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Radavex Quest

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Radavex Quest Empty Radavex Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:53 pm

Quest Name: Radavex Teleport Orb
Level: 40+
Class: All
NPC: Teleportation Orb (semi-rare spawn)
Location: Gramish Ruins (N)

This quest is obtained from Gramash Ruins N in a large tower. There is a semi-rare spawn in the tower, the Teleportation orb. Con the orb and 'talk' to it, it gives you the quest; it tells you "Find the ward stone of the sword and ward stone of the star and bring them back to the telportation orb to activate Radavex's teleportation orb."

Now you to wait for two other semi-rare spawns:
* Theres a Captain Ealesha (sp) wandering the grounds right outside where the orb is (walks from tent to ramp, he's the only roamer)... he holds the Ward Stone of the Sword.
* Inside the tower is Apprentice Yavim (sp), behind the alter; he holds the Ward Stone of the Stars.

Eventually both will spawn, kill them and loot their Ward Stones.

once you've collected the two Ward Stones talk to the orb again. If the orb isn't down for you to talk to, you have to wait.

Once you've spoken to the orb again, the orb will give you a 1 time use teleportation crystal (Radavex's Orb) to port to Radavex. This should immediately spawn Radavex. If he's up you can con him by conning up above the teleportation orb. Although any player can log this quest, the gem to port to Radavex is ntl lvl 40+.

This stone is a 2 second group only teleport that takes you to the top of the tower to face Radavex (lvl 50 Caster). Con yourself with L1, hit start, and use the orb.

Kill Radavex, the reward for the quest is his loot, which is not hugely impressive. Its just a fun side-quest.

Radavex and his guards all share the same Plainswalker faction, and whenever you kill one you get -10 to that faction, no known way to raise it. But as there is no discernable use for the faction, not a big deal.


Radavex's bracers:
2Forearm HP 10400 Dur 50 HPMax: 50
AR: 5 DR: 10 POW: 40 PR: 10
AC: 99

nullfield earring:
Equip: ear HP: 9200 DUR: 50 Race: ALL Class: ALL Level: 46
Int: -15 AR:35 PoT:5
Description: This powerful moonstone artifact generates a field of anti-magic around the wearer.

Starbladed staff
Equip: 2hand Att: 2HB DMG: 603 HP: 10400 DUR: 50
WIS: 20 INT: 20 PoT: 14
Description: The blades that top this magnificent staff were forged from meteoric iron, also known as starmetal.


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