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QeynosBook Quest

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QeynosBook Quest Empty QeynosBook Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:52 pm

Quest Name: A Book of Qeynos
NPC: Book in Qeynos
Location: Qeynos

1- pick up A Qeynos Book (to bind an Elemental) from the bookshelf in the caster guild in Qeynos. It says to find a scholar to translate.

2- speak to Scholar Dafren in Highbourne (Airica says Dafren is located on the 3rd floor of the Highbourne library). She'll take the book and translate it's about binding an air elemental to an item. She tells you to go find a "simple weapon"

3-she sends you to get a weapon from Highpass. Speak with Smithy Grol (located behind the blacksmith; he sells 3 weapons (simple Scimitar, Simple Rod, and Simple Mace). Be sure to buy the weapon that your class can use.

4-return to Scholar Dafren in HB and turn in your simple weapon. She then says you need 2 differing mechanamagical parts, a fan blade and 5 arcantric relays.

5-In the NE area of Rogue Clockworks there are small unconnable Tiny Spiderbots that randomly spawn. you need to step on them and "catch" them when prompted by pop-up. It'll give you a 1 charge item. Use it and you will take 50 damage and receive an arcanic regulator. Get 5 of these then proceed East. Then look for a hill around the village with a huge signpost on it, run up to it and a bunch of shiny clockworks (lb to 60)will spawn, farm them to get your fan. These drop Shiny fan blade.

6-Turn in items to Scholar Dafren in HB again. She'll send you to collect 3 items owned by an air elemental. Something it prizes.

7. So now you have to head off in search of some wind elementals north of qeynos. Well, the mobs are really in wyndhaven (c). From the coach head east and you'll find a huge ravine with enraged wolves. Once in the ravine, run up and down it to spawn Gusts. They see through invis and will go straight for the person with the quest.
You must then farm them until you get 3 gust chimes.
Note for lower level toons:
*lvl 20's, you spawn the gusts on the far side of the ravine, the east side, on the plains by a big boulder at the south end.
*lvl 30's, you spawn the gusts on the west side of the ravine, on the plains by the big boulder at the south end.

Once you get them the scholar will send you to HP to a new npc in the room where the banker is, behind the siege engine, Arcanist Ghibkin.

He will then make you a weapon similar to the howler except it procs a pet named Gust. You will get 10 million XP (w/o luck)
Then you run to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well. The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. You will receive your 25 faction. This quest is repeatable.


Ultimate Windblade (scimitar graphic)
War Ran Pal SK Mnk Bard Rge Drd
Level: 45
Dur:50 Dmg:375 1HS
Str:10 HoT:10
This blade is beautiful, with swirls inscripted down it's sides.
Procs a Gust (huge swirling tornado-a guardian) who dies as soon as it strikes your enemy.
Morynn: Note on 'pet' type weapons. This blade works essentially the same as The Howler spear. The Howler is really nothing more than a spear that has a fancy graphic when it procs. When it procs a beautitful white wolf spawns, hits your mob for 300 points, and dies. ie. the proc went off, now it's done.
The Gust operates the same way, it's not really a pet, just a graphic for the proc (lvl 55 Air Elemental Guardian). Proc is poor for tank (guess our dex is low; will proc once every 50 strikes or so), so this may be better suited to a DD. For better procing weapon, chose the Superior Corrosive Stick from the Captain Scilond quest.
When the proc goes off, the Gust will nuke for about 250 damage and will quad an average of 25-100 points of damage, then die.

Ultimate Windmace
War Ran Pal SK Monk Bard Rogue Drd Sha Cleric
Level: 45
Dur:50 Dmg:375 1HB
Wis:10 PoT:10
This mace is beautiful, with swirls inscripted down it's handle.
Procs a Gust (huge swirling tornado-a guardian) who dies as soon as it strikes your enemy. See Morynn's notes above on pet proccing weps.

Ultimate Rod
Casters: Mage Wiz Nec Alch Enc
350ish Damage, Dex10 PoT10
Procs a Gust (lvl 55) Air Elemental guardian. See Morynn's notes above on pet proccing weps.


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