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Kratas Quest

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Kratas Quest Empty Kratas Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:45 pm

Quest Name: Kratas
Level: 40+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Julaech
Location: Mila's Reef

Kratas is a fun quest in an of itself, he is a giant Squid. Kratas is also part of the Plane of Sky Portal Quest.

In Mila's Reef, near the southern coast of Tunaria, there is a man named Julaech. He is a seldom spawn, in Mila's Reef (C) on the coast, near where you bought the item from the Gnome Clockwork Grocer for the lvl 45 Quest (in a tower).

He is lamenting that a sea monster named Kratas ate his crew. He wants you to take revenge. But first you need to make something to lure Kratas out of hiding, in a strange way indeed.

Julaech is a sometimes spawn, you can't count on him being up all the time.

First, you need an Ebony Recluse. This Spider is in the hills near Kelinar. This spider is easy if you at least have a 44+ healer with you, however, killing him will take an eternity in most cases. He has insane resists, but if you can nullify his PR tick with Major Antidote, he's a wuss offensively. Work his health down and loot it.

Secondly, a Calescent Ant. They potentially spawn all over Box Canyons, and has poison as well, although many can be found in the same valley as the Skayhir dragon. This poison is also curable, and the ant dies MUCH faster than the spider. Take the ambroise fruit (NTL).

Lastly, it's time to go fishing. Get a high level rod and bait, and look for an oceanic watering hole on Tunaria or Odus. Hazinak works good. Arcadin should work too. Get a Longfellow bream eventually and your done collecting for this quest.

Talk to Julaech again (if he's up) and he will bundle it all up for you.

DO NOT TRY TO SPAWN KRATAS UNTIL YOUR GUILD IS RAID READY TO HELP YOU. This is a major mob with insane HPs. Kratas, who is a giant squid-like creature, has a massive poison AoE/DoT. Make sure your group hides behind the whale bones, main tank do not hit X, just taunt, Kratas has a healing DS.

Wander near the whale bones underwater near Old Man Antiok. Get close enough, your quest will be completed, and Kratas will spawn.

Kratas drops the Harpoon of Telinan (POS Portal Quest item)

Shimmering Seaweed which can used to craft jewellry, all lvl 47 (need Master Craft Jeweller to make):
Seaweed Ring (30AGL, 50HP, 75POW)
Seaweed Bracelet (30STA, 75HP, 50POW)
Seaweed Necklace (30STR, 75HP, 50POW)
Seaweed Earring (30DEX, 75HP, 50POW)

Kratas can also drop his Tentacle which can be used to craft:
Natatorial earring is Int30 HP50 PWR75


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