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Lord Valkanith Quest

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Lord Valkanith Quest Empty Lord Valkanith Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:49 pm

Quest Name: Envar Island Quest-Lord Valkanith
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Spirit of Tellainain
Location: SW corner of Envar

Many guilds like to use multiple groups with lots of tanks and healers, but in reality, this quest can be done with just one group (3 necs plus resist Cleric). Just read the strategy outline below.

The final mob only spawns after about an hour of killing the undead mobs that continually spawn all over the island. The final mobs drops some very nice rares! He looks like Lord Chardith and is undead so those nukes work well against him.

Steps to Complete Quest:
Go to the Southwest corner of Envar and you will see an island. Go to the island and you will see a phantom looking ghost that is white faced to you (Spirit of Tellainain). Talk to the ghost and he tells you a story of a long dead elven empire known as the Tel'Thex. You are told to collect three gems and your quest log is started.

Gem Gatherers:
The ghost tells you to get three gems and gives you a general idea of where their drop location is. The more specific drop locations and mobs are:
Tal'Thex Emerald-takish hiz (mobs inside of the city);
Tal'Thex Ruby-rallosian specters + warlords (in Geomancers Citadel);
Tal'Thex Diamond-Sycamore Joy's Rest the dark elf tower in the east coast.

Once you have all three gems then head back to the island ghost to turn them in.

Prepare for battle! Turning in the gemstones means will be ambushed by three types of Tal'thex undead (con db to lvl 60 and yellow to 55) when you speak to the NPC:
- Tal'thex Knights;
- Tal'thex Soldiers; and
- Tal'thex Sorcerers.
Thus you'll probably want to position your camp at the base of the island, on the shore, as these undead will continue to respawn on the island for a long period of time (30 min). It is alleged that Lord Valkanith will spawn sooner if more Tal'thex Sorcerers are killed.

Eventually a dying Tal'Thex Sorcerer announces Lord Valkanith's arrival and the big fight begins!

Maxime reminds us to note: Lord V despawns after 30 minutes. If you haven't managed to kill him by then, you'll have to refarm the gems to spawn him again.

REMEMBER: immediately delete the quest from your quest log BEFORE Lord Valkanith dies or you'll never be able to log the quest again.

When Lord V spawns, take him across the water to the mainland where you can pet tank him (without being bothered by the undead adds) and hide behind rocks/trees to avoid his blood AoE. He doesn't take too long to die, maybe 8 minutes or so. As he is easily petted, make sure you have a resist cleric and lots of petters, ensure all pets are resist buffed. Melee's and tanks, do not engage Lord V directly, his AoE bloodtap will take your life and heal him. Hide behind the rocks and peep out to shoot a bow.

CS has done this mob a few times, and we have done it with 3 necs and resist cleric. Easier than with full raid force lol.


Loot Table

The main reason people complete this quest, is because Lord Valkanith can drop the Bone Wing Sentinel (Rune of Bonewing Charges:100, not rechargeable, Lvl 55+, All/All). Especially desired by Tanks. This Rune, when invoked summons a thexian bonewing familiar to aid you. Effects: Familiar will cast a lifetap damage shield doing 40 damage, 20 heal. Also +40 PR/DR. It looks similiar to the Deathknight pet (but not quite as uber).


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