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Snowgrin Quest

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Snowgrin Quest Empty Snowgrin Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:59 pm

Quest Name: Snowgrin
Level: 55+
Class: All
Quest NPC: KarisMcDonough
Location: Perma-Vox Castle

Snowgrin Quest Snowma10

Snowgrin is a quest in Perma. He's a giant 20 foot snowman, and was considered a raid mob pre-frontiers. He is a load of fun to kill and drops some pretty nice rares (like Dragoneye).

Talk to Karis McDonough on the second level. He is in the long hallway, where the ice goblin thieves, wizards, and shaman all walk up and down hallway(which see invis, be warned).
McDonough sends you to kill and loot the keys from three mobs:
-Relk IceMapper This is probably the hardest mob to actually come across because he spawns in a fairly popular area. Directions from Mcdonough's room: leave room, head right, right at hall, second right, down the stairs, in the middle of that large room is where Relk spawns.
Directions right from the front door... Go in, straight down the first hallway. At the first room with the ice giants, take the right hallway. Leading along this, you'll adventually come to a very large room, with lots of spawns in it. Take the right directly after coming in, Frostbeard II will walk down this hallway. Follow the hallway, and you come into a large room, its the one thats fairly long, with two rooms on the oppostite wall. Lots of goblins in here as well. The two rooms on the opposite walls have staircases in them leading to the second floor. The area your interested in, is actually between the two rooms. There is a short hallway, with a small room at the end. There is 4 goblins that spawn in this room, and is the room the Ice Melker will spawn in.

-General FrostBeard Directions from McDonough's room: leave Karis room, head left, left down hallway.... keep straight down that long hallway, straight straight, eventually you come to room that is spilt with a wall in the middle.. general spawns in a small room in the back with a bed in it.
Or, directions from the Ice Melker spot: go into the room on the right hand side, up the stairs. Take the hallway at the back of the room, and pass the ice goblin melder (47 quest). Take two lefts, and into the long hallway (same one with the quest giver at the end ). Past the quest giver, go to the end of the hallway, and take a left into the next hallway. This is a long hallway, that will continue going straight for some time. This is what you want to do. Avoid the two hallways on the left, and continue straight. Adventually you will have to take a left and a right, and will come to a large room with a wall in the middle. Go around this wall, and you will see a big table with some hi-lvl goblins standing around it. Kill the goblins, and there is a small room in the back. The small room has a bed in it, and the General will spawn next to it.

-Warlord Kraven From McDonough's room, leave room left again, left down hallway, but take your first left this time.. up the stairs, past the two ice giants.. and take a left outta that room, this will lead you down a long hallway, that will eventually take you down one level... the Warlord spawns by the big ramp thing.
Alternative directions: Two ways to get to this guy, Im not 100% sure on these directions, but they should get you close. First if you just checked on the General, backtrack to where you crossed the FIRST hallway on your left, backtracking it will be on your right. Go up the stairs there, and you'll find yourself in the throne room. I think the the back left corner is where you'll find the hallway that leads down. Right at the very bottom of this hallway, is a small room, with a few hi-lvl ice giants, some wander down here. There is also a ramp on your right hand side. The Warlord will spawn right in front of this ramp, and the ramp is where you want to pull him for killing. The other way to do this, is instead of going in the front door, instead go in the side door on the right. Work along the hallway for awhile, and take a left at the first junction. This will take you throught the invisible wall, where a couple Voxite Mages are. Past the 2nd voxite, is the doorway leading into a tunnel. If you were to go left at the tunnel, you lead up to the throne room, instead take a right. This will get you in a long tunnel, and at the end is a small ramp leading down. A few priests are in the way from this side, but getting past them, you'll end up in the small room with the ramp, and where the Warlord spawns.
If you start to explore perma a bit, those directions should kinda take care of you. Takes awhile to get all three spawns, they spawn about once a day.

Once you're done and have all three keys, go back to McDonough. You're now ready to spawn Snowgrim. He spawns behind the tapestry in the throne room (same room as Frostborn III) First will spawn Grilmash Frostcackle (?spelling) who who speaks rhyming incantation and then spawns Snowgrim! Note on fighting SnowGrin, it's possible to time the AoE ... he will AoE as soon as he comes out... but not again for 20 seconds, so be careful to time this off, and make sure to get outta the way when he does, it nukes for 780.

Crystalline Spear
Dragon Tendon Cord
Dragonhide Pantaloons
Glacier Fell Hammer of Divine Grace
Storm's Edge Tobrin's eyepatch
Tome of Dragonkind
White Scaled Gauntlets
Xave's Walking Stick


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