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Jaeger Mansion Quest

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Jaeger Mansion Quest Empty Jaeger Mansion Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:43 pm

Quest Name: Jaeger Mansion
Level: 40+
Class: All
NPC: Jaeger Statue
Location: Twisted Towers (N)

Go to Jaeger Mansion, Jaeger Mansion is located in the zone WEST of Murnf - Twisted Tower. The exact quadrant is (N). Talk to Jaeger Statue (cons KoS but isn't).

The statue requires the Ruby Hourglass key. Firstly, go EAST from the tower, to the lake. There spawns Kaila Jaeger (semi-rare spawn). She is undead and is light blue to 60. She chains fire and cold spells, in addition to using her spectre pet. She has about a 20% chance of spawning per hour. Loot the Ruby Hourglass Key from her corpse.

Head back EAST into the Mansion. On the third floor, in the room to the left of where Garou Red Claws spawns, you should find Sept Elder Sesh (were-wolf, semi-rare spawn). To guarantee the most ease in doing this quest, do not kill him in the building. Instead, pull him outside the mansion, near the grave yard, and finish him off right in front of the Jaeger Statue. Leave his corpse unlooted for now.

Talk to the Jaeger Statue and eventually you will receive the option to insert the Ruby Hourglass in the allotted space. Choose that option. Doing so will despawn the Jaeger Statue npc, and spawn a KoS version in its stead. After killing it, proceed into the crypt, taking which ever path you like:

* Turning left will trigger spawn a Paladin Lord, guarded by several spectres.
* Turning right will trigger spawn a named wizard, surrounded by 4 spectres.

Whichever path you choose will spawn its respective mob, who will drop a Sapphire Hourglass. Delete it immediately - you will not need this. Instead hurry back to the entrance of the crypt, where you should still find the unlooted corpe of Sept Elder Sesh. Loot the Ruby Hourglass.
After killing the KoS version of the Jaeger Statue the first time, an npc version respawned in its original place. Talk to it again, and perform the same commands as before. After killing another KoS Jaeger Mansion Statue, make your way into the crypt once again. Irrespective of which way you went previously, turn right. Follow the corridor left of where the named wizard trigger spawns and you will come to a coffin.
Once you approach the coffin, you will trigger spawn the father of all vampires - Magnus Jaeger.
He is protected by several other enemies as well, who will ambush you immediately, so be prepared. In addition to 1 or 2 rares, Magnus Jaeger also drops a Sapphire Hourglass. This one you can use to exit the crypt, by simply talking to the Jaeger Statue again.

Quest loot table:

==Paladin Lord==
Halberd of Faith:
Equip = Two Hand Slash
Races = All
Classes = Pal, SK
Stats = 18 Sta, 15 Wis, 15 Int, 25 Power, 582dmg
Level = 43

Earring of Might:
Equip = Ear
Races = All
Classes = All
Stats = 17 Sta, 20 Str
Level = 42

Scepter of Fury:
Equip = Primary, One Hand Blunt
Races = All
Classes = Ench, Mage, Nec, Wiz
Stats = 10 CR, 490dmg
Level = 44

Black Ruby Earring
Equip = Ear
Races = All
Classes = All
Stats = 24 Int, 16 PR, 16 DR
Level = 43

==Magnus Jaeger==
Equip = Primary, One Hand Strike
Classes = War, Ran, Pal, SK
Stats = 530 dmg, 20 Dex, 45 Power, 10 HoT
Level = 45

Boots of Regalia
Equip = Boots
Classes = War, Ran, Pal, Sk, Brd, Rge, Sha, Cl, Alch
Stats = Agi15 Cha20 PR8 AR15 AC72
Level = 44


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