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Lord Pickclaw Quest

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Lord Pickclaw Quest Empty Lord Pickclaw Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:48 pm

Quest Name: Lord Pickclaw
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Yalie Keylotte
Location: outside the North entrance of Highpass

Lord Pickclaw is needed for two valuable reasons. One is, you can turn in his scepter for some pretty spiffy rewards. The other is it's one of the items needed by the Agents for ZP Quest

1) First, you must talk to Yalie, outside the North entrance of Highpass, to log the quest.

2) She will send you to collect a Shoddy key, which can be procured from either the raiding goblins, or the low-level goblin camps - both along the road from the North entrance of Highpass.

3) After taking the key back to her, she sends you to Runnyeye to, well, figure out what the key is for; presumably, to release prisoners of some sort.

4) First, you need to actually find the prisoner:
Running due North from Highpass Hold, you will encoutner a long, impassable mountain chain. Once you reach it, run west until you can run around it (Runnyeye, Southwest quadrant). Once you do, you will find yourself on or near a road - follow this road until you near the gates of the goblin stronghold. Right before you get there, you will pass a notably large tree right off the road by about two or three paces. In standing near this tree, you will eventually recieve a popup, in which case a Prisoner will spawn. Once you talk to the prisoner, he will mutate into a goblin. Talk to the "goblin prisoner" again, to spawn Lord Pickclaw.

*NOTE* This popup is on a 24 hour timer. So, you will get the popup 24 hours from the last time someone got the popup. If you know when that was, great, if not, you have to stand by the tree for a while. Click for map.

5) To find Lord Pickclaw's spawn location, simply travel Northeast of the Tree into a depressed canyon / valley of sorts, and follow it to a dead-end (Runnyeye, North quadrant).

6) Right now, unless his KoS version was triggered by someone previously, Lord Pickclaw will be unattackable. To engage him, talk to him and steer the conversation towards combat.

It's quite easy to MT lord pickclaw as long as you remember he takes away ava, most of your buffs, and your form (so no ogre pills). It's basically just a down and out fight with no special perks on your side.

7) Loot the scepter from Lord Pickclaw's corpse and take it to back to Yalie to complete the quest for your reward.

*NOTE* If you managed to loot a scepter from Lord Pickclaw's cold corpse, but haven't done the quest, follow steps 1-6. Once you've spoken to Lord Pickclaw, merciless pummeling will ensure. Hello Spiritmaster. Turn in the sceptre that you looted previoulsy to Yalie and chose your reward from below.


Comments on reward:
When choosing your rewards, think on this. The helm is not as good as the Dynmath the Tyrant Helm. The form is a bit of a gimmick; and it's unclear how the pet A/C buff would stack. The waist item though, is pretty sweet.

HEAD equip items
NAME: Pickclaw guard's headband
HP: 11400
DUR: 60
STATS: Agi/Sta20, AC95, HPmax170
LEVEL: 60 Caster:
DUR: 60
STATS: AC50, Sta/Dex20, Pow170
NAME: Pickclaw Visionsary's headband
Dur: 60
STATS: Sta20, Dex20, AC77, Pow170

WAIST equip items
Tank belt:
NAME: Pickclaw guard's sash
HP: 11400
DUR: 60
STATS: HP Max170, AC30, Sta40
LEVEL: 60 Melee Belt:
NAME: Pickclaw Brawlers sash
HP: 11400
DUR: 60
STATS: Dex40, HPmax170, AC25
Healer belt:
NAME: Pickclaw visionaries sash
HP: 11400
DUR: 60
STATS: Wis40, Pow170, AC23
*Pickclaw Pet - buffs you for 400 ac, str, agi, and int. 10 charges, buff lasts till u dismiss pet. Unsure how this buff would stack with other A/C buffs
*Convincing Pickclaw Illusion - stats are stackable, you get dex, wis, and cha.

Lord Pickclaw Loot

Tank Helm: ??? Sash: 40sta 170hp

Melee Helm: 20str 20agi 170hp Sash: 40dex 170hp

Monk Druid Alc Helm: 20sta 20dex 170hp Sash: 40int 170hp

Caster Helm: 20sta 20dex 170pwr Sash: 40int 170pwr

Healer Helm: 20sta 20dex?? 170pwr (should that dex be cha?)

Sash: 40wis 170pwr


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