (Cons red to 60, crits 798 melees for 42, massive HP) loot the Soul Shard of Val'Anath (drops 4) and return to the Shepard, then back to Madrias for your lvl 50 ring and a little xp.

Madrias sends you to collect 7 items. He also tells you where to get this items... 3 Sulfursits located by Laknar. Talk to a "?" and you get sulfursits, next is 3 Necrotic remains from Death's head beetles at envar, and a "Bone of the Dark Lord" from Douglas in paineel, to the left of the entrance leading into main house. He's standing under a tent, and has a treasure chest in front of him. You need to answer some questions, and trick him into making him sell you the bone... bring 30k with you. After you talk to Douglas, dont forget to talk to the box on the table in front of him to get the bone before you return home. Return to Madrias after you collect the sulfers, remains, and bone, you have to then meet Madrias in Castle Feltstar (W) and kill the Dark Lord he's been talking about through the whole quest... After talking to Madrias Tam in Castle Felstar he summons "Vhi'zan Kaah" (Cons red to 60, crits 917 melees for 179, massive HP), and 5 of his friends "minion of Vhi'zan" (Cons lb to 60). loot Vhi'zan's essence and talk to the "Ghost of Madrias" for your lvl 60 ring and a little xp.

Highbourne Quest for the Ring Lavast10

This whole quest grants 240 faction with the Storyteller!

The Nexus (Casters)
Level 60, 18000 HP, 80 DUR
20 DEX, 20 INT, 20 AR, 110 HPMax, 105 POWMax

The Soulstone (Healers)
Level 60, 18000 HP, 80 DUR
20 STA, 20 WIS, 25 PoT, 100 POWMax, 60 AC

The StoneHeart (Tanks)
Level 60, 18000 HP, 80 DUR
20 STR, 20 STA, 140 HPMax, 75 AC

The Wildheart (Melees)
Level 60, 18000 HP, 80 DUR
25 HPMax, 130 POWMax, 30 PoT, 20 Agi, 20 Dex


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