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Siliskor Quest

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Siliskor Quest Empty Siliskor Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:55 pm

Quest Name: Siliskor
Level: 45+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Zaryn Boome
Location: Blackwater

Siliskor Quest Dragon11

The main challenge of this quest is actually just getting it-the NPC is so hard to find up. This quest is also part of a greater quest, the Plane of Sky Portal Quest.

1. Find Zaryn Boome in Blackwater. If he is up (rare), he will be standing near the first well on the left as you enter BW from the coachman.
STOP: If you are not prepared to finish the quest at this time, hold your quest at this point. Do NOT advance it until you and your group are prepared to see it all the way through or your quest will glitch and the popups won't work in EG.
Krabb says: The siliskor quest works on a trigger system, when you turn the sceptor into corliss he sets the trigger to spawn siliskor in EG. If you have progressed that far but waited on actually heading out to EG and spawning Siliskor then there is a good chance the trigger is no longer set (due to either someone else having done the quest since, or a zone/server reset).
The only two options you would really have are to either camp EG until someone else starts the quest and sets the trigger (which is lame because then they woud be stuck where you are) or to delete the quest and start over from scratch.
When you log the quest from zaryn boome you can hold it for as long as you like, however once you actually talk to corliss it would be wise to finish it immediately.

2. Talk to the normal Corliss Magemell (not the "cursed" version) near river at the opposite end of Blackwater. When you find Corliss, he will want you to go to the Dragon worshipper cave in the swamps outside Blackwater. The simpliest way to get there is to start from the BW coach, travel southwest, past the troll camp and you should see the building with the Dragon Cultists cave (bogs fen SW).

3. Dragon Cultists Cave - 1st popup: by the dragon statue/altar down the second ramp, in the "hub" room to the rest of the dungeon.

4.Rush outside, and a Dragon will be eyeing you from afar, only temporarily, and he will vanish. You should get the 2nd popup right by the main exit/entrance to the cave.

5. Go back to BW to find "Cursed" Corliss Magemell near the river in BW. He's been cursed by Siliskor. He sends you back to the cave to retrieve a scepter.

6. Magemell sends you back to the Dragon Cultists Cave to trigger a spawn, Mirrored Soul (Cons DB @ lvl 50). Kill it and loot the Scepter of Reflection.

7. Return Scepter to Corliss to uncurse him, and he tells you to go to Elehpant Graveyard. BUT don't hand in the scepter to Corliss until your guild is ready for the confrontation with Siliskor. When you hand in the scepter, this gives you a flag, do not log off and hope you don't crash, BSOD, or freeze or anything else that would cause a log off or you're screwed.

8. Run to Elephant Graveyard (west part of zone in the big depression) near a crooked Elephant Statue and a bunch of carcasses (away from the hexbones and other undead mobs). A Sphere of Anniliations should be roaming around. Approach the statue, receive a popup, and siliskor will spawn, along with his merry men: Pomus Magewell and two Dragon Worshpipers.

Make sure everyone in your raiding party is behind the statue near the canyon wall or you risk aggro-ing him and the others before you're ready.

Silsikor will debuff your hps to 700, so if the two Dragon Worshippers attack you, after you get hit with the debuff, you're are dead. Avoid them if you can. Pomus is easy to take down.

Best strategy, pull Siliskor from behind so you do not aggro the two Dragon Worshippers, Pomus will come along. Get some of your party to kill Pomus fast, then concentrate on killing Siliskor. Siliskor has major DoT AoE and many HPs. A much tougher dragon than Skahyir or Lady Vox. Take petters and be prepared.

Possible glitch: Problems have been encountered with the popup in EG. It would appear that if two groups had the quest ready to go at the same time, the second group sometimes doesn't get the popup at the elephant statue. Try relogging the quest with Corliss, and mailing support (and get the response "everything is working as anticipated" lol). Otherwise you'll have to delete the quest and relog.

Drops: Shield of King Jorat. A drop item for Plane of Sky quest.


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